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Pediatric, Emergency Department, Director, Emergency, Transport Medicine, Physician


High School East High School, Green Bay, WI, 1977
Undergraduate University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN,
Bachelor of Arts (BA), Public Health/Child
Psychology, 1982
Graduate University of Southern California (USC),
Master of Health Administration (MHA), 2009
Pepperdine University Law School, Straus Institute of
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Certificate in ADR, 2018
Medical School University of Minnesota Medical School,
Medical Doctor (MD), 1987
Internship Children’s Hospital Los Angeles,
General Pediatrics 1987-88
Residency Children’s Hospital Los Angeles,
General Pediatrics 1988-90
Fellowship Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh,
Pediatric Emergency Medicine, 1990-92

Licensure California, 1992-present
Israel Medical License (Temporary), 2008-present
DEA Registration, 1992-present

Board Certification National Board of Medical Examiners, 1988
American Board of Pediatrics (ABP),
Pediatrics, 2007-present
Pediatric Emergency Medicine, 2005-present

Course Certification Pediatric Advanced Life Support Instructor (PALS)
Advanced Cardiac Life Support Instructor (ACLS)
Advanced Trauma Life Support Instructor (ATLS)
Advanced Burn Life Support Provider (ABLS)
Weapons of Mass Destruction Standardized Awareness
Authorized Training (SAAT)
National Incident Management System Certified, (NIMS)
AB 1234 Ethics Training Certificate, 2008
AB 508 Workplace Violence Training, 2009
National Disaster Medical system volunteer, 2010-present

Professional Background:
Academic Appointments

Clinical Instructor, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, University of Pittsburgh
School of Medicine, 1990-92
Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, University of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine, Los Angeles,
CA, 1992-2008
Voluntary Faculty, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) School of
Nursing, Los Angeles, CA, 2004-2014
Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles,
University of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine, Los Angeles, February 2009-October 2014
Adjunct Teaching Faculty, California State University, Long Beach
(Cal State LA) School of Nursing, Long Beach, CA, 2004-present
Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles,
University of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA, November 2014-present

Clinical Appointments

Attending Physician, Pediatric Emergency Department, Mercy Hospital,
Pittsburgh, PA, 1990-92
Attending Physician, Pediatric Emergency Department, Children’s Hospital
Los Angeles, 1992-present
Fellowship Director, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Children’s Hospital
Los Angeles, 1995-97
Ward Attending, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, 1995-98
Director of Disaster Education, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, 2007-10
Director, Division of Emergency and Transport Medicine, Children’s Hospital
Los Angeles, 1997-present

Honors and Awards

Individual Awards
John Phillips Sousa Award: Outstanding Musical Performance, 1975-76
“Use of Transillumination to Assist Placement of Intravenous Catheters in the
Pediatric Emergency Department,” Willis A. Winger Award, AAP, San
Francisco, CA, 1992
“Controlled Trial of Oral Prednisone in the Emergency Room Treatment of
Acute Asthma in Children,” Ambulatory Pediatric Association/ Society
for Pediatric Research Award, Baltimore, MD, 1992
Mead Johnson Teaching Award, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998
Community Service Award, “These Three Words” (Hope, Faith And Love). Given to an “Exceptional Community Leader,” in Death Education, April 2006
Honor Award for Teaching, California State University, Long Beach (Cal State
LA) School of Nursing, May 2006
“Kids on the Run, “CHLA Emergency Department Event to Promote Healthy
Lifestyles. Award for Assistance in Development, Sponsorship and Mentorship, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010
“Trauma Hero,” CHLA Award for Trauma Leadership, Advocacy, and
Tireless Effort, 2008
Master of Health Administration, Class Award; Greatest Success in a Health
Care Setting, 2009
Pasadena, CA Top Doctor, Alan L. Nager, MD, MHA, 2018
Best Doc in Los Angeles, LA Magazine, Alan L. Nager, MD, MHA, 2019
Chabad Honor for Jewish and Community Service as Pediatric Emergency
Medicine Director, Gala Event, Los Angeles, CA 2019
“Shout-Out,” Recognition for Work Performed During the COVID-19
Pandemic, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, CA, April 4, 2020

