Railroad Safety Consultant Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Railroad Track Safety, Safe Procedures For Maintenance Of Way Employees, FRA Track Specifications, Safe Track Construction, Maintenance Procedures, Railroad Retirement, Unemployment, Sickness Benefits


Expert consultation and testimony concerning track safety and safe procedures for maintenance of Way employees
FRA Track Safety Standards
Derailment analysis
Research and extraction of data
Written opinions on safe track construction and maintenance procedures
Preparation of demonstrative evidence
Presentation of evidence as expert
Formulation of deposition and trial questions
Risk management consultation and analysis
Railroad retirement, unemployment and sickness benefit consultation and assistance

Qualifications & Training

Ten years experience in railroad track department
Section foreman, hi-rail boom truck operator, and track laborer
Section track and switch maintenance
Rail relay, installation, distribution and recovery
Ballast spreading, work trains
Tie distribution and replacement
Snow removal and plow operation
Brush-cutting, right-of-way maintenance
CWR welding dock
Qualified under CFR § 213.7(a) to supervise restoration and renewal of track
Qualified track inspector under CFR § 213.7(b)
Seven years experience with track safety issues as General Chairman of local maintenance group
Industry-wide, railroad safety rules and analysis
Labor-management safety committees
Input solicited in compilation of maintenance of way safety rules
Wrote and negotiated collective bargaining agreements including safety, seniority, and qualification for positions in all maintenance
Instituted member assistance program
Four years as Wisconsin State Legislative Representative for B.M.W.E.
Elimination of asbestos use in track department operations
Requirements for walkways on bridges and trestles
Requirements for heaters on track cars

Professional Memberships

National Association of Railroad Safety Consultants and Investigators
Charter member
Member, peer review committee

Contributor to local investigation manual

American Railway Engineering and Maintenance of Way Association (AREMA)
Member, AREMA Technical Committee 24 – Education & Training
Northwest Maintenance of Way Club

Publications, Seminars, Testimony History, Deposition, Testimonies Given, And Trial Testimony Given Will Be Available Upon Request.