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Questioned Document Examiner Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Questioned Document Examiner, Forensic, Handwriting, Hand Printing Comparison, Typewriting, Computer Printed Documents, Machine Copies, Altered, Obliterated, Lab Exam Of Inks Paper, Nondestruction of Inks, Erased Entries, Indented Writings, Counterfeit Documents, Ink Dating

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·     Master of Science, Troy State University, Alabama; Criminal Justice, 1983
·     Bachelor of Science, Jacksonville State University, Alabama; Law Enforcement, 1976

Professional Certification

·     American Board of Forensic Document Examiners (ABFDE).
·     Certified by testing in 1993, Certificate No. 266; Recertified in 1998, 2003, and 2008

Professional Affiliations

·     American Society of Questioned Document Examiners (ASQDE), Member
·     American Academy of Forensic Sciences, Questioned Document Section, Member
·     Southeastern Association of Forensic Document Examiners (SAFDE), Member
·     Committee E30 on Forensic Sciences and the Questioned Documents Subcommittee, ASTM
International, Member

Current Positions of Professional Contribution:

·     Ethics Committee, American Society of Questioned Document Examiners
·     Nominating Committee, American Society of Questioned Document Examiners
·     Participant, Collaborative Testing Services Proficiency Testing Program

Previous Positions of Professional Contribution

·     President, Vice President, Treasurer, and a Director of the ASQDE
·     Editor, Journal of the American Society of Questioned Document Examiners
·     Chairman of the Finance Committee and the Strategic Planning Committee, Member of the
Evaluation and Examination Committee and the Journal Committee, ASQDE
·     Chairman, Scientific Working Group for Forensic Document Examination
(SWGDOC) Subcommittee on Standard Operating Procedures and Terminology
·     Member, Executive Committee, SWGDOC
·     Editor, SAFDE Newsletter and Chairman of the SAFDE Awards Committee
·     Member, ABFDE Strategic Planning Committee

Professional Experience

Since 1999, a Forensic Document Examiner in private practice in Woodstock, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. Clientele includes attorneys, investigators, corporations, government agencies, and private individuals.

Retired as a Forensic Document Examiner in the United States Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory, Fort Gillem, Georgia. Held positions as Chief of the Questioned Documents Division, as well as Training Officer and Quality Assurance Officer in the Questioned Document Division.

Completed examinations of more than 100,000 items of documentary evidence in over
2350 civil and criminal cases.

Provided sworn testimony as an expert witness in the field of Forensic Document Examination on more than 100 occasions in federal, state, and military courts, as well as administrative hearings. Provided testimony by deposition on more than 40 occasions.

Qualification Training

Graduate of the U.S. Army’s Forensic Document Examination Course (1989-1991). This is a two-year resident training program designed to prepare the graduate to serve as an expert witness in the areas of handwriting and hand printing comparison, typewriting, computer printed documents, machine copies, decipherment of altered, obliterated and charred documents, laboratory examinations of inks and paper, decipherment of erased entries and indented writings, detection of counterfeit currency, examination of commercially printed matter and the use of related instrumentation.

Instructional Experience

Former Training Officer, Questioned Documents Division, U. S. Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory. Responsible for administering the laboratory’s two-year course of instruction in forensic document examination. Lectured on numerous occasions on the subject of forensic document examination to groups of investigators, attorneys, and students from federal, state, military, and private organizations.

Additional Training Courses, Seminars, and Conferences

·     Annual conferences of the American Society of Questioned Document Examiners (ASQDE),
American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS), Southeastern Association of Forensic Document
Examiners (SAFDE), and International Association for Identification, Georgia State Division.
·     Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) – Advanced Techniques of Document
Examination for Laboratory Personnel – Typewriters and Other Printing Devices
·     FBI – Fundamentals of Document Examination for Laboratory Personnel
·     U.S. Secret Service Questioned Document Course
·     American Board of Forensic Document Examiners (ABFDE) – Examination
Techniques in Handwriting and Rubber Stamp Cases Workshop
·     Second International Symposium on the Forensic Examination of Questioned
·     Rochester Institute of Technology – Orientation to the Graphic Arts
·     Mead Corporation – Paper Knowledge Course
·     ABFDE – Canon Photocopier, Facsimile, and Microfilm Training Workshop
·     ABFDE – Business Records Workshop
·     ASQDE – Fine and Subtle Features of Handwriting Workshop
·     ASQDE – Photocopier Identification Workshop
·     ASQDE – Difficult Handwriting Problems Workshop
·     ASQDE – Typewriter Classification and Identification Workshop
·     ASQDE – Laser Printer Workshop
·     ASQDE – Miscellaneous Document Examination Workshop
·     ASQDE – Typography Workshop
·     ASQDE & AAFS – Various Signature and Handwriting Workshops
·     AAFS – Fraudulent Documents: Their Recognition Workshop
·     AAFS – Fraudulent Documents: Their Deterrence Workshop
·     AAFS – Digital Forensic Photography
·     AAFS – Practical Digital Photography Workshop
·     SAFDE – The Examination of Photocopied Signatures; Distinguishing Between Line
Quality and Ink Line Morphology Workshop
·     SAFDE – The Use of the Haas Atlas CD Compilation Workshop
·     SAFDE – Rubber Stamp Plant Tour and Workshop
·     SAFDE – Typewriter Identification Workshop
·     SAFDE – Signature Workshop
·     SAFDE – Difficult Handwriting Workshop
·     SAFDE – Fine and Subtle Elements of Handwriting Workshop
·     SAFDE – Forensic Examinations of Typographic Documents Workshop
·     SAFDE – Examining Documents throughout the Spectrum Workshop
·     SAFDE – Production of Genuine Security Documents & the Detection of Counterfeit
Documents Workshop
·     SAFDE – Disguised Handwriting: An Interactive Workshop
·     Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry – Papermaking: The Process and the Product
·     Canon Corporation – Photocopier Workshop for Law Enforcement
·     Canon Corporation – NP4835 Photocopier Technician’s Course
·     Canon Corporation – Facsimile Machine Workshop
·     Image Enhancement Applications Training
·     Imaging and Forensics: New Technologies Workshop
·     Bar Code Basics Seminar
·     Illinois State Police Laboratory – Fracture Match Workshop
·     Tours of U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing, paper mills, check printing and rubber-stamp
producing facilities.

Specialized Laboratory Capabilities

·    Microscopy and Photomicrography
·    Video Spectral Comparison with the Foster & Freeman VSC4c for non-destructive testing of inks
using infrared reflectance and infrared luminescence techniques
·    Electrostatic Document Imaging with the Foster & Freeman ESDA2 for the detection and
development of visible writing impressions and invisible writing images
·    Color Computer Imaging and Enhancement

Related Employment

Nov 1999 through Present - Forensic Document Examiner
Investigation Laboratory, Inc., Woodstock, GA.

Mar 1991 through Nov 1999 - Forensic Document Examiner (and Special Agent), United
States Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory, Fort Gillem, GA

Mar 1989 through Mar 1991 - Student Forensic Document Examiner, (and Special
Agent), United States Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory, Fort Gillem, GA.

Mar 1986 through Mar 1989 - Special Agent, U.S. Army Criminal Investigation
Command (CID), Wuerzburg, Germany, with duties as an investigative team chief.

Oct 1983 through Mar 1986 - Special Agent, U.S. Army CID, Fort Ord, CA, with duties as an investigative team chief.

Apr 1981 through Oct 1983 - Special Agent, U.S. Army CID, Fort Benning, GA, with duties as a criminal investigator.

Publications and Presentations

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