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Professional Truck Driver Trainer Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Professional Truck Driver, Trucking, Motor Carrier Administrative, Truck Involved Accidents, Physical Distribution Management, Shipping Dock Operations, Regulatory Compliance, Transportation Economics, Household Goods Operations, Independent Contractor Services, Motor Carrier Safety, Driver Safety Operations, Freight Broker Operations, Passenger Operations, Loss Damage Claims, Contracts, Rates, Leases, Warehousing Traffic Management, Trucking Operations, DOT Compliance, Warehouse Dock Procedures, Delivery, Cargo Claims, Safety, Material Handling, Fleet Operation


Expert Witness/Consulting services are provided in motor carrier industry practices; truck involved accidents; physical distribution management; shipping dock operation and regulatory compliance. Additionally,  transportation economics; refrigerated goods, tanker and dump truck operations, independent contractor and broker operations; motor carrier/driver standards of safety and care; warehousing and distribution management; hazardous materials transportation and freight loss/damage prevention.

6/05 to 3/10
Det-8 Freight, Elmira, NY. I owned and operated a freight agency; incorporated and evolved to a full brokerage. My staff and I located general commodities freight to be shipped and then located a truck or trucks to haul that freight to the customer. My duties included management of my staff, conducting day to day business operations in general, monitoring transit of the freight and dealing with shippers, receivers and motor carrier management.

2/06 to 8/07
Total Transportation, Richland, MS. Truck driver: Regional/long haul freight of all kinds on 53 foot dry vans or doubles. I was one of the top performers, solo or team within a fleet of 200 trucks. Total transport as an irregular route hauler often booked max weight loads (80,000) or hazardous material loads. My knowledge of traffic patterns, freight logistical target areas, shipper/receiver operations, routes of travel, and constantly monitoring road/weather conditions proved invaluable. My mechanical and Quality Control background; the proper securing of freight; close attention to D.O.T. regulations (particularly, hours of service) facilitated our reliability and customer satisfaction. My wife and I were well thought of in the company.

1/04 to 2/06
Landspan, Lakeland, FL. Truck driver: long haul (OTR) freight of all kinds. Landspan is a team operation, 53 foot dry vans coast to coast. We loaded high dollar/hazardous material/Food grade and (JIT) Just in Time freight routinely. These loads have special operational conduct applied. Landspan primarily loaded from trans-ship docks. When I could not operate as a team with Landspan I worked for Total Transportation.

9/03 to 1/04
R.L.Calahan, Beaverdams, NY. Dump truck driver: local deliveries of asphalt, rock, sand and dirt. Deliveries were made to homes, businesses, highway construction and gas well sites; nights, weekends and severe weather conditions inclusive. Loads were picked up from either the rock quarry or the asphalt plant.

9/01 to 8/03
Prime Inc, Springfield, MO.  Lease operator: Refrigerated and dry freight long haul, loaded on 53 foot trailers. As a lease operator I was totally responsible for the maintenance and operational costs of my vehicle. Prime Inc. freight is both time and temperature sensitive. When hauling refrigerated freight close attention to loading of product and securing the load are very important. Other factors are, understanding air flow and curtain length to avoid top freeze, knowing how to trouble shoot the refer unit and utilizing opposing temperature gages. Prime Inc. has a diversified customer base.

9/96 to 8/97 and 4/01 to 10/01
Swift Transportation, Phoenix, AZ.  Truck driver: This was my second time with Swift transportation; returning so as to team with my wife who had just graduated from Swift transportation’s driving school. This allowed me to complete her road experience, to guide/counsel and facilitate her learning curve. We pulled 53’ dry van, Doubles and refer trailers. Once she had gained sufficient experience and confidence we went to Prime Inc. as a lease operation; a business opportunity.

1/01 to 3/01
Andrews Transport, Houston, TX.  Dispatcher: local and long haul tanker services for petrochemical loads. My duties included writing incident/ accident reports, data entry, routing tow trucks to our stranded trucks when necessary and interaction with shippers/receivers.

Steere Tank Lines Inc. Houston, TX.  Tanker truck driver: My duties included; loading tank trailers, driving locally or long haul, offloading tank trailers and cleaning tank trailers. My duties included examination/indoctrination of new drivers, testing pumps/equipment, checking the equipment for operational readiness or need of repair and maintaining the trailer pools at various locations. I was designated the company spokesman and at times conducted safety meetings, assisted in dispatching and helped out in the mechanics service bay. I was being groomed for the terminal manager position.

9/98 to 2/99
Schneider Transportation/Tanker Division, Houston, TX.  Tanker truck driver: I received tanker operations training; made scheduled on-loads and deliveries successfully (meaning no product on the ground or mishaps of any kind) on time. Schneider tank operations included time/temperature sensitive petrochemical and food grade liquid products.

8/97 to 9/98 and 2/03 to 5/03
J.B.Hunt Inc. Lowell, AR. Truck driver: Hauling general commodities freight of all kinds primarily regionally on either 53 foot dry vans or containers from the rails/harbors mounted on chassis from the trailer pool.
9/96 to 1/97
Schmidt Trucking, Bakersfield, CA. Truck driver: we pulled bottom dumps, single and double trailers; hauling cleaned bio waste to the farms, lime/lye to road construction sites and carrots to the cattle ranches.

3/95 to 9/96
C.R.S.T/CML Cedar Rapids, IA. Truck driver: hauling freight of all kinds. I was trained for 30,000 miles, in turn; I trained students as part of my duties.

