Prison Correctional Health RN Expert Witness

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1990-1995, Amber University, Dallas, Texas, Masters of Science in Business and Minor in Human Relation

1976-1978, East Texas State University, Commerce Texas, B.S. in Health Care Administration

1968-1970, John Peter School Of Nursing, Ft. Worth Texas, Diploma Degree in Nursing


2001-Present, Health Network, Ft. Worth. Texas, Director Physicians Services

Completed needs assessment to determine the status of work flow within the department. Reorganized the department to increase productivity. 96%decreased in delinquent patient complaints. Developed format for presentations to board of Managers to simplify information presented. 38% reduction in delinquent physician reappointment. Consultant for reorganization of the Correctional Health Department for the County Jail. Expert witness correctional health liability cases.

1993-2001, Health Network, Ft. Worth Texas, Director of Correctional Health

75% decrease in lawsuits, 46% decrease in medication cost, 54% decrease in request for care, 84% decrease in inmate grievances, 80% decrease in transfers to clinics, developed T.B. screening procedure approved by state health dept as a model for state jails, functioned as a consultant/resource for other jail facilities, expert witness for liability suits, consultant to District Attorney Office reference to medical related suits. 

1990-1992, Ft. Worth Texas, Director 0f Infectious Disease

Received 1.5 million dollars from grant written for the construction of the infectious disease clinic and hospital floor. Developed Same Day Care Center for outpatient intravenous therapy for acute and chronic patients

1988-1989, Ft. Worth Texas, Director of Nursing Operations

Nursing Department passed JCAHO survey, developed Functional Plans for construction projects, developed and implemented special project for the Dept. of Nursing.

1977-1987, Ft. Worth Texas, Director of Medical Surgical Services

Specific accomplishment per request.

1970-1977, Ft. Worth Texas, Staff nurse and Department Supervisor

Specific accomplishment per request


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