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Engineer, Engineering, Gas Turbines, Power Generators, Selection, Sizing, Specification, Installation Supervison, Inspection of Performance Tests, Engineering Documents, Specifications, Technical Evaluations, Requistions, Field Construction Scopes, Mechanical Leader, Mechanical Equipment Project Engineer, Refining Oil, Oil Production Sectors, Rotary Equipment, Heat Exchangers Design, Pressure Vessels, Power Plant


This expert has experience in selection, sizing, specification, and installation supervision of gas turbines and power generators. Inspection of performance tests. Preparation of engineering documents, specifications, technical evaluations, requisitions and field constructions scopes. Experience as mechanical leader and mechanical equipment project engineer in projects for the refining, and oil production sectors. Selection and requisition of rotary equipment, design of heat exchangers and pressure vessels.


June 2017 – Present, SPI Energy.
Project Engineer of four Electric Power Plants, in the province of Buenos Aires, coordination of Engineering and Construction Companies.
Engineering coordination of Power increase systems by water injection system.
Bidding documents, to increase the capacity of plants by implementing closed cycles.
Following of maintenance activities, performed for sub contractor of O&M.
Checking Heat Rate behavior of Gas turbines, vs guarantees values, with operational data.

Feb 2014 – May 2017. ECOTEK GROUP
Senior Mechanical Engineer, Leader of Mechanical Equipment

  • Responsible for Coordination of departmental functions, coordination of multidisciplinary projects.
  • Responsibilities and Achievements: Definition of project assignments, performance evaluations, support for the development of technical offers, monitoring and support for project discipline execution.
  • Verification of the management system. Procedure update.
  • Detail Engineering Project of lubricant plant from oil used (CLIENT in USA). Verification of Calculation, Design, and selection of pumping equipment, heat exchangers, package equipment, cooling tower, oil-
  • heating system, compressed air system. Support to client in equipment purchase phase.
  • Basic and Detail Engineering Project of the product refining plant, of LYTHAM, Barranquilla, Colombia. Verification of Calculation, Design, and selection of pumping equipment, refining towers, heat exchangers, package equipment, cooling tower, oil heating system and
  • vacuum generation. Review of manufacturer’s drawings and inspection of factory equipment.
  • Project Detailed engineering of the compression plant for container filling, Review of manufacturer drawings, equipment specifications, review of equipment data sheets, discipline coordination.
  • Pre-Feed Project of the Gas compression plant (CLIENT in USA), for filling of transportable pressure vessels, by land and / or sea. Verification and estimation of compressor behavior at different operating conditions. Pre-design and preselection of auxiliary equipment and processes for the referred plant.
  • Basic Engineering Project of the Tank yard, Phase II and FIII, of LYTHAM, Barranquilla, Colombia. Verification of Calculation and Design of Product Storage tanks. Tank Plan Review. Preselection of the pumps for loading and transfer.

1997 to 2014 – INELECTRA
Mechanical Discipline Leader. Responsible for the technical coordination and execution of the mechanical engineering discipline reporting directly to the Project Engineering Manager. Direction of a group of engineers, technicians, specialists, designers, and drafters to execute the work and management of interdisciplinary coordination and interfaces. Supervision of general design criteria preparation for ensuring overall rationalization and consistency, in accordance with contractual requirements. Responsible for preparation of overall procedures and coordination guidelines. Development of schedules and estimates in relation to the mechanical discipline. Assignment of responsibilities, duties, and objectives to the staff in charge, in order to achieve the proper technical level within the requirement of the Project. Coordination with other discipline groups the necessary information for the execution of their work. Mechanical Lead Engineer in the following projects:

