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Baccalaureate, Graduate and Post-Graduate Work and Degrees

1961, BA, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

1962, MA, New York University, New York, NY

1964, Teachers College, Columbia University    

1964, Hunter College, New York, NY               

Cortland College, Cortland, NY

1972, PH.D, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Magna Cum Laude

College, University and Professional

Courses and programs attended, developed and taught at the undergraduate and graduate level for Physical Education, Athletics, Commercial Recreation, Parks, and Leisure Studies and examinations and CEU’s taken:

Playground Safety Supervision
Accident Proof Your Playground
Teaching and Coaching Safety and Supervision
Playground Safety and Risk Management
Aquatics Safety
Recreation Supervision
Certified Pool Operator
Resident and Day Camp Aquatics Safety
Senior Life Saving – Water Safety Instructor
Lifeguard Training Certification
Risk Management in the Commercial Aquatics Environment
Accident Proof Your Aquatics Facility
Modern Methods of Teaching and Coaching
Field Trip Safety and Supervision
Special Event Safety and Management
Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries
Administration and Supervision of Physical Education and Interscholastic Athletics
Physical Education and Team Building Safety
Community Sports Supervision
Recreational Special Event Safety
Safety in Wrestling
School Safety, Personnel Safety, Recreational Safety
Safety Aspects of Teaching and Coaching
Camping, Campgrounds, and Outdoor Education
Teaching of Sports Safety
Principles and Problems of Coaching
Sports Safety
Administration and Supervision of Athletics
Recreation Activities Safety
Design and Inspection of Playground Equipment
Individual and Group Games for the Elementary and High School
Playground Supervision
Recreation and Park Design and Planning, Equipment Safety
Graded Group Games for the Playground and Gymnasium
Games for Elementary and Middle Schools
Playground Management
Senior Life Saving – Water Safety Instructor
First Aid
Recreational Needs in an Urban Society
Philosophy of Recreation in School and Community
Administration and Supervision in Recreation and Parks
Legal Aspects of Physical Education, Recreation and Parks
Safety in Commercial Recreation – Golf Courses, Amusement Rides, Water Parks, Roller Rinks, Theme Parks
Programming and Safety in Fitness Clubs
Coaching and Officiating of Athletic Games and Sports
Skills Teaching Courses – Recreational Sports:  Soccer, Jogging, Weight Training, and Gymnastics
Physical Education and Athletic Facility Planning and Design
Management and Supervision of Physical Education and Games
Management and Supervision of Recreation and Fitness and Health Spas
Facilities Risk Assessment and Management
Skill Courses:  Softball, Baseball, Soccer, Football, Swimming, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Gymnastics, Tennis, Weightlifting, Fitness Activities, Jogging, Track and Field, Elementary Games, Cross Country


"THIRTEEN CLUB", Frankford High School

Phi Epsilon Kappa, Temple University

The T. Schevczenko Memorial Scholarship for Graduate Study at New York University

Citation For Academic Excellence as Deans Scholar

Una Foundation Scholarship for Doctoral Study at the University of Utah

Magna Cum Laude Graduation with Distinction and Departmental Honors, University of Utah

National Recognition and Service Awards

Honor Award, President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports

Honor Award, National Special Olympics

Honor Award, New Jersey Special Olympics

Board of Education Commendation, "International Year of the Child", City of New York                                
Recognition Award, Delta Chapter, Phi Epsilon Kappa

Coach of the Year, Metropolitan Intercollegiate Athletic Association, New Jersey,
1971 Intercollegiate Association
1968, 1972, NJ State Conference

President’s Citation, New Jersey Coaches Association

"T" Award, Temple University

Special Commendation, New York City Department of Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Affairs; Recreation Supervision

1994, International Olympic Committee, Leadership Seminar


Board Certified, New Jersey Department of Education
Safety Education
School Supervision; Coaching Supervision
Playground Safety Supervision
1965-Date, Driver Education

Board Certified, New Jersey Department of Education
Teacher, Administrator, Coach
School Supervision
Elementary Teacher, Physical Education, Playground Safety
Junior High School, Physical Education
1965-Date, Senior High School, Physical Education                 

1961-Date, Board Certified, New York State Board of Regents,      
Teacher, Administrator, Coach
Playground Safety Supervision
Elementary Physical Education
Junior High School
Senior High School

1961-Date, Board Certified, Pennsylvania State Education Dept.     
Teacher, Administrator, Coach
Elementary, Junior High and Senior High Schools
Coaching Safety
Playground Safety Supervision

1996-2006, Certified Playground Safety Inspector, NRPA
National Recreation and Parks Association
Playground Safety Supervision

Board Certified, New Jersey Board of Recreation Examiners,
1975-Date, Recreation Administrator,                                  
Recreation Supervision
Playground Director and Safety Supervisor
Coaching Safety Instructor