Divisional Awards as Director

“Best CHLA Unit,” Award to the Emergency Department, 1997 Los Angeles
County Honor Award to CHLA Emergency Department
Assistance to North Valley Jewish Community Center Shooting Victims, 2000
Morris and Mary Press Humanism Award to CHLA Emergency Department,
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Excellence Award to “Emergency
Medicine,” November 2002
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Best Nurses Award to the Emergency
Department Nurses. Voted best unit by the CHLA House staff, 2004
Best Overall Quality of Care, CHLA Emergency Department (National
Comparison), Professional Research Consultants (PRC), 2007
First Place Team, Hospital Disaster Olympics, May 22, 2008
“Disaster Education Leader,” CHLA award for leadership, September 2009
Dodgers Baseball League and State Farm Insurance, “Good Neighbor Award,”
Demonstrating outstanding commitment to the community, June 9, 2010
Disaster Olympics (Games/Exercises that Simulate Disaster Conditions),
First Place, May 4, 2011
Lantern Award, Given by the Emergency Nursing Association (ENA) to
Emergency Departments exemplifying exceptional practice and innovative
performance in the core areas of leadership, practice, education, advocacy
and research, 2014
Teaching Award, Given to the unit that provides trainees with the Hospital’s
Best Teaching, June 7, 2014
Mary and Morris Press Humanism Award Nominee, 2014
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Medical Group, Quest for Zero: Excellence in
ED, 2015 (BETA Health)
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Medical Group, Quest for Zero: Excellence in
ED, 2016 (BETA Health)
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Medical Group, Quest for Zero: Excellence in
ED, 2017 (BETA Health)
Lantern Award, Given by the Emergency Nursing Association (ENA) to
Emergency Departments exemplifying exceptional practice and innovative
performance in the core areas of leadership, practice, education, advocacy
and research, 2019

Pediatric Emergency Clinical Applied Research Network (PECARN) Grant
Recipient, Node: CHLA, Seattle Children’s Hospital, Dallas Children’s
Hospital, (4year Grant Period, 2019-22)

Specific Teaching

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Lectures
Medical Student/Resident/Fellow Education (Bedside Teaching, Lecture Series and Case Presentations), CHLA ED,1992-present
Ear, Nose & Throat Emergencies, Pediatric Resident Lecture,
March 15, 1995
Evaluation of Pediatric Multi-system Trauma, Pediatric Resident Lecture, March 31, 1995
Evaluation and Management of Toxic Ingestions, Pediatric Resident Lecture, November 3, 1995
General Approach to Pediatric Ingestions, Pediatric Resident Lecture November 22, 1995
Bacteremia, Sepsis and Septic Shock, Pediatric Resident Lecture
March 5, 1997
The Unknown Poison, Pediatric Resident Lecture, September 4, 1997
Ear, Nose & Throat Emergencies, Pediatric Resident Lecture,
February 19, 1998
Pediatric Poisonings, Pediatric Resident Lectures, November 3, 2000
Infectious Diseases of the Upper Airway, Pediatric Resident Lecture, November 30, 2000
Gastrointestinal Emergencies, Pediatric Resident Lecture,
February 8, 2001
Emergency Department Legal Briefs, Discussion and Commentary, May 6, 2002
NG versus IV Hydration, Journal Club, May 12, 2002
Telephone Advice and Documentation, Pediatric Resident Lecture, October 11, 2002
Risk Management Monthly Case Series, Pediatric Emergency Medicine Nurses, Residents, and PEM Fellows, 2002-present
Analysis of Medical Cases, Pediatric Resident Lecture, January 18, 2005
Herbal Emergencies, Pediatric Resident Lecture, April 18, 2005
Airway Management and Intubation in Pediatrics, Pediatric Resident Lecture, July 6, 2005
Herbs and Other Supplements, Pediatric Resident Lecture, April 17, 2006
Disorders of Water and Sodium Balance, Pediatric Resident Lecture, September 20, 2006
Cost-Effectiveness in Medicine, Pediatric Resident Lecture,
September 15, 2007
Customer Service in the Emergency Department, Pediatric Resident Lecture, January 19, 2008
Multisystem Trauma, Pediatric Resident Lecture, February 25, 2009
Pediatric Dehydration, Pediatric Resident Lecture, July 15, 2010
Heat-Related Illnesses, Pediatric Resident Lecture, September 21, 2011
Resuscitation Ethics and Considerations, Pediatric Resident Lecture,
May 9, 2012
Pain and Sedation, PEM Orientation, July 2, 2012
Pediatric Dehydration, PEM Fellows Conference, August 8, 2012
Pain and Sedation, An Update, PEM Fellows Orientation,
July 2, 2013
Death in the Emergency Department, Pediatric Resident Lecture,
August 1, 2013
Mental Health Assessments in the ED, Pediatric Resident Lecture,
August 13, 2016
Wellness for ED Physicians and Staff: Let’s Do It Now, ED Staff and
Fellows, Nov 18, 2019
Negotiating with Families and Conflict Resolution with Colleagues,
Pediatric Resident Lecture, April 24, 2020
Collaborating with Colleagues: The Art of Negotiation, Human Resources,
Organizational Effectiveness Staff, March 11, 2021
Collaboration with Colleagues, Neonatology Division, CHLA, March 22,
Collaboration with Colleagues, Endocrine Division, CHLA, March 25,
Conflict Workshop, Endocrine Administrative Staff, CHLA, March 25,

