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Offering extensive experience in Railroad Operation with expertise in Consultation of Railroad Grade Crossing Collisions and FELA cases.
Developed a consulting firm in association with Mr. Axel W. Hansen & Associates in the examination of Railroad Grade Crossing Collisions and FELA cases.  The following services are offered:
3D Animations
Research and extraction of data
Assist attorney’s preparation of discovery
Creation of deposition and trial questions for Railroad crews and employees
Preparation of evidentiary synopsis for attorneys
Interpretation of Railroad Rules book
Presentation of evidentiary synopsis for attorneys
Express railroad terminology in lay terms for jury benefit
Interpret timetables, general orders, and speed event recorder readouts
Written opinions on collision causes and prevention
Preparation of trial notebook
Expert Witness
Testified in State and Federal Courts regarding Railroad grade crossing collisions and FELA cases.

3D Animator

Trained in 3D modeling and animating using MAYA, a premier animation program made by Alias|Wavefront and used in the forensic animation, motion picture, and video gaming industries.  Experienced in modeling, texturing, animating, rendering, video editing and production to VHS or movie formats.   Also trained in Adobe PhotoShop and sound mixing software incorporated into animated productions. NASA and the Federal Bureau of Investigations use MAYA.  Federal and State Courts have accepted forensic evidence created with Maya.

Background Expertise

Offering extensive knowledge (over fifteen years) of railroad operations and expertise from work in clerical positions as well as positions of Engineer/Conductor.  Such experience includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Engineer:  Operates locomotives over five railroad systems in the transport of commodities, hazardous materials, and other goods.  Supervising brakemen, firemen, and other personnel.  Insuring compliance with all established procedures and safety tests.  Reading and interpreting train orders and track warrants.

Instructor:  Teaching conductor classes regarding documentation in preparation for computer entry.  Teaching train handling, safety, operations, and regulations to firemen in preparation for advancement to Engineer.

Speaker:  Presentation on “Stop the Train Before it is Out of Control” for the April 14th, 1995 ATLA Annual Convention.

Speaker:  Presentation on “Evidence in the Mind of the Jury” for the 1996 Railroad Grade Crossing Seminar. Panel member on “What Experts do I need, and Why?”, “How do I Learn What the Railroad Really Knows?”,

Speaker:  Presentation on “Railroad, Railroad, Who Owns the Railroad?”” for the 1990 National Association of Licensed Investigators (NALI).

Participant:  Participated in the 2nd International Symposium on Railroad-Highway Grade Crossing Research and Safety – October 31st through November 3rd, 1990 in Knoxville, Tennessee. “Improving Safety at Railroad-Highway Grade Crossings Through Train Crew Operations”

Participant:  Participated in the 2nd International Symposium on Railroad-Highway Grade Crossing Research and Safety – December 8-10, 1992 in Knoxville, Tennessee. Demonstrated train operation with Demo Rail.

Professional Highlights

August 2000 – present Labs-3D Animations Houston, Texas

August 1986 – present Railroad Consultant Nassau Bay, Texas

August 1977 – August 1986 Santa Fe Railroad/BNSF Galveston, Texas

September 1971 – August 1977 Missouri & Pacific / Union Pacific Palestine, TX Houston, TX      
Fireman/Hostler/Conductor, Senior Agent (appointed position), Traffic Control, Station Accountant, Demurrage Clerk, Crew Dispatcher, and Crew Caller.

Railroad Education and Training

Axel W. Hansen & Associates / Plaintiff & Defense Attorneys / Insurance – Houston, Texas
Courtroom procedures, case research and data extraction, Case preparation and presentation

Santa Fe Railroad – Topeka, Kansas
Locomotive Engineer Simulation Training, Mechanical Air Brakes, Locomotive Operation Rules and Regulations, and Radio Controlled Equipment Operation.

Missouri Pacific Railroad – Palestine, Texas

Air Brake Classes, Centralized Traffic control, System Computer Training, Locomotive Operation Rules and Regulations
Qualified Locomotive Engineer
Santa Fe Railroad, Amtrak, Missouri Pacific Railroad/Union Pacific Railroad, Southern Pacific Railroad, Houston belt & Terminal, and Port Terminal Railroad
Qualified Railroad Track Inspection and Safety Standards
The University of Tennessee Transportation Center – completed all requirements and obligations thereof May 24th through May 28th, Saginaw, Michigan
Qualified Railroad Freight Car Inspection for Interchange & Safety
The University of Tennessee Transportation Center – completed all requirements and obligations thereof May 17th through May 21st, Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Special Accomplishment

3D Animations MAYA  Certificate  – Renaissance Center – Dickson, TN University of TN

U.S. Patent– Device to verify locomotive speed


Licensed Locomotive Engineer

Prior Associations

Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers
United Transportation Union (UTU)
Clerks and Agents Union (BRAC)


References and additional information available upon request