1/94 to 2/95
World Wide Security, Los Angeles, CA.  Security guard (Sub-Rosa) my responsibilities were ostensibly to walk a post through the hangars but actually to watch the mechanics while doing there job to identify sabotage to the MD80 aircraft during a sizeable lay off period. (1) Aircraft had been damaged already. I was brought in due to my Jet mechanic and aircraft experience

2/94 to 7/94
Cushion Cut Inc. City of Industry, CA.  Quality Manager: I established metrology and metallurgical labs, initiated faster flow production documentation, upgraded/installed inspection stations. I wrote and implemented new Quality procedures; audited all production departments and advanced the facility to operate under Statistical Process control. Subcontract.

Valley Todeco, Sylmar, CA.  Precision Mechanical Inspector Tech III: Conducted
Receiving, In-process, First Article and Final inspection of high reliability fasteners.

7/88 to 11/90
Arrowsmith Industries, Ridgecrest, CA.  Mechanical Inspector/Associate Quality Engineer: I inspected missiles, facsimiles, launchers, turbine rings and sub components. I participated in R and D projects for China Lake Naval Weapons Center. I also conducted Material Review board activities wrote quality deficiency reports and corrective action requests. In addition I conducted Quality improvement meetings and assisted with MRP

6/88 to 7/88
Tecom Corp., Chatsworth, Ca Associate Quality Engineer. Coordinated material review board activities, disposition of nonconforming materials issued followed up on corrective actions and provided support for receiving inspection department.

3/88 to 6/88
E.M.P. Corp., Chatsworth, CA.  Inspector, Electro/Precision Mechanical

12/87 – 3/88
Volt Technical Services Woodland hills, CA.  Inspector Electro/Mechanical

11/86 -12/87
Anwright Corp. Pacoima, CA. Inspector, precision Sub-Contracts

5/86 -11/86
C.D.I. Encino, CA.  Inspector, Quality Specialist.Sub-Contracts

7/86 – 10/86
Clark Associates Lancaster, CA.  Flight Line “A” Inspector  Sub-Contract.  Conducted inspection of
project Fanstar top and sub assemblies, ready for flight testing, High speed run up’s, high speed taxi
and Liaison to the 3 company co-op

12/85 – 5/86
California Aerodynamics, Burbank, CA.  Prec. Mech. Inspector “A”

9/83 – 10/84
Bendix Corp. North Hollywood, CA. Senior Pre. Mech. Insp. Trained 25 new inspectors, advanced the Trimos Height gage beyond ordinary parameters and participated in Quality control Circles.

10/84 – 12/85  Pulse Products, Burbank, CA.  Quality Manager

6/83 – 9/83
Aerojet Ordinace, City of Commerce, CA. Associate Quality Engineer

5/81 – 5/83
Marquardt Corp., Van Nuys, CA.  Senior Prec. Mech. Insp. Rocket engines

9/80 – 5/81
Authorized Testing, Rialto, CA.  On Site Insp. Supervisor.

6/80 – 9/80
Exotic Metals Fabricating, Seattle, WA.  Prec. Mech. Insp. M.R.B.

5/78 – 6/80
Weber Aircraft, Burbank, CA. Lead inspector covering all departments

6/76 – 10/79
Data Products Woodland Hills, CA. Source Insp.Doc. cont. MRB/MRP

9/75 – 6/76
Macrodata, Corp., Woodland Hills, CA. Elect. Insp./MRB/MRP

Secondary work Experience

94 – 95
World Wide Security: Guard (sub-Rosa) sabotage prevention.

Valley Patrol Security Service: Guard

California Plant Protection: Dispatcher, Field/ post Supervisor and guard.

A.A.A. Towing Service: Tow truck driver. 1978
Bermite Inc.: Explosives production/ Recovery team leader.


1972 GED:  United States Armed Forces Institute
1974 South Western J.C. Chula Vista, CA. Engineering Major
1982 Pierce J.C. Woodland Hills, CA.  Eng. Maj.
1990 Cerro Coso C.C Ridgecrest, CA.   Quality Eng. Maj.
1993 L.A.Valley J.C. North Hollywood, CA.  Quality Eng. Maj.
1994 College of the Canyons Santa Clarita, CA.  Quality Eng. Maj.
1994 Glendale C.C. Glendale, CA.  Quality Eng. Maj.
1976 West Valley Occupational Center Woodland Hills,CA. IBM 360 Control Cert.
1978 North Valley Occupation Center: Aircraft reciprocating engine mechanics
1974 Pilot instruction, Golden west Aviation, Van Nuys, CA. Inyokern flight schl. C-150
3/3/95 U.S.T.D.S./C.R.S.T. Truck driving school Rialto, CA.CDL (TX-M endorsements).
6/89 ANSI-Y 14.5 Geometrical/dimensioning/tolerance standards, Ridgecrest, CA. Cert.
6/92 S.P.C. Valley Todeco, Sylamr, CA. Certificate
6/92 Hazardous materials Certified: C.R.S.T./J.B.Hunt/Swift/Lanspan/Total.
6/92 ISO 9000 Certified. Macrodata / 9001 Bendix
6/92 J.B.Hunt rail operations procedures.
6/92 Safety instructions for petrochemical plant access – Exxon and others
1970 NOWI scuba diving school


2/8/70 to 8/1/75

Navy PO3 jet engine mechanic, H3 Helicopters

Training received:  Basic military training, weapons, fire fighting, ship board operations and leadership. Aircraft A.B.C. and P. schools. Consisting of jet engine service, repair and replacement, aircraft handling, cold/hot fueling, Corrosion control, basic electrical/hydraulic systems. Additional instruction specific to the H3 helicopter.

Honorable Discharge – D.A.V. – Viet Nam era.

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