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Transportation Consultant, light heavy rail transit, automated people movers Rail Transit Transportation, articulated trolley coaches, conventional clean fuel buses, various innovative transit technologies, monorails, high capacity transit systems, passenger ropeway systems, automatic teller machine

Expert Witness No.173


Expert 173 is a transportation consultant with 22 years of experience in the design and analysis of complex transit systems, project planning and implementation, feasibility studies, construction management, and safety and vehicular engineering.  He has applied his skills to a variety of transportation projects, including light rail, intercity, commuter, rapid transit/subway (BART), and high-speed systems.  Further, he has participated in expert witness activities for cases involving several rail transit operators including SF MUNI, Metrorail, LAMTA Red Line, and others.

Expert 173 has provided multi-year documentation development and management for New York City Transit (NYCT) subway SONET/ATM communication network and automatic train supervision (including system circuitry and wiring).  For the LAMTA, Expert 173 provided expert witness support concerning rail and construction safety and accident risk evaluation.  Expert 173 has also been actively providing technical (including safety evaluation) and procurement management services for the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) Tasman Corridor light rail project and is highly familiar with rail transit standards and codes (including FTA, USDOT, other).  Expert 173 has provided rail vehicle hazard and safety risk analysis evaluation (including electrical componentry).  He provided technical specification along with bid review and evaluation services (using best value and negotiated procurement methods) for the new low-floor fleet of vehicles.  Further, he provided project management support in regards to evaluating supplier submittals (CDRL) and design review activities.  Expert 173 has also provided value engineering analysis for the Vasona Corridor light rail extension (including safety evaluation). In addition, Expert 173 is also involved in the guideway project for the City of Clearwater and Florida Department of Transportation and in the Pinellas County Major Investment Study (Phase II).

Expert 173 provided multi-year procurement management support services at Yosemite National Park for the National Park Service (NPS).  He is assisting in the procurement of two new bus vehicle fleets (transit and motorcoach) that will integrate the latest conventional and alternative fuel technologies available.  As part of this effort, he developed a comprehensive cost analysis of alternative fuel technologies.  To determine the most effective procurement approach for the NPS, Expert 173 performed a survey of similar NPS and FTA procurements (that included the integration of ‘Best Value’ procurement methods in consideration of FAR procurement regulations/guidelines).  He also created the necessary technical specification documents (integrating both the diesel electric hybrid and pure battery electric propulsion options).

Expert 173 performed a design review and system safety analysis for a highly publicized, "turn-key" monorail system along the “Strip” in Las Vegas.  He provided technical evaluation, site inspection, and fabrication process assessments for the People Mover system that connects the Bellagio and Monte Carlo resorts in Las Vegas.  Expert 173 also developed the technical specifications for the innovative and inexpensive People Mover system in Primm City, Nevada.  He was extensively involved in the implementation of the Mandalay Bay People Mover system in Las Vegas.  Expert 173 is involved in the implementation of an elevated transit system in downtown Indianapolis and a subway system in downtown Rochester, Minnesota.  Further, Expert 173 has performed annual system inspections of the Las Vegas People Mover installations on behalf of Clark County.

Expert 173 has been involved in several transit evaluation and planning studies for Riverside and Fresno counties and the cities of Big Bear, California; SeaTac, Washington; Keystone Valley, Colorado; and Tunica, Mississippi among others (including Long Island Railroad and BART).  His work on these studies included detailed assessment of transit technologies, safety evaluation, and economic analysis of capital, operational, and maintenance costs.

In addition, he was instrumental in "Intelligent Highway System" projects that were undertaken by the Partners for Advanced Transit and Highways (PATH) program in association with UC Davis, UC Berkeley, and the VTA.  PATH activities included capital and O&M cost analyses for Personal and Demand Responsive Transit, the study of Advanced Traveler Information Systems, and ITS safety applications for light rail systems.

