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Summary of Expertise
Mechanical Engineer / Product Development Manager;

Thirty+ years experience in solving technical problems and making design and development trade-off decisions.
Expertise in selecting materials, in specifying manufacturing methods and in selecting suppliers appropriate for intended use, appropriate quality and costs.
Expertise in Product and Manufacturing regulatory compliance (including UL and OSHA).
Expertise in machine barrier and guarding.
Expertise in patent claims and alternate design and manufacturing methods.

Experienced with varied products including:

Tools (power tools, pneumatic nailguns, powder actuated tools, chainsaws, hand tools).
Sporting equipment (camping equipment, plastic protective gear, camping furniture, bungies).
Manufacturing equipment (molding machines, power presses, automated part sorting and assembly equipment, aluminum crushers, conveyors, machine guarding and “lockout/tagout” procedures).
Automotive systems and Aircraft systems (braking systems, suspension systems, operator placement, access and controls, automatic bus doors, interlock systems).
Food and Medical (sterilized disposable medical products, major medical products including dialysis machines, drug packaging, medical and food handling systems).
Consumer and office products (furniture, chairs, cabinets, fixtures, plastics chairs, appliances, novelty items).
Building materials and construction systems (plastic D-W pipe, aluminum wiring, plastic furnace flues, wind affects on doors , railings and decking, glue systems).
Electro-mechanical and Opto-mechanical systems (computers and peripherals, high-tech test equipment, major medical equipment (eg dialysis machines), projector systems).

Specific areas of expertise include:

Failure analysis of physical evidence to establish probable cause: defect-of-design, defect-of-manufacture or defect-of-maintenance.
Hazards (including labels and warnings) (such as flammability, mechanical stored energy, stability, ultraviolet, burns, cuts, entrapment and entanglement).
Analysis of specifications and sufficiency of validation and testing.
Total product development process (Design, Marketing, Manufacturing, Supplier management, Design validation, Quality & Product Regulations).
Application of industry standards to the design and development process including UL, CSA, IEC (EC), OSHA, ISO, ANSI, ASTM.
Scientific based Cause and Origin (involving multi-discipline investigations) (specializing in RV losses).
Physics based accident reconstruction and video animations.
Defect prevention methodologies in design, hazard analysis and control methodologies in implementation.
Material selection and fabrication processes especially involving plastic parts and adhesive bonding.
Strength of materials (and material degradations) including non-ferrous metals, plastics, wood, composite materials and adhesives (special emphasis in outdoor exposure and deterioration of plastics or wood).
Balance of Plaintiff / Defense support approx 50/50 split
Rule 26 Disclosure available on request
References available on request

Education & Credentials

Registered PE (Professional Engineer) Oregon Board of Engineering Examiners (Board Certified, earned by knowledge test, work experience and references).
CQMret (Certified Quality Manager) issued by American Society of Quality (Board Certified, earned by knowledge test, work experience and references).
PMP (Project Management Professional) issued by PMI – Project Manager Institute (Board Certified, earned by knowledge test, work experience and references)
Master of Science (International Business of Technology) University of Colorado, Denver CO
Bachelor of Science (Engineering – Product Development Emphasis) Oregon State University, Corvallis OR
FAA Commercial Pilot (current)
Emergency Medical Technician Colorado registration (not currently renewed)

Work Experience

Self-employed Beaverton OR and Las Vegas NV 2012 present
Product Development and Failure Analysis Consultant

Project Management Institute Portland OR 2008 present
Director of Quality,

Clackamas Community College Clackamas OR 2009 2011
Project Management Instructor,
Taught an advanced class in Procurement.
Taught an introductory class to Project Management.

OPTIONs Engineering LLC / Tech-Experts LLC Corvallis OR 1994 2012
Product Development Consultant,
Provide product design expertise and manufacturability recommendations to client requirements.
Develop client product concepts by providing Project Proposals (with progressive risk reduction by phase), by providing full product development services from Industrial Design to Engineering Prototypes to First Article.
Create customized Machine guarding and Lockout/Tagout programs (assessments, design and training).
Design plastic parts utilizing ProEngineer and AutoCAD.
Expert Analysis (mechanical systems, plastics),
Provide failure analysis for material failures by specifying lab tests and interpreting results.
Provide cause and origin analysis involving suspected product failures.
Evaluate product failures by analyzing suitability of design for intended use and characteristics of manufacturing process and tooling.
Provide technical information and bio-mechanics data to develop computer animation of accidents.