  • YPF USP Pumping system of surface oil production facilities, engineering coordinator of multidiscipline team, pipe net definition, pumps following for oil and water, data sheets and material requisition.
  • Compression offshore Platform, PEMEX marine: definition of turbocompression scheme and arrangement, for centrifugal compressor packaged, as single lift module. Contacts and meetings with potential major equipment manufacturers, support to client for final grant.
  • Power Plant Repowering Project Manzanillo U1 and U2: Coordination Area Mechanical Equipment: Repowering Project Central Termoelectrica Manzanillo U1 and U2, supervision of sub contractor engineering area. Rotating Equipment Specialist for Power Generation, coordination of manufacturers of gas turbines and revamping of existing steam turbines, design review meetings, review of plans of manufacturers, monitoring of points pending between manufacturers and engineering development, interaction with consultants from the heat balances, review curves for each computer, start time curves.
  • Project Naphtha Hydrotreating Unit of Repsol YPF ICCL, Lujan de Cuyo industrial complex: Mechanical Equipment Leader, coordination of the discipline. Review of plans and documents equipment manufacturers, screw and reciprocant Compressor.
  • Compression Plant Expansion Project Dolavon, TGS Lead Mechanical Equipment, coordination of the Discipline. Review of plans and documents equipment manufacturers, testing the ability of the Turbocharger Centrifugal, Pressure Vessels, Filters, Pumps API, equipment packages compressed air, pressure control systems, air tanks
  • Project Conceptualization coal plant, Green Dragon: Mechanical Equipment Leader, Definition of Boiler technology, management system solid fuel and waste materials. Contacts and meetings with potential major equipment manufacturers
  • Project HDT, Hydro Fuel – Ecopetrol: Rotating Equipment Specialist, verification of lateral and torsional analysis, mechanical test witnessing in manufacture place, reciprocating compressor.
  • Final review of technical documentation, P&IDs, Data Sheet as built, O&M manual, Final Data book content.New Thermal Power Plant San Martin Timbues, Combined Cycle, Lead Mechanical Equipment, coordinating the development of detailed engineering of third parties, coordination of engineering and tank farm liquid fuel system. Technical and economic evaluation of offers for equipment packages for BOP and ventilation systems. Technical specifications for bidding equipment installation.
  • Expansion Pisco Plant (LNG), for Pluspetrol, Peru, Phase II, FEED and Detail engineering.Discipline coordination. Technical specification bidding package data sheets.
  • 50 PPM Sulphur in Gasoil for CILC/CIE, Repsol YPF, Argentina. Discipline coordination for rotative & package equipment’s, technical specification review, data sheet’s, bidding package.
  • Gas Transportation System Evaluation for PEMEX, México. Survey, information gathering, technical evaluation for the pipelines and Compression Station’s of PGPB, Pemex facilities in México. Evaluation and diagnostic of the installed capacity and efficiency of centrifugal and reciprocating compressors. Evaluation of maintenance frequency. Development of final report with recommendations for operations and maintenance optimization.
  • La Ceiba Evaluation Facilities, Agencia Operadora La Ceiba (AOLC). Crude and gas transportation, handling, separation and processing facilities for two well pads located south of the Maracaibo Lake, Western Venezuela. Discipline coordination. Technical specifications, bidding packages, data sheets, proposal evaluations and manufacturer’s drawing review of API pumps, packaged equipment and flare.
  • Dacion Field Development Project Phase II, Lasmo. Detail engineering, technical bid evaluation of gas compressor and Gas Dehydration units. Manufacturer drawing revision for gas compressors, gas dehydration plant, API pumps. Supervision and expediting of pre- selection and pre-design of ANSI & API pumps, pressure vessels and packaged equipment.
  • Basic Engineering for Amana Compressor Plant, PDVSA. New gas compression facilities located near Maturín, Western Venezuela. Development of mechanical data sheets, material requisition, equipment specifications for pumps, centrifugal compressors, gas turbines, pressure vessels, gas dehydrating plant, flares, and miscellaneous mechanical equipment.
  • Mechanical Equipment Project Engineer. Responsible for the technical execution of the mechanical equipment engineering and design, reporting directly to the Discipline Leader. Work within of a group of engineers, technicians, specialists, designers, and draftsmen to execute the work and interdisciplinary coordination and interfaces. Responsible for preparation of technical and fabrication specifications, mechanical equipment data sheets, P&ID’s review and update, mechanical equipment lists, layout drawings, PDS modeling of equipment pieces, review and approval of vendor drawings and documents, work schedules and estimates in relation to the mechanical equipment discipline. Coordination with other discipline groups the necessary information for the execution of their work. Mechanical equipment Engineer in the following projects:
  • Rabigh Refinery Project EPC for Aramco in association with Técnicas Reunidas, Spain.Development of mechanical data sheet, technical & bidding specification for vacuum tower package. Support to technical evaluation for centrifugal gas compressors.
  • San Lorenzo Refinery for Petrobras (Argentina). Development of mechanical data sheet, technical & bidding specifications for reciprocating compressor & centrifugal pumps.
  • Dacion Field Development Project Phase II, Lasmo. EPCM reimbursable job for the expansion of the oil production facilities at the Dación Field, Eastern Venezuela for Lasmo, later Eni. Pre-sizing and selection, development of mechanical data sheets, technical and bidding specifications, review of vendor drawings for air compressor, packaged equipment, oily water filtration unit and vent stack.
  • Hamaca Crude Upgrader Project, Petrolera Ameriven, EPC Lump sum job in association with Fluor Daniel including the Crude Unit, the Vacuum Unit, all utilities and offsite areas for the 1,5 Billion US$ Project for the Petrolera Ameriven 180.000 BPD Heavy Crude Upgrader located at Jose in Eastern Venezuela. Development of data sheets, material requisitions, technical and bidding specifications, technical evaluation of proposals, and vendor drawings review for pressure vessels, oily water treatment package, wastewater treatment package, and verification of existing reservoir tanks.
  • Kaki-Maulpa Phase I Development Project. Conceptual, Basic and Detail Engineering.Development of data sheets, material requisitions, technical and bidding specifications, technical evaluation of proposals, and vendor drawings review for pressure vessels, compressors, centrifugal pumps, reciprocating pumps. On-site evaluation of reciprocating pump system.
  • Cerro Negro Upstream Production Facilities, Operadora Cerro Negro. Turn key EPC project for primary treatment plant of 160.000 BPD extra heavy crude oil and 100 MMSCFD of associated gas. Including four well pads of eleven wells each, production manifolds, 100 km in pipelines for gathering systems, water injection, crude desalting and dehydrating facilities, pipeline pumps, and gas separation and processing units. Development of data sheets, material requisitions, technical and bidding specifications, technical evaluation of proposals, and vendor drawings review for reciprocating compressors selection, air compressor packages, gas turbine, gas dehydration package.
  • Jose Train C Expansion Project, Corpoven. ECP lump sum for the expansion of the existing Gas Liquefaction Train from 80.000 BPD to 120.000 BPD at the Jose Cryogenic Complex in Jose, Eastern Venezuela. Requisition, technical evaluation, verification of mechanical design for heat exchangers, revision of manufacturer drawings for pumps, conduits, and turbo compressors.
  • Packaged Equipment Field Installation Supervisor. Jose OrimulsionTM Plant Project, Orifuels Sinovensa. Field Engineering, coordination vendor’s site support.

