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Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Quality Management, Quality Standards, Quality Processes, Quality Methods, ISO 9000, ISO 9001, ISO 9002, AS9100, TS16949, Quality Management System Auditing, Manufacturing, Management, Manufacturing Standards, Manufacturing Methods, Business Processes, Business Process Improvement, Amateur Ham Radio, Fire Protection Systems, Fine Art, Nanomaterials, Prefabricated Housing, Oil Well Drilling, Stock Transfer Agencies, Nenewable Energy, Commercial Construction, Residential Construction, Pollution Control Equipment, Railroad, Real Estate, Aerospace Fasteners, Steel and Aluminimum Machining, Sheet Metal Manufacturing, Computer Manufacturing, Control Systems Software, Ceramics Manufacturing,


Expert is a consulting and testifying expert in products liability and organizational negligence. His unique niche is conducting formal assessments of defendant companies to determine if they exhibited an appropriate or negligent standard of care in introducing their products or services to the stream of commerce. Expert’s proprietary methodology has been trademarked and has been an accepted credential by attorneys and judges. It is documented in his 11th book, commissioned by Lawyers and Judges Publishing.

With a perspective cultivated from having worked with more than 700 companies, Expert brings a unique talent for precision problem diagnosis, strategic thinking and effective written and verbal communications skills to his work as a quality consultant, trainer and liability avoidance expert and expert witness.

Expert was a member of the team at Mission Control in Houston during the Apollo 13 disaster and recovery. His experiences during his 14 years at NASA formed the foundation for his ability to rapidly analyze problems and diagnose solutions.

Expert was part of the early evolution of Quality Control Engineering at NASA. Beyond writing standards for process excellence, he also pioneered early breakthroughs in supply chain management. This skill set makes him an effective business consultant and insightful expert witness in products liability and organizational negligence.

Subject Matter Expertise

  • Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Quality Management
  • Quality Standards, Quality Processes and Methods
  • ISO 9000, ISO 9001, ISO 9002, ISO 9001:2008, AS9100, TS16949
  • Manufacturing, Manufacturing Management
  • Business Processes, Business Process Improvement
  • Workforce Accountability
  • Standard of Care, Foreseeable Risk, Organizational Liability

Noteworthy Professional Accomplishments

  • Co-founder of the Nevada Space Center. Member of the Advisory Board of The Challenger (NASA) Learning Center of Northern Nevada
  • Co-founder of the Center for Business Excellence (CBE), a non-profit startup that is chartered to bring world-class facilitation and training services to Nevada’s businesses
  • Past Chair of the Northern Nevada Development Authority’s Business and Professional Services Committee
  • Co-founder of APEX, the Nevada State Quality Award
  • Subject Matter Expert to University of Nevada Reno, Morrison University, Truckee Meadows Community College, Western Nevada College and
  • Nevada Industry Excellence in the areas of quality management, business process improvement and leadership development.
  • Former Subject Matter Expert on these same topics to the American Productivity and Quality Center, The University of Houston Center for
  • Advanced Management Practices and Productivity, Inc.
  • Lead Developer of Dell Computer’s Business Management Interactive System (BMIS), collaborator on Dell Computer’s Business Process
  • Improvement (BPI) model and co-author of Dell’s Supplier Quality Manual.
  • Co-founder of FSIX, the Financial Services International Exchange, a non-profit organization founded to bring world-class quality management programs to banks, security firms and insurance companies
  • Past Chair, Quality Management Systems Committee, Quality Management Division, American Society for Quality.

Professional Certifications

  • Certified Management Consultant by the Institute of Management Consultants (IMC), 1999
  • Certified Professional Consultant to Management by The National Bureau of Certified Consultants, 2000 (merged with IMC)
  • Certified Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence, American Society for Quality (ASQ), 1996

Areas of Professional Experience

Fire protection systems, fine art, nanomaterials, training, prefabricated housing, oil well drilling, stock transfer agencies, renewable energy, commercial construction, residential construction, pollution control equipment, railroad, real estate, aerospace fasteners, steel and aluminum machining, sheet metal manufacturing, computer manufacturing, control systems software, ceramics manufacturing, precision metal stamping, computer refurbishing, journal bearings, cusExpertelectronic manufacturing, production electronic manufacturing, plastic extrusion, medical devices, voice over internet, direct marketing fulfillment, slot machines, property management, marketing, surgical instruments, investment banking, financial data services, home remodeling, etiological products, senior living centers, printing, commercial printers, personnel staffing, oilfield services, dehydrated seasonings, oilfield distribution, ink, laser products, drug distribution, cusExpertwindows and doors, aerosol cans, space heaters, tires, computer power supplies, medical dispensing machines, box fans, chain saws, power distribution, solar farms, oil well maintenance, bicycles, golf carts, plastics manufacturing, drywall, electrical outlets, office chairs, artificial Christmas trees, business management systems, commercial roofing, spun plastic fibers, oxygen generators, battery chargers, motorcycles, antenna structures, titanium metal manufacturing, boom boxes, oil derrick construction, command and control systems, remote terminal units, flow measurement, quality control, quality assurance, quality management, ISO 9001, AS 9100, TS14969, cGMP.

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Career Summary

1991 – Present
Chief Operating Officer, The Taormina Group, Inc.
Business Management Consulting, Expert Witness

1988 – 1991
Manager of Training and Development, Schlumberger-Anadrill
Created business training curriculum, evolved self-directed work teams 1980 – 1991
Manager of Manufacturing and Quality at four companies

1966 – 1980
Quality Control Engineer, Ford Aerospace
Pioneered Quality Control Engineering at NASA’s Mission Control Center, Houston

1980 – Present
Author of 12 books, Columnist, Editor, Speaker

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