Board Certified, NJBRE – New Jersey Board of Recreation Examiners,
1974-Date, Playground Recreation Supervisor,

Board Certified, American Sport Education Program, Recreational Coach
1990- Date, Safety Instructor, ASEP  
Coaching Risk Management Instructor

1994-Date, Board Certified Forensic Examiner

1966, Certified Tennis Teacher, Leighton and Barta School for Tennis Teachers, Cortland State University

1989, Certified Instructor, United States Soccer Federation

Montclair State College Coaching Academy:  Coaching Training (Certification)                          
1990-2001, Program, Director of Education, 
Sports Safety Certifier
Program and Coaching Supervision
Playground Safety Supervision


Administration, Teaching, Leadership and Professional Experience

Montclair State University, Upper Montclair, New Jersey, 1966- Present
Professor/Adjunct: Department of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Leisure Studies, SILC Board; Recreation Supervision
Coordinator of Recreation Professions:  Community Playground Safety, Commercial, Therapeutic, Amusement Industry, Special Events, Soccer and Track Coach Supervisor of Student Teachers
Coordinator Coaching Concentration; Program and Coaching Supervision Playground Safety Supervision

Montclair State Coaching Academy:
1990- Date, Director – Teach and Certify Safety Orientation to Youth Coaches in New Jersey as required by State Law for negligence immunity
1968, Facility Planning Committee – Panzer Gym and Pool Addition
1997, Fitness Center Committee
Supervisor Teaching and Coaching Safety
Recreation Supervision, Playground Safety Supervision

1965, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York:
Assistant Professor
Soccer Coach, Intramural Director, Facility Coordinator and Supervisor,
Chairman, Facilities Safety Committee
Recreational Facilities Supervisor; Program and Coaching Supervision
Recreation Supervision

1961-1965, Eron Prep School, New York
Chairman and Teacher, Department of Physical Education
Director of Athletics, Playground Supervisor
Recreation Supervision
Dean of Students, safety and security
Coached Baseball, Softball, Volleyball, First Aid Trainer                  
Student Safety Supervisor

1961, Hunter College, Bronx, New York,
Departmental Safety Representative
Facilities Committee
Recreation Supervisor

1959-1960, Philadelphia School District,
Substitute Teacher of Physical Education, Health and Recreation
Recreation Director Evening School
Gymnasium and Playground Supervisor
Playground Safety Supervision

1956-1961, Philadelphia Department of Recreation
Physical Education and Playground Safety Supervisor
Recreation Leader and Supervisor
Program Director, Playground Supervisor, Coach,       

American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Advisors
Program and Coaching Supervision

Professional Tennis Coach

2000, National Association of Elementary School Principals
Recreation Supervision

Pennsylvania Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation

Florida Association for Health, Physical Education And Recreation Strength And Conditioning Coach

National Association Of Ride Safety Officials

Certified Camp Operator, New York State Board Of Health
Program and Coaching Supervision
Playground Safety Supervision

Certified Camp Operator, Sullivan County Board Of Heath
Aquatics Safety, Special Event Management
Playground Safety Supervision

Certified Camp Operator, Ulster County Board Of Health
Aquatics Safety; Special Event Management; Recreation Supervision
Playground Safety Supervision

Society For The Study Of Sport, Law And Physical Activity, National Seminar
“Management Techniques for the Prevention of Catastrophic Injuries in Camping and Day Care”, Albuquerque, NM, 1996

1986- 2001, Safety Director, Msu Coaching Academy
Physical Education Safety
Recreational Activities and Sports Safety
Playground Safety Supervision

1984, National Society to Prevent Blindness, Sports Eye Safety Advisory Committee

1965-2001, All American Soccer Camp
Playground Safety Supervision

1990-2001, Recreation Programming Institute
Recreation Supervision
US Army, Fort Monmouth, Director
Playground Safety Supervision, Aquatics Safety

Camp Administrator, Coach and Supervisor

UFA Resort, Glen Spey, New York
Recreation Supervision
Sports and Fitness Director
Playground Programs,
Indoor and Outdoor Sports Facilities
Program and Playground Supervision

Camp Rip Van Winkle, Saugerties, New York
Recreation Supervision
Assistant Director
Sports Programs
Softball Coach
Program and Playground Supervision

Camp Toledo, High Falls, New York
Recreation Supervision
Playground Staff
Field Trip Coordinator/Supervisor
Teen Program Coordinator,
Sports Coordinator
Program and Playground Supervision

Camp Zapol, Middletown, New York
Recreation Supervision
Playground Supervisor
Waterfront Director
Field Trip Coordinator/Supervisor
Program Assistant/Sports Director

Campus Day Camp, Montclair State College
Recreation Supervision
Playground Supervisor
Program Director
Field Trip Coordinator/Supervisor
Program and Coaching Supervision; Sports Program