Outside Teaching

Advanced Trauma Life Support Lectures, Loma Linda University Medical Center, 1999-2011

Administration Programs as Director
Paramedic Tape Review Sessions, 1992-97
Interviewer, Medical Student Applicants, 1992-present
Guidelines, Emergency Department, 1993
Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship, 1995-present
Kids Care (Urgent Care Center) Administration, 1997-present
Procedural Preparation Program, 1998
Sedation and Analgesia Program, 1998
Emergency Medicine Quality Improvement, 1998-present
Emergency Medicine Morbidity and Mortality, 1998-present
Emergency Medicine Trauma Morbidity and Mortality, 1998-present
Emergency Department Delays and Improving Patient Satisfaction,
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Implementation, 1999-2003
Peer Review and Journal Club, 2000-present
Clinical Problem Review Conference, 2000-present
Emergency Medicine Grand Rounds, 2000-present
Emergency Department Volunteer Program, 2000-present
Crisis Intervention Seminar, CHLA, 2002
Emergency Medicine Code Blue Review, 2002
Transport Team Organization and Administration, 2002
Revised Triage Guidelines (Emergency Department and Kids Care),2002-present
Patient Advocacy and Quality Improvement Program, 2003-present
Joint Practice (Physicians and Nurses), 2003-present
Parental Presence during Resuscitation, 2004
Magic in Medicine, Seminar, (Organizer), 2004
Implementation of Emergency Department Quality and Customer Service, 2006
Kids on the Run (Run and Health Fair), 2006-present
Pre-Hospital Care Educational Sessions, 2007
Disaster Education and Training Core Leader, 2007-present
Emergency Department National Guideline Review Session, 2008-present
Emergency Department Leadership Council, 2009-present
MD Triage Program, 2012-present
Conversion to an Electronic Medical Record, 2012-present
LEAN (Efficiency) Implementation, 2013-present
Physician Sedation Program, 2013-present
Emergency Department Bedside Ultrasound Program, 2013-present
Pediatric Ultrasound Fellowship (Combined with LAC/USC), 2014
ED Efficiency and Throughput Redesign (Executive Sponsor), 2016
ED Compensation Redesign Effort, 2019
ED Wellness Program, 2019-present
COVID-19 Administrative Processes, 2020-present
Leadership Academy (FMG Leading) 2020-present
ED Customer Service Initiative (MeMyOur) 2020-present
Director of Conflict Resolution (CHLA) 2021-present

Community Service

Volunteer Camp Physician, Herzl Camp, Webster WI, 1993
Volunteer Camp Physician, Camp Ramah, Ojai, CA, 1997-05
Career Night, Multiple Los Angeles/Calabasas Schools, 2004
Volunteer, Pacific Boy’s Lodge, Woodland Hills, CA, 2004
“Every 15 Minutes,” Teenage Drinking and Driving Docudrama, Calabasas, CA, 2004-05
Los Angeles Volunteer Disaster Team, April 2007
“March of the Living,” Volunteer Physician on Holocaust Tour of Poland/Israel for Survivors and High School Students, 2007, 2009-14 2016-17
National Disaster Medical Service, “Just in Time Training,” Volunteer, 2010-present
Volunteer Medical Director, Hatzolah Ambulance Service, Los Angeles, CA, 2019-present

Other Employment or Activities

Transport Team, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, 1990-92
Transport Team Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, 1992-02
Culture Champion, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, 2011-present

Committee Membership:
American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), Fellow, 1992-present AAP, Section of
Pediatric Emergency Medicine, 1992-present
Emergency Medical Services Committee, 1995 AAP, Pediatric Emergency
Medicine Fellowship Curriculum, 1995
Committee on Pediatric EM (COPEM), Local AAP, 1999-present
Injury and Poison Prevention, Local AAP, 2000-present ACGME
Oversight Committee, 2006-present
Bioterrorism and Disaster Planning, California State Committee, 2007
American College of Physician Executives, 2007-present
Injury Free Coalition for Kids, 2007-present
California State Committee, Emergency Medical Services for Children,
California Disaster Representative, AAP, Chapter 2, 2009-present
Los Angeles County Emergency Director Search Committee, 2011

