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Public Health, Preventive Medicine, Board Certified Preventive Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Communicable Diseases, Meningitis, MRSA, Food Poisoning, Hospital Infection, Outbreak, Epidemic, Quality of Care, Quality Assurance, Correctional Health, Jail Health, Prison Health,

Expert Witness

Expert has served as a substantive or expert witness for most of his career, with many depositions and a handful of court appearances. Much, but not all of this, was in the context of my public health work, or voluntary activities in the field of tobacco control. From January 1 of 2000 through September of 2007, he served as expert witness in 49 cases or related sets of cases. Twenty of these related to healthcare quality, fourteen to food poisoning, thirteen to correctional health, and two to alleged community acquired infections. He served the plaintiff in 30 of these cases, defense in the other 19. In approximately 26 of these cases, his expert opinion determined the outcome of the case. During this period, in addition to record review and relate research, he provided seven depositions and three court appearances disease and demand management, quality assurance, integration of healthcare programming, public health administration, epidemiologic investigation, preventive medicine, bioterrorism, correctional (jail and prison) health, food-borne illness, other infectious diseases, chronic diseases, mental health, emergency/disaster preparedness and response, long term care, and telemedicine..
(Additional information and full biographical background is available upon request)


Expert is a public health physician, Board Certified in Public Health/General Preventive Medicine, with a doctorate in public administration. His consulting and expert witness services are based on his ability to use medical and public health science, norms, standards, and policies to address health issues on a group/population basis.

Expert  has expertise as demonstrated by projects, presentations, publications and expert witness services: prevention and control of infectious, communicable and chronic diseases, injury and toxic exposures in both community and healthcare environments; policy, management and quality assurance as it relates to risk profiles and health outcomes in healthcare, mental health and public health agencies and programs; bioterrorism, correctional (jail and prison) health, emergency/disaster preparedness and response, long term care, and telemedicine.
He has served as President of two national public health organizations
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1991-1992, Public Health Leadership Institute, Berkeley, CA, Participating Scholar

1977-1978, Nova University, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Doctor of Public Administration

1975-1977, Nova University, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Master of Public Administration

1970-1974, Dade County Health Department, Miami, FL, Residency in Public Health/General Preventive Medicine

1969-1970, University of California, Berkeley, CA, Master of Public Health

1967-1969, Centers for Disease Control; Epidemic Intelligence Service: Basic and specialized training in prevention and control of infectious and other diseases, bioterrorism and family planning

1966-1967, Parkland Memorial Hospital, Dallas, TX, Internship

1961-1966, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, School of Medicine, Medical Doctor

1958-1961, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, School of Liberal Arts

Current Certification and Licensure

American Board of Preventive Medicine, since 1974

Fellow, American College of Preventive Medicine, since 1974

Medical Licensure: Louisiana since 1989

(Expert 2538 has been licensed to practice medicine since 1967 and has held licenses in Michigan, California, Kentucky, Florida and Louisiana at various stages in his career. He is maintaining only Louisiana in an active mode at this time.)

Current Professional Affiliations

American Association of Public Health Physicians
American College of Preventive Medicine
American Medical Association
American Public Health Association
American Society for Public Administration

Publications and Presentations

Over 70 publications. One to five presentations at major national meetings almost every year since the mid-1980’s.

More complete curriculum vitae with current and past academic and other appointments, awards, publications and presentations available on request.


1992-1994, and 1997 to Present – A Company in Louisiana (Name Provided upon Request).

Health Policy Consultant

Faulty appointment at the level of Associate Professor, at a University in Virginia (Name Provided upon Request), School of Medicine, Department of Epidemiology and Community Health

This appointment is to enable Expert 2538 to function as part-time clinical faculty for purposes of providing both on-site and distance-based instruction in policy and management skills to facilitate translation of research to clinical and public health practice; and to develop a translation research focus and agenda within the Department. October 2007.
(A Full Description of Investigations and Projects are available upon request)

1994-1997 – Louisiana State University School of Medicine

New Orleans, LA

Associate Professor

Principal Investigator, Louisiana TELEMEDicine Research Project. This involved initial development of LSU telemedicine program, development of a management information system for such programming and working with stakeholders to secure utilization and success of programming. 1993-1996

Medical Director, University Home Care   1994-1997

Consultant to Medical Center of Louisiana at New Orleans (Charity and University hospitals) on disease and demand management, continuity of care, and compliance with JCAHCO and HCFA guidelines      1995-1997

Medical Director and Management Consultant to, Daughters of Charity Neighborhood Health Partnership (DCNHP) 1995-1996

1989-1992, Louisiana Office of Public Health

New Orleans, LA

State Health Director

Medical Director, Health Officer (official responsible for enforcement of State Sanitary Code), and Chief Executive Officer of state agency with headquarters, nine regional offices, 62 local health departments and three laboratories.

OPH grew from 1,800 to 2,100 staff positions, and from $136 million to $172 million annual budget during my 27 month tenure in this position. Of the $36 million in new annual revenues, $25 million was in recurring federal funding, most of which has continued to this day.

Six million dollars (also annual and recurring) was from a single act of the state legislature to dramatically upgrade the safe drinking water program.

1976-1989, Monroe County Health Department

Rochester, NY

County Health Director

Medical Director, Health Officer and Chief Executive Officer of local government agency with 450 staff and a $12 million budget.

Developed and implemented new data systems.

Quadrupled home health agency revenues in first three years.

Played major role in Emergency and Disaster Planning relative to Ginna Nuclear Plant, bomb threats and possible bioterrorist attacks.

Played major leadership roles on the Boards of Directors of health insurance, hospital, long term care and mental health entities  Served as President of one local, one state, and one national organization.

Worked closely with the Monroe County Jail and the Jail Health Project of the American Medical Association in the initial development of the health standards that later became the National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC) standards for accreditation of prison and jail health programs.

1970-1976, Dade County Health Department

Miami, FL

Chief, Office of Consumer Protection

Directed communicable and chronic disease control programs, immunization, tuberculosis and sexually transmitted disease clinics, vital records and nursing home inspection.

Supervised a public health residency program and federally-assigned physician Epidemic Intelligence Service officers.

Played lead role in designing and managing health-related anti-terrorism programming for 1972 Democratic and Republican National Conventions in Miami Beach.

My most dramatic accomplishments were investigation and control of a large outbreak of typhoid fever in a migrant labor camp and development of an innovative childhood immunization program that eliminated local transmission of diseases preventable by routine childhood immunization for the final four and a half years of my six year tenure in Miami.

1967-1969, US Public Health Service

Frankfort, KY

Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer (Assigned from the Centers for Disease Control to Kentucky Department of Health, Frankfort, KY)

Trained by CDC in epidemiology, biostatistics, surveillance, communicable disease control, bioterrorism and in family planning program design
Communicable disease investigation and control - this included investigation and control of multiple outbreaks, including a large epidemic of infectious hepatitis, rebuilding state surveillance systems, and rewriting much of the state sanitary code

Sixty day assignment to Northern Nigeria to assist and help assess the regional smallpox eradication program

(Additional Experience Available Upon Request)