Learning Disabilities Camp
Recreation Supervision
Playground Supervisor
Waterfront Director
Field Trip Coordinator/Supervisor
Games and Sports Program

Samuel Recreation Center
Softball, Tennis, Raquetball, Soccer, Basketball, Gymnastics, Wrestling, Gymnastics, Track, Archery, Roller Skating, Fitness Activities, Playground Games Supervision; Recreation Supervision

Moss Playground
Softball, Gymnastics, Soccer, Floor Hockey, Racquetball, Roller Skating, Gymnastics, Aerobics, Baseball, Recreation Supervision; Playground Supervision

McDevitt Playground
Playground Supervisor,
Field Trip Coordinator and Supervisor
Softball, Football, Gymnastics, Soccer, Softball, Archery, Lacrosse, Racquetball, Camping, Arts and Crafts, Amusement Rides, Weight Training

Wissinoming Playground
Playground Supervisor, Sports League Administrator
Field Trip Coordinator and Supervisor; Recreation Supervision
Football, Basketball, Soccer, Softball, Baseball, Swimming, Gymnastics, Track and Field, Racquetball

1966-2001, Camp Director – All American Sports Camp
Field Trip Coordinator, Playground Supervision
Aquatics Director; Recreation Supervision

1968 – 1975, Camp Supervisor – Campus Day Camp Softball Program

1975 – 1984, Essex County Park Commission – Consultant to Mr. Ben Schaffer, Director Youth and Senior Citizen Programs

American Society For Testing and Materials

F08-10 Bicycles
F08-11 In-Line Skating
F08.12 Wrestling and Gymnastics
F08-13 Fencing Equipment
F08-15 Ice Hockey
F08-16 Archery Products
F08-17 Trampolines and Related Equipment
F08-18 Golf Clubs and Shafts
F08-19 Bicycle Accessories
F08-21 Climbing and Mountaineering
F08-23 Tennis Courts and Running Tracks
F08-24 Paintball and Equipment
F08-25 Residential Basketball Equipment
F08-26 Baseball and Softball
F08-30 Fitness Products
F08-51 Medical Aspects and Biomechanics
F08-52 Playing Surfaces and Facilities
F08-52.1 Task Group Playground Surfacing
F08-53 Headgear and Helmets
F08-54 Athletic Footwear
F08-55 Body Padding
F08-56 Facilities-Baseball and Softball
F08-57 Eye Safety for Sports
F08-61 Ice Hockey Rinks
F08-63 Playground Surfacing Systems
F08-64 Natural Playing Surfaces
F08-65 Artificial Turf Systems

Committee Member F24; Amusement Rides and Devices
F24-10 Test Methods
F24-20 Specifications and Terminology
F24-24 Design and Manufacture
F24-30 Maintenance and Inspection
F24-40 Operations
F24-60 Special Rides & Attractions

Committee Member F15; Consumer Products
F15-      Aquatic Play Equipment
F15-29 Public Playground Equipment
F15-36 Soft Contained Play Equipment
F15-44 Play Equipment for Children Under Two

