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Propane & Natural Gas Engineer Expert Witness

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Engineer Natural Gas, Engineer Propane Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Gas Codes Standards, Gas Appliance, Propane Liquefied Petroleum Gas Container, Propane Liquefied Petroleum Gas Industrial Equipment Malfunctions, Gas Residential Explosions Fires, Gas Commercial Explosions Fires, Recreational Vehicle Fires, Gas Grill Fires, Propane Liquefied Petroleum Gas, LP Gas, Natural Gas, Fuel Gas, Gas Appliances, Acetylene, Torches, Heaters, Carbon Monoxide, Gas Grills, Butane, MAAP Gas, Propylene, Stoves, Ovens, Gas Regulators, Gas Valves, Compressed Gas Equipment, Valves, Gas Codes, Check Valves, Gate Valves Globe Valves, Control Valves, Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Relief Valves, Excess Flow Valves, Water Heaters, Gas Furnaces, Residential Gas Boilers, Gas Delivery, Plastic Piping, Appliance Venting, Compressed Natural Gas, CNG, Forklift, LP Gas, Gas Refrigerators, bar b que, barbeque, LPG,

Expert No. 3183

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, University of Nebraska at Lincoln, 1975

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Kearney State College, Nebraska, 1975

Professional Engineering Certificates:

Mechanical Engineering, Iowa

Mechanical Engineering, Texas

Mechanical Engineering, Alabama

Mechanical Engineering, Arkansas


§ American Society of Mechanical Engineers

§ National Society of Professional Engineers

§ Texas Society of Professional Engineers

§ International Association of Arson Investigators

§ National Academy of Forensic Engineers    

§ National Fire Protection Association

§ NFPA Technical Committee for the Installation of Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detection and Warning Equipment (NFPA 720)

§ ASTM Committee F17 on Plastic Piping Systems

§ ASTM Committee E30 on Forensic Sciences

§ ASTM Committee E58 on Forensic Engineering
                Membership Secretary
                Sub Chairman E58.02 Product Defect Incidents

§ UL Committee STP 125
UL 125, Standard for Valves for Anhydrous Ammonia and LP-Gas (Other Than Safety Relief)
UL 132, Standard for Safety Relief Valves for Anhydrous Ammonia and LP-Gas

§ UL Committee STP 144
UL 144, LP-Gas Regulators

§ UL Committee STP 252
UL 252, Standard for Compressed Gas Regulators
UL 252A, Standard for Compressed Gas Regulator Accessories
UL 407, Standard for Manifolds for Compressed Gases

§ UL Committee STP 21
UL 21, LP-Gas Hose
UL 569, Pigtails and Flexible Hose Connectors for LP-Gas

§ UL Committee STP 147
UL 123, Oxy-Fuel Gas Torches
UL 147, Hand-Held Torches for Fuel Gases
UL 147A, Nonrefillable (Disposable) Type Fuel Gas Cylinder Assemblies
UL 147B, Nonrefillable (Disposable) Type Metal Container Assemblies for Butane


1995 to Present
§ A business of forensic engineering ; consulting, accident investigation and expert witness work in matters involving fuel gases such as propane and natural gas
§ Member on ASTM, UL & NFPA committees, to write standards.

1994-1995 –  Engineering Manager
§ Managed Product Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering and Quality Assurance.
§ Engineering department activities included development and maintenance of clamp & coupling products for water works applications as well as large water meters.
§ Quality Assurance group serviced manufacturing facility utilizing welding, fabrication, machining, assembly and testing.
1992- 1994  –  Manager, Technical Services
§ Liaison to counsel in products liability litigation
§ Managed Technical Services Group, providing assistance to Engineering, Marketing and production.
§ Served on NPGA T&S and Safety Committees to write standards and bulletins.

1989 – 1992  –  Engineering Manager    
§ Department Activities included development and maintenance of valve and regulator product lines for LP-Gas, ammonia and other compressed gases.
§ Served on national committees (CGA, ANSI and NPGA) to review industry standards.
§ Awarded patent 5,215,117 for double check filler valve for European market.
§ Taught session on LP-Gas regulators for Railroad Commission of Texas LP-Gas Division.

1987- 1989  – Engineering Manager
§ Department Activities included development and maintenance of valve and regulator product lines for LP-Gas, ammonia and other compressed gases.
§ Served on national committees (CGA, ANSI and NPGA) to review industry standards.
§ Awarded patent 4,860,784 for sealing mechanism for non-rising stem valves.

CRANE COMPANY (Valve Division)
1985 to 1987  –  Project Manager, Special Projects            
§ Set up small operation to modify company products to customer applications.
§ Closed manufacturing operation – moved inventory and equipment to new location.

1984-1985   –  Manager, Quality Control                
§ A manufacturing facility for casting and machining gray and ductile iron valves.
§ Worked to get foundry qualified to Ford’s Q-1 program.

1982-1984  –  Chief Engineer, Iron & Steel Valves
§ Managed a group of six engineering personnel in the development of industrial valves – gate, globe and check.
§ Product development encompassed interpreting specifications to development, release to manufacture and modification to manufacturing processes.

(Crane Company, Cont’d)
1982  –  Senior Engineer, Iron & Steel Valves    (Crane Co)    
§ Maintaining product lines, reviewing product change requests for design suitability and editing and maintaining Flow of Fluids, TP-410, (an industry standard of fluid calculations).
§ Other responsibilities included application engineering support to sales and preparation of design analysis for customer review regarding suitability of values in seismic applications.

1977-1982  –  Project Engineer, Design            
§ Lead engineer on product development projects for control valves and actuators manufactured to ANSI B16.34 and ASME B&PV Code – Sections III and VIII.
§ Work included specification review, time estimates, scheduling, formulation of basic designs, finished design review, verification and coordinating development with Manufacturing Engineering.
§ Other responsibilities included teaching at customer schools, on-campus interviewing of engineering candidates and on-going product updates.

1975- 1977  –  Project Engineer, Manufacturing Engineering
§ Responsible for the specification and installation of machine tools for in-house use.
§ Maintenance of procedures and controls for manufacturing processes.
§ Design and engineering of a six axis, numerically controlled drill.


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