Radiologist & Angioplasty Biliary Intervention Biopsy Arthrography Expert Witness

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Private Practice

January 14, 2005 to Present
A Radiology Imaging Services Company

July 16, 2004 to Present
A Radiology Imaging Services Company

April 1, 2002 to July 16,
A Radiology Imaging Services Company

April 1, 2001 thru March 31, 2002
A Radiology Imaging Services Company

November 1999 thru March 31, 2001
Virtual Radiology at a Hospital

December 1, 1984 thru November 1999
Private Practice Medicine

June 1, 1980 thru Nov. 1984
A Memorial Hospital

Board Certified

American Board of Radiology – June 1980


McGill University, Montreal, Quebec. Canada
Bachelor of Science Degree – 1967-1971
1st Class Honors Degree In Biochemistry

McGill University, Montreal, Quebec. Canada

Medical School

MDCM Degree – 1971-1975 Honorary Scholar Award


Jewish General Hospital, Montreal, Quebec, Straight Medical Internship, 1975-1976


Jewish General Hospital, Montreal, Quebec, First Year Radiology Residency, 1976-1977

Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, Florida, Radiology Residency,1977-1979

Fellowship in Ct/Ultrasound – 6 Months
Fellowship in Interventional – 6 Months


Radiological Society of North America


American College of North America

Radiological Society of Florida

Southern Medical Association

M.R.I. Experience

I Have Been Reading MRI’s for at Least 15 years, currently read approximately 100-200 studies per month.

Special Interests

Interventional Radiology with special interest in Angioplasty. Biliary Intervention, biopsy and arthrography including video wrist and all other joints.

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