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Rail Transportation, Railroad Operations, Remote Control Operators, Locomotive Engineers, Block Signal Systems, CTC, ATC, ATS, ABS, DTC, TWC, Bach Simpson, Pulse, Q Tron, Quantum, Conductors, Engineers, Switchmen, CFR 49 Part 240, Railroad Commission Regulations, Hazardous Materials Regulations, NORAD, Accident, Personal Injury, Red Block, Derailment, Defects in Track or Equipment, Automatic Train Control, Automatic Train Supervision, Direct Traffic Control, Track Warrant Control

Summary of Qualifications

A multi-talented manager experienced in rail transportation. Expert 2705 has over 28 years experience in railroad operations, managing, monitoring, evaluating remote control operators, locomotive engineers and students. Performed cross function safety audits. Proficient with all block signal systems (i.e., CTC, ATC, ATS, ABS, DTC, and TWC). Skilled in providing event recorder analysis: Bach-Simpson, Pulse, Q-Tron, Quantum, labor relations and in working with regulatory agencies. Developed and implemented training programs for remote control operators, conductors, engineers and switchmen.  Expert 2705 is an experienced railroad manager with sound knowledge of C.F.R. 49 Part 240, Illinois Railroad Commission Regulations, Hazardous Materials Regulations, General Code of Operating Rules, NORAD, System Special Instruction and System Timetables. Skilled at accident, personal injury, red block and derailment investigation including inspection of track and equipment for compliance with federal regulations and in identifying defects with track or equipment with a causal tie to the accident. Management experience includes strategic planning, setting annual and capital budgets, training and development of managers and employees, developing and implementing cost controls and implementing revenue enhancement processes. Effective leader with excellent people skills at the employee, peer, and customer level, Substantial communication skills that enhance the ability to manage people effectively be it in negotiations, safety meetings or in a motivational presentation to a group of employees. A transportation professional capable of dealing with fast-paced or high-pressure projects which demand organizational skills, fostering team work, adherence to timetables, team results and attaining goals. Able to make solid decisions based on years of experience and an extensive knowledge of the transportation industry. Significant computer skills on most current office applications, databases, spreadsheets, web pages, and Internet applications


Hawaii Pacific University, Honolulu, Hawaii
Bachelors of Business Administration -Travel Industry Management-1997

Personnel & Training

Managed effective utilization of locomotives, passenger freight cars and the physical plant to maximize capacity, operational efficiencies and financial returns

Managed, monitored and tested student engineers, engineers, and hostlers for operation proficiency to ensure they possessed the necessary technical expertise to safely and efficiently operate trains and locomotives on their assigned territories Served as managing liaison to Human Resources by interviewing and selecting potential candidates and directing the promotion process, planning, administering and conducting employee training and development. Managing performance evaluation, promotion, award, discipline, grievance, labor management and related human resources programs.

Provided a variety of training to locomotive engineers such as train handling, alcohol & drug prevention, and occupational safety

Safety & Compliance

Investigated railroad accidents/incident, observing the surrounding conditions and collecting event recorder data, factual information from witnesses and employees to prepare narrative reports. Knowledge of Federal regulations and standards relating to railroad operations and requirements in areas such mechanical requirements and equipment inspections, engineering, accident reporting, blue signal protection of workers, rear end markers, radio communication, railroad employee qualifications, testing, and rules application.

Provided incident reports to internal and regulatory departments (FRA) and recommended corrective and preventive action; executed action plans to reduce personal injuries, derailment, and red block violations
Provided expert analyses on event recorder data for senior management and investigations; served as an expert witness for discipline and court trials

Maximized locomotive fuel conservation while complying with Union Pacific operating and safety rules and procedures

Responded to emergency situations, service interruptions, physical plant damage and directed company contractors and government agencies to ensure service work restored as promptly as possible

Performed cross function safety audits.

Performed Risk, Pareto, and SWOT analysis on various facets of railroad operations such as train separations, derailment, personal injuries and red block violations

Coordinated activities of the work force to ensure all jobs were covered and executed corrective action plans

Managed yard, locals, road train and engine labor expense within assigned budgetary limits commensurate with volume of business

Developed, implemented and managed ongoing training programs to ensure employees reached and maintained a high level of proficiency and enthusiasm for attainment of company business objectives and service unit goals

Guiding team through problem definition, issue identification and work plan development using problem solving principles and past experience.  Work Measurement Analysis, Database Management, Develop Operating Plans, Work with Operations Management Team, Conduct Utilization Audits and Develop Load Charts.

Knowledgeable of OSHA, DOT, Hazmat, Industrial Hygiene regulations. Experience with handling Hazardous Material

Coordinated activities in training for employee involvement programs, such as QITs, UPCAT, and safety committees for assigned territories

Daily Service Operations

Coordinated activities of road transportation operations with car management, NCSC and Harriman Dispatching Center, to ensure efficient freight car and locomotive utilization for improved customer satisfaction
Managed and executed transportation plans to ensure that all unit business objectives were met or exceeded

Executed action plan to achieve Cost of Quality business objectives

Created processes for outbound train departure to enhance operating efficiency

Defined and implemented local train and switch engine operations; responded to emergencies on the service unit

Experienced in all aspects of commuter, road, and yard operations, and provided peer training to fellow engineers

Operated through-freight, locals, and Metro trains on the Eastern subdivision and Chicago land area, while in full compliance with GCOR/CORA operating rules, NORAC Operating Rules, Timetable/Special Instructions, FRA regulations, and interstate laws

Operated distributed-power trains and RCLS

Certifications &  Licenses

Class 1 Licensed Engineer
Class 7 Remote Control Operator
CFR 240 Regulatory Certification
Designated Supervisor of Locomotive Engineers (DSLE)
Designated Supervisor of Remote Control Operators (DSRCO)
Event Recorder Analysis: Bach-Simpson, Pulse, Q-Tron, Quantum


Technical: all block signal systems (i.e., CTC, ATC, ATS, ABS, DTC, and TWC)
Computer: Microsoft Office Applications, Siebel, Oracle, Lotus Notes, PeopleSoft 8.8, SAP, (EQMS) Engineers Quality Management System. Extensive experience in manipulating spreadsheets and databases, and web-based information sharing.
Business Management: problem solving, critical thinking, six-step continuous improvement, risk assessment, performance improvement processes, Delta, Six Sigma, SWOT analysis, quality assurance, troubleshooting , Experience using Lean techniques to lead continuing process improvement.


Recognized for managing assigned 65+Student Engineers and Engineers with no incidents/accidents or reportable injuries over a 6 year period
Member of Chicago Operating Rules Association (CORA)
In-house Safety Auditing Team
Operation Life Saver
Manager Terminal Operations Certified
Certified Manager Field Training Exercise(FTX)
Alcohol and Drug Certified
Train Separation Prevention Committee
Designated to Ride Business & Special Trains over foreign lines
Derailment Prevention Committee
LEAN Team Leader

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