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University of California, Riverside            Pasadena City College
Riverside, CA                                           Pasadena, CA
Doctoral Degree Program in                    Associate of Arts, Humanities
Education Administration                         1982

University of La Verne                              St. Vincent’s Hospital
La Verne, CA                                            School of Radiologic Technology
Master of Education with                          Billings, MT
Minor in Ed. Administration                      Certificate in Radiography
1987                                                         1976

University of Redlands                              Eastern Montana College &
Redlands, CA                                            Montana State University
Bachelor of Science Health Science         1972-1974
Major in Education


2015-Present        Mercy Health Care System            Janesville, WI
Position    Radiology Coordinator
Duties    Manager/supervisor of radiology departments in 13 clinics in southern WI.  Budget for capital equipment and all supplies.  Hire, evaluate and schedule over 25 technologists within the 13 clinics.  Perform QC and QA on all exams performed.  Do in-services to assure proper patient care and radiographic procedures are achieved.  Work closely with radiology students from as they rotate through the clinics I manage.

2014-2015        Riverstone Health Care System        Billings, MT
Position    Lead Technologist
Duties    Perform all radiography exams as required.  Work with director of the clinic on budgeting scheduling and ordering of supplies.  Teach limited permit students in the clinical setting.  Facilitate the residents’ knowledge in the correct radiographic studies to perform.

2011-2015        AHEC                        Billings, MT
Position    Instructor
Duties    Taught all courses within the limited permit technologist workshop.  Prepared the curriculum and set the schedule.  Worked with the

director to market the workshop and organize classes.  In addition, taught all continuing education courses geared for limited permit technicians within a tri-state area.

2011-2013        Montana State University, Billings        Billings, MT
Position    Clinical Coordinator/Adjunct Faculty
Duties    Oversee the junior radiography students during their training in the clinical facilities (acute care hospitals).   Assure that the students perform proper patient care during transportation of patients from the floor, ED or waiting room into and from the examining room.  Assure that the students perform proper radiation protection and procedure technique in the radiographic examination of all patients. Teach medical procedures, physics, review for examination, pathology.

1981-2011        Chaffey College        Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Position    Professor and Clinical Coordinator—Radiologic Technology
Duties        Develop and revise curriculum.  Oversee students in clinical
facilities.  Instruct in radiographic physics, anatomy, positioning, pathology, special procedures, and medical skills.  Other duties include ordering supplies, scheduling students, recruiting, evaluating faculty, maintaining student records, admission process, counseling, maintaining relations with outside agencies, meeting accreditation standards, program review, etc.

2008            Riverside County Regional Medical Center
Position    Radiologic Technologist
Duties    Perform all radiographic exams excluding mammography in a major one trauma center on the 3:30-midnight shift, including weekends

1992-2004        San Antonio Community Hospital    Upland, CA
Position    Radiologic Technologist
Duties        Perform all radiographic exams including mammography

1990-1993        Riverside Community Hospital    Riverside, CA
Position    Radiologic Technologist
Duties        Perform all radiographic exams excluding mammography

1989-1991        Alta Loma Urgent Care Center    Alta Loma, CA
Position    Radiologic Technologist/Medical Assistant
Duties        Perform all radiographic exams including mammography and
ultrasonography.  Instrumental in setting up the QA for accreditation of the mammography unit.


2016    Certified Radiologic Technologist State of WI

1995    American Registry of Radiologic Technologists Mammography

1994    Radiologic Technologist Mammography Certificate RHM

1993    Radiologic Technologist Fluoroscopy Permit RHF

1989    California Community College Supervisor Credential

1983    American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (retired 2006)

1982    California Community College Lifetime Instructor

1979    Certified Radiologic Technologist State of California RHF

1976    Certified Radiologic Technologist State of Montana

1976    American Registry of Radiologic Technologists


American Consortium on Education in Radiologic Technology (ACERT)
Past president

American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT)
Past committee member—education in ultrasound

California State Society of Radiologic Technologist (CSRT)
Past chairman, National Radiologic Technology Week

Radiologic Technology Educators of California (RTEC)
Past president and chairman of the board


Policy and Budget Development                                       Strategic planning
Chaffey College Accreditation Steering Committee          Curriculum
(Co Chair)                                                                      Facility Utilization
CCFA Rep council (Vice president)                                   Faculty advisor
Member of negotiating team                                              Economic Develop.
Program Improvement Task Force                                    Matriculation
ACERT Investigative committee for Radiography Instructor Certification
Political Action Committee Chairperson
Program Services and Review Committee
California Postsecondary Education commission, Academic Senate’s Vocational
Education committee; Health Science subcommittee—Chancellor’s Office of Community Colleges, State of California
Chaffey College Faculty Senate (Senator at large) (Past president for 2 terms)
Joint Review Committee on Education for Radiologic Technologists Site Chair
Educational Master Plan for College Accreditation


2016    Case in UT; just begun.

2014    Case in CA; lack of SPOC involving electrodes and skin damage; Consulted for the plaintiff; settled out of court.  Affidavit taken. Listed and certified as an expert witness.

2014    Case in WY; lack of SPOC involving injection of contrast media. Consulted for plaintiff, settled out of court.  Deposition taken.  Listed and certified as expert witness.

2014    Case in TX; lack of SPOC involving extravasation of contrast media.  Consulted for plaintiff, settled out of court.  Affidavit taken.

2013    Case in AZ; possible negligence; still in process; deposition taken in 2015.  Awaiting possible trial date.

2013    Case in UT; still in process; involves possible negligence.

2012    Case in NY; possible negligence; still in process; awaiting assignment of court date.

2012    Case in AZ; lack of SPOC; consulted for plaintiff, case dropped by the plaintiff .  Listed and certified as expert witness

2011-2012    Case in TX; lack of SPOC involving fall during the course of a radiographic procedure. Consulted for plaintiff.  Affidavit taken.  Settled out of court.  Listed and certified as expert witness

2011    Case in FL; lack of SPOC involving Hepatitis A.  Consulted for plaintiff; settled in favor of plaintiff (resulted in termination and jailing of technologist)

2008    Case in AZ; breast cancer misdiagnosed—mammography case;  consulted for plaintiff; settled in favor of the plaintiff (technologist found innocent) Testified as expert witness.


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Available Upon Request