Product Design Injection Molding Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

product design injection molding, including centrifugal compressors, heat exchangers, low emission incinerators, Xerograhpic copiers, electronic printers, program planer, launch manager, technical program manager, product design, injection mold design, mold fabrication, production injection molding, bio medical, electronics, consumer markets, electronics, custom molded enclosures for medical applications, biomedical applications, syringes, probes, microplates, trays, cable clamps, terminatros, connectors, controllers, PC reader, industrial molded parts, patents, Ichor electroporation injection system expert, ultrasonic Welding, Pad Printing,

Professional Experience

Forty two years of product development experience, both in corporate America (20 years) and as President/Owner of a Plastics Company Since 1988. This involved about 15 major programs, including centrifugal compressors, heat exchangers, low-emission incinerators, Xerograhpic copiers, and electronic printers.

The last two items above reflect 13 years with Xerox in roles such as Program Planer, Launch Manager, and Technical Program Manager.

My company is highly product-development oriented with in-house capabilities including product design, injection-mold design, mold fabrication and production injection molding. We serve primarily the bio-medical, electronics and consumer markets.

Our customer base ranges from large corporations who know exactly what they want and need our technical expertise mainly for evaluation of the mold-ability of their products, to start-up companies who rely on us: completely to transform their general concepts into tangible products.

Over the years we have produced several thousand different parts and tens of millions of parts per year.


  • The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, MBA (1975)
  • SUNY at Buffalo, MS in engineering science (1970)
  • Penn State, BSME (1964)

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