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Railroad Safety, Railroad Fuel, Air Brake Laws, Interlocking Systems, Centralized Traffic Control, Dispatching Techniques, Safety Rules, Equipment Standards, Inspection Practices, Operating Procedures, Safety Programs, Crew Duties, Federal Regulations, State Regulations, Industry Standards, Safety Standards, Scene Inspections, Stopping Distances, Accident Reconstruction, Railroad Worker Related Accidents, FELA Related Cases,


1998- Present Railroad and Safety Operations Consultant
Consultant retained by Plaintiff’s, Defendant’s, Insurance Carriers and Industry in cases involving Expert related testimony.

Consultative services have also included assisting counsel in understanding the railroading involved in an accident, framing discovery, searches for applicable rules and accident reconstruction.

Interviewed numerous times by television and radio personalities in connection with Railroad Industry related issues.

1996-Present Engineer and Conductor
Employed by Herzog Transit Services, Inc., which is the contracting company that operates all trains for the South Florida Rail Transit Authority Tri-Rail.
Certified Passenger Engineer

1997-1998 Contracts Administrator and Safety Director
Employed by First American Railways Inc., which owned and operated the Florida Fun Train.  The job entailed coordinating and enforcing all contract work between the company and all sub contractors, i.e. Amtrak, Rader Railcar, etc.  I was also the Safety Director and Administrator for First American Railways which also owns and operates the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad in Colorado.  I also investigated and handled all Risk Management issues for the company.

1988-1996 Legal Investigator
For Attorneys J.B. Spence and Roland W. Buddy Payne in the law firm of Spence, Payne, Masington and Needle, P.A
The job entailed meeting with clients and attorneys and investigating all facets of personal injury cases.  Cases handled involved motor vehicle accidents, pedestrian accidents, railroad and airline crashes and accidents, mechanical failures or related products liability, workers compensation, maritime and medical malpractice.

As investigator I coordinated with police and investigative agencies, located and photographed all vehicles, clients and crash sites, witness statementizing, preservation of evidence and hired and coordinated experts and accident reconstruction.  The investigator stayed with the case through mediation, settlement or trial.
1969-1988 Employed By Florida East Coast Railway
Qualifications Switchman, Trainman, Yard Conductor, Local Freight Conductor, Through Freight Conductor, Yard Engineer, Local Freight Engineer and Through Engineer
Passed written and oral tests every six months since 1969 on Railroad Rules and Safety Rules.

Qualified Yard Engineer – 18 years
Qualified Local Freight Engineer – 17 years
Qualified Through Freight Engineer – 16 years

Training and Teaching Experience
Numerous lectures, seminars and presentations at National Railroad Consultants Conventions
As safety Director, numerous workshops, presentations, drills and seminars to employees on all facets of railroad safety issues.

Experienced aerial photographer

Master model builder Proprietor and President of Model Masterpieces and Exhibits, Models built for architects, movie sets, trade shows and courtroom evidentiary exhibits depicting accident scenes, working exhibits and or full size replicas.

While with Railroad, taught and trained Switchmen, Trainmen, Yard Foreman, Conductors and Locomotive Engineers

Organizations and Memberships

National Association Of Railroad Safety Consultants And Investigators, Advisory Board

American National Standards Institute, Ansi Railroad Standards Committee

Operation Lifesaver, Florida Chapter, Served On Board of Directors


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