1996 to 1997 – SUIND
Sales Engineer. Sale of rotary equipment, pumps, compressors, electric motors, speed reduction boxes.

1993 to 1996 – TURGENCA
Project Engineer. Installation of Westinghouse Turbo generators and General Electric equipment. Coordination of mechanical works and welding. Contracting of subcontractors for insulation, painting and nondestructive testing.

1990 to 1993 – INTEVEP
Project Engineer. Design of Flow Stations and Gas Compression Mini Plants. Technical evaluation of Gas-Liquid and Gas-Liquid-Water Separators, Gas Dehydrating Plants. Evaluation of liquid dragging in gas currents.

Project Engineer. Process Water Segregation and Treatment Project (SITAP), Maraven. Revision of Basic Engineering.
Installation of a Continuous Melt Machine, Sidor. Pipeline system, water, inert gases, and combustion.

1987 to 1989 – FREE LANCE
Design and installation of hydro pneumatic systems. Design of domestic air conditioning.

Post-graduate studies in Gas Engineering.

1983 to 1985 – IUTE
Professor for Mining and Agricultural Machinery field studies.


Universidad del Zulia, Gas Engineer, 1987.
Instituto Universitario Politécnico de las Fuerzas Armadas Nacionales (IUPFAN), Mechanical Engineer, 1982.







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