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Over 35 years experience in railroad operations, transportation consulting, track and equipment maintenance, management, labor relations and in working with regulatory agencies.
Has completed practical and formal training on railroad rules, federal regulations, accident investigation and railroad practices.
Has developed training programs to train railroad employees working as          train dispatchers, conductors, engineers, switchmen, track inspectors, track maintenance workers, and supervisors.
Developed and presented training programs to a variety of railroads and rail served companies on Federal Regulations, railroad practices, railroad operations and rail safety.
Developed training programs for railroad engineers and provides training and monitoring services as a Designated Supervisor of Locomotive Engineers for multiple shortline railroad clients.
Experienced railroad manager with a sound knowledge of C.F.R. 49
Part    200, Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Regulations, Association of American Railroads (AAR) standards and recommended practices, Hazardous Materials Regulations, railroad operating rules, railroad operating practices and railroad timetables.
Skilled at accident and derailment investigation including inspection of track and equipment for compliance with federal regulations, railroad industry standards and recommended practices and in identifying defects with track or equipment with a causal tie to the accident.
Railroad management experience including strategic planning, setting annual and capital budgets, training and development of managers and employees, developing and implementing cost controls and implementing revenue enhancement processes.
A transportation professional capable of dealing with fast-paced or high-pressure projects which demand organizational skills, fostering team work, adherence to timetables, team results and attaining goals.
Able to make solid decisions backed up by his knowledge, training and by years of experience in the railroad industry.


1973 – 1990 Southern Pacific Railroad
Train Dispatcher
Regional Transportation Manager – Locomotives
Chief Train Dispatcher
Assistant Regional Manager of Operations
Regional Manager of Operations

During his 17 years with the Southern Pacific, Allen served in numerous operations positions.  In his various capacities in the transportation and operating department of the Southern Pacific, he provided analytical and planning support for Vice-Presidents, General Managers, and Superintendents in the management of the railroad.

1990 – 1996 A C E Consultants
Principal and Consultant 

Analyzed proposed operating plans during rail mergers to determine their impact on the client’s operations.

Prepared verified statements and provided testimony on operating issues and operating plans in recent mergers.

Studied dispatching procedures and practices for several carriers to assess the need for new protocols and procedures.

Developed a course of training for new train and engine crews.

Assisted a regional railroad in converting to the General Code of Operating Rules, including the development of a training program, preparing rulebooks, a new timetable and teaching rules classes.

Conducted safety audits and operating practices testing for a regional carrier to assist in their efforts to improve their safety performance.

Prepared an operating plan to be used before the Surface Transportation Board during a merger proceeding.

1996 – 2000   The Texas Mexican Railway
Superintendent of Transportation
General Manager

Improved the safety record of the company to finish in first place for Class III railroads in the Harriman Safety Award for 1996

Continued emphasis on safety and training to complete 1997 in third place in the Harriman Safety Awards for Class III railroads.

Improved the safety record of the company to finish in second place for Class III railroads in the Harriman Safety Award in 1998.

Worked with the FRA to improve the Company’s compliance record by increasing the levels of training and testing.

Member of the team responsible for The Texas Mexican Railway Company being named the Regional Railroad of the Year for 1998

Worked with the FRA to implement the Safety Assurance & Compliance Program on the Tex-Mex.  Represented the company as the senior management member on the oversight committee.

Worked with the FRA to revise and improve the Locomotive Engineer Certification and Field Observation Testing programs.

Assisted in the development of the plan to consolidate the operations of The Texas Mexican Railway Company with TFM and KCS.

Directed the efforts of the Engineering and MW Department in the development of capital budgets.  Lead the team who developed a sixty-five million dollar capital improvement plans for the railroad.

Worked as company liaison with the city-planning agency to develop a comprehensive transportation plan and grade crossing consolidation plan for the city of Laredo, Texas.

Senior member of the team who responded to accidents involving trains or employees.  Responsible for investigating accidents to determine cause, instituting corrective actions, clearing derailment sites and coordinating with contractors, federal and state agencies.

2000 – Present STS Company
Principal & Senior Rail Consultant

Developed railroad rules program and rail yard safety training program for a companies working in chemical plants.

Assisted an economic development company in the study of rail car storage and storage in transit requirements.

Assessed warehouse and logistical service demands in Texas for a client seeking locations for an expansion.

Assessed border infrastructure and cross-border traffic patterns for another consulting company working as a subcontractor.

Developed a rail safety training program for communications contractors working near railroad property.

Provided railroad safety and roadway worker protection training services for companies.

Provided litigation support and expert testimony on hazardous materials regulations.

Part of a team involved in the evaluation of locomotive and signal repair costs as the result of a grade crossing accident.

Conducted safety audits for a company providing switching services inside a major chemical plant.

Provided expert testimony supporting a shippers claim to recover losses resulting from a rail carriers failure to provide consistent service levels.

Conducted an accident investigation for a client to determine root causes of an accident involving a railcar.

Provided litigation support and expert reports on grade crossing accidents.

Investigated an accident (derailment) inside a chemical plant to determine the cause.  Also conducted a re-enactment of the accident as a part of the investigation.

Provided litigation support on track safety standards, maintenance and inspection practices for a case involving a train derailment on an industry owned track.

Conducted a rail safety audit for an east coast company to identify operating and physical plant problems that were affecting safety performance and rail efficiency.

Assisted a company in assessing repair costs claimed by a railroad as a result of an accident on railroad property.


 International Freight Forwarding
Harris County Community College

 Accident Investigation Training
Kansas City Southern Railroad

 Railroad Track Maintenance
University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI.

 Hazardous Materials Training
Bureau of Explosives, St. Louis, MO.

 Hazardous Materials Refresher
FEMA / DOT, Houston, TX.

 Hazardous Materials Regulations
ASLRRA / FRA, Corpus Christi, TX.

 OSHA Safety Training
HACSC, Pasadena, TX

 FRA Track Safety Standards
ASLRRA / FRA, Corpus Christi, TX.

 FRA Operating Practices
ASLRRA / FRA, Corpus Christi, TX.

 FRA Operating Practices
ASLRRA / FRA, Dallas, TX.

 FRA Mechanical Regulations
ASLRRA / FRA, Dallas, TX.

 FRA Freight Car Safety Regulations
ASLRRA / FRA, Brownsville, TX.

 FRA Track Safety Standards
ASLRRA / FRA, Brownsville, TX.

 Railroad Operating Practices
University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI.


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