In Focus Systems Inc., Wilsonville OR 1997 2001
Product Engineer
Provided cause analysis to address customer returns, manufacturing line yield problems and complex technical problems which were delaying new product release.
Advanced Manufacturing Project Manager
Lead product development programs from product definition thru validation testing thru manufacturing ramp.
Institute “defect prevention programs” with strategic suppliers to substantially reduce early life failures.
Manage “difficult” technology intensive suppliers world-wide to achieve quality goals and timely delivery.
Lead engineering teams to perform root cause analysis and implement closed-loop corrective actions.

Intel Corporation, Intel Products Group, Hillsboro OR 1995 96
Supplier Quality Manager (outbound), Desktop and Server Products
Solved delivered quality issues for key customers worldwide by correlating customer integration tests with factory tests, monitoring factory quality issues, analyzed escapes utilizing world-wide failure analysis centers and implemented CLCA (closed loop corrective actions) on escapes.
Maintained delivered quality indicators for upper management review.

Options Consulting, Ft. Collins CO and Beaverton OR 1992 94
Improved product development programs by optimizing development methodologies for managing implementation trade-offs decision and constraints.
Provided facilitation services for gathering conducting customer visits and for managing implementation trade-offs during product development.

Hewlett Packard, Networked Systems Group, Ft. Collins CO 1981 92
Program Manager – NPI Support, Graphics Technology Div. & Colorado Computer Manufacturing Op.
Developed programs and processes to improve and shorten the new product development (NPI) process.
Researched historical best practices and created white papers on optimizing fast-track product development.
Created decision support models based on ROI projections (utilizing PIMS data) to discourage premature product releases (eliminated subjective debate about premature product releases).
Developed standardized testing and project milestone criteria for new product development.
Developed quality and regulatory plans and provided risk assessments for formal project phases.
Manufacturing Development Engineer, Graphics Technology Div. & Colorado Computer Manufacturing Op.
Solved box and chassis design problems involving high volume injection molded parts and sheet-metal.
Developed methodologies which enabled inter-divisional manufacturing transfers.
Coordinated tooling intensive programs that insured successful and timely first articles.
Performed root-cause analysis on manufacturing problems and implemented corrective actions.
Established criteria and qualified external suppliers for ‘dock-to-stock’ program.
Investigated and qualified rigid and semi-rigid foam fabrication methods to be applied to chair pads, palm rests, mouse pads and various other products as part of computer work area furniture product family.
Product Quality and Regulatory Engineer, Desktop Computer Division
Managed product regulatory process to maintain compliance with agency approvals including follow-up.
Conducted UL flammability tests as part of qualification process for material and process innovations.
Contributing member to technical committees for CBEMA, IEC, ANSI and UL.
Developed comprehensive “Hazards Assessment Design Guideline” (whitepaper) for use by design engineering and procurement.
Directed validation testing on purchased office furniture and office systems and in-house design and manufacture of specialized CAD workstation offices.
Process Engineer, Desktop Computer Division Manufacturing & Plastic Technology Center
Designed and implemented custom electro-pneumatic production machines.
Standardized assembly procedures and developed easier to use manufacturing documentation.
Solved production human factors issues with assembly methods and sequence.
Solved process engineering problems for in-house injection molding center. Supported outsourced large part molding, in-house and outsourced structural foam and in-house two shot molding. Applied SPC and TQC.
Managed structural foam production process. Evaluated alternate foaming methodologies.
Resolved production worker safety issues involving hazardous equipment, and chemicals including control systems, interlocks, lifting, acoustics and chemical handling.

Becton Dickinson, Drake-Willock Div, Milwaukie OR 1978 81
Product Development Manager, Peritoneal Dialysis Products.
Managed a mechanical design team to develop the first microprocessor based major medical device.
Collaborated with medical advisors to develop technology improvements.
Developed consumer packaging and shipping container packaging for specialized medical products.
Implemented GMP for FDA compliance.

Omark Industries, Milwaukie OR 1976 78
Design Engineer / Project Manager, Power Tools Division.
Designed specialized construction nail guns; analyzed and controlled hazards, perfected safety systems.
Designed cutting systems for major OEMs (McCulloch, Skill, Roper, Homelite, Sears, Poulan).
Provided bio-mechanical expertise to design improvements in handles, vibration isolation and safety brochures.
Analyzed accident and injuries, developed safety collaterals and recommended design innovations. Contributed to Chain Saw Manufacturers Association safety improvement technical committee.
Conducted vibration dampening and acoustic control systems utilizing polyurethane materials and acoustic foams. Warn Industries, Milwaukie OR 1975 76
Design Engineer, Advanced Automotive Systems Engineering.
Designed after-market products and accessories for vehicles.

Tektronix Inc., Beaverton OR 1973 75
Design Engineer, Human Factors and Industrial Design.
Manufacturability consultant to Industrial Designers to enable styling changes in product design.
Applied human factors and bio-mechanics expertise to improve usability of products; controls placement, weight and stability studies, ease of use and handle design.


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