Expert 173 previously worked for FMC Corporation as a heavy-duty vehicle design and development engineer.  He was also involved in efforts to renovate Santa Clara County’s vintage trolley vehicles.

Expert 173 completed his Masters Degree in Engineering Management from Santa Clara University, California. His specialty area of research and study was mechanical engineering with a focus on
alternative fuels and hazard risk.  His academic research focused on evaluating the transportation applications of natural gas.  His professional affiliations include membership in the High Speed
Rail/Maglev Association, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). He is also a registered Professional Engineer (P.E.) in Mechanical Engineering in California, Hawaii, Florida and Nevada.


Rail Vehicle Experience


Santa Clara County Transportation Agency, Sacramento Regional Transit District, San Francisco MUNI, Southern California Rapid Transit District, Los Angeles County Transportation Agency, Long Island Railroad, Baltimore MTA, Hi-Speed America, and others.

Procurement Management

Project management and administration for the Sacramento Regional Transit District (Procurement of 10 additional LRVs), including meetings, subcontractors management, progress reports, other. Developed Quality Monitoring Plan for SCRTD and Inspection Plan for SRTD

Submittals and design drawings review for the Los Angeles Metro Rail and Sacramento Light Rail projects. Submittals included bar chart schedules, management plans, trainline requirements, system assurance plans, renderings and drawing submittals from Breda, Garrett, Stone Safety, Alcad, WABCO, Ohio Brass, Faiveley, Signarail, Midwest, Luminator, Sorefame, Siemens, Duewag, American Seating and several other

Client interface on daily basis.Specification Development

Conducted meetings with almost all active North America suppliers and subsuppliers of rail and articulated trolley vehicles and equipment

Developed management and technical position papers on the following issues: cost, procurement methodology, door types, high/low steps, braking systems (electric, pneumatic, hydraulic), all-electric vehicle vs. vehicle w/compressed air, coupling systems, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, new refrigerants, propulsion system performance, auxiliary power, AC drive Vs DC drive Developed technical specifications for the SCCTA’s LRV-2, San Francisco LRV-2 and articulated trolley, including the following complete sections: HVAC, Operator’s Cab, Doors and Steps, Air Comfort System, Braking System, Management Program and the following partial sections: System Requirements and Train Control, and System Assurance. Reviewed the complete specifications

Conducted industry review for SCCTA and MUNI (met with carbuilders and equipment suppliers).


Catenary power vs. third rail comparison for the LACTC’s Green Line LRV. Catenary systems evaluation for the new San Francisco articulated trolley (Ohio Brass, Kummler + Matter)

Evaluated ATCS (Seltrac, AEG Westinghouse, GEC, VAL) for the Norwalk-El Segundo line and Market Street Subway (preliminary work)

Familiar with AC and DC drives for mass transit applications

Developed Component Replacement Program for the San Francisco MUNI Maintenance Department and evaluated deficiencies of Boeing LRV

Evaluated new refrigerants for HVAC systems

Extensive rail industry contacts and resources.

Supplemental Information

Passenger Ropeway Experience


Was involved in the implementation of the following passenger ropeway projects:

Roosevelt Island Tramway, New York City

Keystone Skyway Gondola, Dillon, Colorado

Parque Luis Munoz Marin Gondola, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Metro Shuttle 6000, Memphis, Tennessee

Metro Shuttle, Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada

Primadonna Shuttle, Stateline Nevada.

In addition, performed several feasibility studies for ropeway systems including Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Atlanta and several other areas of Expertise

Technology Assessment

System planning and design including alignment and station analysis, capacity evaluation, subsystems and suppliers selection, cost estimating, other

Procurement documents and technical specification development

Project management and engineering

Procurement management including bid evaluation, contract negotiations, submittals and design drawings review and other

Quality monitoring and inspection plans development

Technical support and annual inspections


Note: He has participated in the standards and codes development for ropeway people movers sponsored by the County of Las Vegas. Is currently an active member of the ACSE committee to develop standards and codes for people movers (including ropeway systems).

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