University (CHLA)
Emergency Preparedness, 1993-95
Pain and Comfort, 1994-2010
Infectious Disease, 1995-present
Medical Action Planning, 1997
Medical Executive Committee, 1997-99
Ambulatory Task Force, 1998
ED Functional Product Team, 2001
Credentials Committee, 2002-present
Death and Bereavement Committee, 2002-present
Risk Management Committee, 2003-2019
Trauma Program & Operations Committee, 2007-present
Disaster Planning Committee, 2007-present
Injury Prevention Committee, 2008-present
Disaster Medical Staff Committee, 2008-present
Emergency Department Administrative Council, 2009-present
Cultural Champion (Senn Delaney), 2011-12
University of Southern California Disaster Planning, 2011-present
Clinical Faculty and Promotions Committee, 2015-present
Physician Wellness Committee, 2019-present
ED-Trauma Collaborative, 2020-present
Faculty Resiliency Task Force, 2020-present
ED-Trauma Collaboration Committee, 2020-present

Society Memberships:

American Academy of Pediatrics, Chapter 2, 1997-present
Los Angeles Pediatric Society, 1997-present
LA County Emergency Medical Directors, 1997-present

American Academy of Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine Section, 1992-present
Ambulatory Pediatric Association, 1995-present
Pediatric Academic Societies, 2003-present
Society for Pediatric Research (SPR), Elected Member, 2015-present
American Association of Suicidology (AAS) 2019-present


Los Angeles Regional Poison Information Center, 1992-97
Los Angeles Unified School District, Medical Advisor, 2000-02
LA County/Department of Health/RAND Corporation, Panel Member,
Psychological Consequences of a Terrorist Incident, 2006
Pediatric Education for Pre-Hospital Professional (PEPPS) Course Los Angeles,
June 17, 2008
Medical Expert Panel, LA Parent Magazine, 2009-present
Medical Task Force, Laurence School, Van Nuys, CA, 2020-present

Expert Witness (Pediatric Emergency Medicine), 1999-present
Medical Literature Reviewer, Pediatrics, 2004-present
Medical Board of California, Expert Reviewer, 2007-present
Medical Literature Reviewer, Journal of Trauma, 2008-present
Medical Literature Reviewer, British Medical Journal, 2011-present
American Academy of Pediatrics, Scientific Abstracts Reviewer, 2012
Editorial Board and Medical Literature Reviewer, Journal of Hospital
Administration, 2012-present
Medical Literature Reviewer, Journal of Pediatrics, 2012-present
Editorial Board, Pediatric Annals, 2013-present
Editorial Board, Advances in Emergency Medicine, 2013-present
Medical Literature Reviewer, Pediatric Emergency Care, 2015-Present
Beta (Malpractice Carrier) Emergency Medicine Council, 2016-present

Board of Directors
LEAP, Learning Enrichment After-school Program
LIFT/LEVANTATE, program to elevate opportunities for low income teens and
families 2010-2014

Conferences Attended

American Academy of Pediatrics Annual Convention, 1990-present
“ED Delays and Improving Patient Satisfaction,” Institute for Healthcare
Improvement, Atlanta, Georgia; Snowbird, Utah; Orlando, FL, 1993. California San Diego, CA, May 1999
Wound Management (Participant), Department of Pediatric Surgery,
University of California, San Diego, CA, April 2001
California Consent Law Seminar, California Healthcare Association
Pasadena, CA, May 2003
High Risk Emergency Medicine Conference, Center of Emergency Medicine
Education, Las Vegas, NV, May 2003
Pediatric Emergency Medicine Leadership Conference, Albuquerque, NM
August 2003
Minor’s Consent Law Seminar, California Healthcare Association
Pasadena, CA, November 2003
Table Top Disaster Exercise, Operations Panel Member, Los Angeles
CA, October 2004
Disaster Seminar, Participant, Los Angeles, CA, November 2004
Weapons of Mass Destruction Standardized Awareness Authorized Trainer
Program (SAAT), Long Beach, CA, December 2004
Hospital Emergency Management – Concepts and Implications of WMD
Terrorist Incidents, Los Alamitos, CA, February 2005
Decontamination Conference, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Los Angeles,CA, July 2005
Bioterrorism Disaster Drill (Evaluator), Long Beach, CA, Sponsor: UCLA
Center for Public Health and Disasters, February 2006
BioSense User’s Group, Alert Surveillance System (Participant) Center’s
For Disease Control (CDC), Atlanta, GA, May 23-24, 2006
Communication and Med Teams (Organizer), Speaker Grena Porto, RN,
Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, September 7, 2006
Labor Negotiations Training (Participant), University of Southern California,
Los Angeles, CA, October 14, 2006, 2008
“Common Communication Failures During Crisis,” Hospital Association
Southern California, West Los Angeles, CA, October 17, 2006
Pain Management Conference (Topicals), Chicago, IL, May 14-15, 2007
Tri-Hospital Table Top Drill (Participant), Los Angeles, CA, June 6, 2007
University of California, Davis, Drug Endangered Children and National
Child Abuse and Neglect Conference (Participant), Sacramento,
CA, September 17-19, 2007
The National Emergency Disaster Summit (Participant), Washington DC
February 3-5, 2008
Injury Prevention Coalition Meeting (Participant-Moderator), Los Angeles,
CA, March 3, 2008
Surge During a Disaster, State Department of Public Health (Participant),
San Diego, CA, March 25-26, 2008
Reunification Planning Conference (Participant), Los Angeles, CA,
March 31-April 1, 2008
Tri-Hospital Drill (Evaluator), Los Angeles, CA, May 10, 2008
LA County Disaster Training Seminar, ESAR-VHP (Participant),
Los Angeles, CA, August 2, 2008
Pediatric Disaster Training Session (Leader), St Vincent Hospital,
Los Angeles, CA, September 24, 2008
Pediatric Disaster Training Session (Leader), Huntington Memorial
Hospital, Pasadena, CA, September 25, 2008
Pediatric Disaster Training Session (Leader), Children’s Hospital
Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, December 16, 2008
Portable Ultrasound in the Emergency Department (Participant),
Los Angeles, CA, May 27, 2009
Pediatric Disaster Training Session (Leader), Children’s Hospital
Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, August 18, 2009
Pediatric Disaster Training Session (Leader), Children’s Hospital
Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, September 1, 2009
Seminar on Intravenous Pain Management (Participant), Detroit, MI,
October, 27 2010
Behavioral and Psychiatric Emergencies (In the Emergency Department)
Conference (Participant), Las Vegas, NV, December 2-3, 2010
Pediatric Disaster Training Session (Leader), California Endowment Center
Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, February 28, 2011
Trauma Conference (Participant), University of San Diego, San Diego, CA,
January 24-26, 2013
“To Grieve Like Everyone Else.” (Participant), Jewish healing Center,
Los Angeles, CA, April 24, 2013
Sports Medicine (Participant), St. Johns Heath Center, Santa Monica, CA,
November 9, 2013
The Clinician Scientist: A Panel Discussion of Distinguished Physicians.
Introduction to Clinical Research (MEDS 490). University of Southern
California, Los Angeles, CA, November 15, 2013
San Diego Day of Trauma, (Participant), Scripps Health, San Diego, CA,
November 7, 2014
Hospital Disaster Management Training (Participant), Los Angeles Disaster
Resource Center Program, Los Angeles County Hospital, October 6-7, 2015
Pediatric Surge Response (Participant), Luminarias, Monterey Park, CA, June 25,
Global Trauma Conference (Participant), San Diego, CA July 14-15, 2016
Third Integrative Medicine Conference (Participant), University of Southern
California, Los Angeles, CA, November 17, 2018
Psychological First Aid in Humanitarian Crises, (Participant), Los Angeles, CA,
IsraAid Organization, May 30, 2019
“Tending the Flame,” Educational Program Teaches Resilience in Medicine,
(Participant), Los Angeles, CA, August 17, 2019
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Training (8-Sessions), Insight-LA,
(Participant), Los Angeles, CA, January-March 2020
Self-Compassion and Well-Being for Physicians, Training Course Through the
Center for Mindful Self-Compassion, University of Southern California, Los
Angeles, CA, (Participant), April-June, 2020
Wellness is an Inside Job: Healing the Mind & Body, Heart & Soul Virtual
Conference 2020 – University of Southern California’s Institute for Integrative
Health & Wellness, Los Angeles, CA, (Participant), November 14, 2020
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Jones Group, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles,
March 23, 2021

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