School and Recreation Playgrounds Inspected and Evaluated

Bonita Recreation Complex, Bonita, FL
North Collier Complex, Naples, FL
Disneyland, Anaheim, CA
Walt Disney World, Orlando
Chuckee Cheese, Union
Kinder Care, Englishtown
Mariner’s Pier, Wildwood
Mt.  Prospect Park, N.  Arlington
Children’s Place, Paramus Park Mall
Columbian School, E.Orange
Diaz Park, Bronx, NY
Rawley Park, E.  Orange
Pierson Property Corp, Bronx, NY
Bowcraft, Greenbrook, NJ
Clifton Park, Clifton
Camp Zapol, Middletown, NY
Rip Van Winkle, Saugerties
Sabella Park, North Brunswick
Riverfront Green Park, Peekskill
13 St. School, Newark
Discovery Zone, Union
Westside School Complex, Atlantic City
Tropicana Resort, Atlantic City
Garden Homes Apts., Randolph
Roosevelt School, Hawthorne
Evergreen School, Woodbury
Peapack Playground, Peapack, NJ
Nishuane School, Montclair, NJ
Gregory School, West Orange
Purchase School, Purchase, NY
Maplewood M.S., Maplewood, NJ
Mc Donalds, Gs Pkwy, Montclair
Solomon Schecter, West Orange, NJ
High School Annex, West Orange, NJ
Camelback Inn, Scottsdale, AZ
Grand Canyon, Grand Canyon, AZ
Greenbush School, Greenbush, NY
Riley Elem School, So. Plainfield, NJ
Oceanside Jhs, Oceanside, NY
Rockville Centre, Rockville Centre, NY
Sesame Place, Langhorne, PA
Action Park, Vernon, NJ
Busch Gardens, Tampa, FL
Marlins Sports Complex, Kissimmee, FL
Mcdonalds, Philadelphia, Naples, Bloomfield,
Camp Best Friend, Atlanta
Rocky Hill Municipal, Rocky Hill, NJ
East Brunswick Elem, East Brunswick
Montrose School, South Orange
Solomon Schecter, West Orange
East Middle School, Willingboro, NJ
Presbyterian Church, Cedar Grove
Leonard Parks School
Samuel Playground, Philadelphia
Moss Playground
Mcdevitt Playground
The Hideout, Lake Ariel, PA
Fairbanks Middle School, Alaska
Anchorage School, Alaska
Land O Pines Elementary, Howell, NJ
Seattle Middle School, Seattle
Vancouver Park, Vancouver, Canada
Toronto Riverview, Toronto, Canada
Lackman Playground, Philadelphia
Washington School, West Caldwell
Hickory Park, Downingtown
Huber School, Secaucus
Clifton School 16
Clarendon School, Secaucus
Chinook School, Seattle
Anchorage School, Alaska
Sesame Place, Langhorne
Wet’n’wild, San Diego
San Sebastian, Spain
Pride Of Bilbao, Spain
Pau School, France
Saulsbury, England
London, England
Southhampton, England
Club Med, Turks, Caicos
Big Cedar Lodge, Branson
Branson Playground, Branson
Holland America Island, West Indies
Kindercare, Vineland
Mcdonald’s, San Diego
Bridgewater Sports Center, New Jersey
Apartment Complex, Ocean, NJ
Parsippany School, New Jersey
Burlington Playground, Burlington
Ferruggiero Park, Belmar
Brookside School, Sea Girt
Bernice Young School, Burlington
Children’s Place, Paramus
Memorial School, Paramus
Vineland Apartment Complex, Vineland
Diaz Park, Bronx
River Front Green Park, Peekskill
Oceanside Elementary, New York
Public School 166, New York
Tuckahoe School, Tuckahoe
Remsen Central School, Albany
Town Of Rochester Park, New York
Ministries Playground, Jacksonville
Merrill Park, Woodbridge
The Hideout, Penna
Naples Playground Complex
Tatum Park Playground, Middletown, NJ
Mc Donalds, Red Bank
Pershing Field, Jersey City
Disney World, Buena Vista
Fontainebleau, Miami
Chuckee Cheese’s, Union
Veterans Park Playground, Ridgefield NJ
PBA Park, Olympia
Mc Donalds, Naples
Mc Donalds, Olympia
Lancaster Amish, Lancaster
Seth Low, Bay Ridge, NY

Reviewed, Inspected and Evaluated Children’s Camp Facilities

City Of Philadelphia, Samuel, Philadelphia
City Of Atlanta, Atlanta
Oakwood Friends School, Poughkeepsie
Lawrenceville School, Lawrenceville, NJ
Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY
Town Of Cornwall, Cornwall, NY
Township Of South Orange, South Orange
Town Of Purchase, New York
Us Army, Fort Monmouth
Cedar Grove, Cedar Grove
New York Military Academy, Cornwall, NY
Manhattanville College, Purchase, NY
Pennington School, Pennington, NJ
Monmouth College, W.  Longbranch, NJ
Rip Van Winkle, Saugerties, NY
Ukrainian Fraternal, Glen Spey, NY
Pythian, Glen Spey, NY
Plast, E.  Chatham, NY
Uwa Resort, Glen Spey, NY
Kutshers, Monticello, NY
Grossingers,           Monticello, NY
Odum, Glen Spey, NY
To Le Do, Middletown, NY
Camp Zapol, Middletown, NY
Northeast Boys Club, Pocono, PA
Campus Day Camp, Montclair, NJ
YMCA , Hackettstown, NJ
Soyuzivka, Kerhonkson, NY
Youth Services, Fort Monmouth, NJ
Oklahoma Christian College, Edmond, OK
Oklahoma Baptist University, Broken Arrow, OK
University Of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK
University Of Dallas, Dallas, TX
University Of Houston, Houston, TX
Bay Area University, Houston, TX
Waynesboro Camp, Waynesboro, PA
Suny, Cobbleskill, NY
Monmouth College, West Longbranch, NJ
West Chester University, West Chester, PA
Montclair State University, Upper Montclair, NJ
City Of Montclair, Montclair
Texas A&M University, College Station
Lake Jackson, Lake Jackson, Texas
Southern Methodist University, Dallas
Farmingdale Suny
Brooklyn College

Safety Symposia and Seminars Presented and, or Attended

President’s Council On Physical Fitness And Sports Clinics
United States Military Academy
United States Naval Academy
Pennsylvania State University
University of Maine
Montclair State University
Southern Methodist University
Louisiana State University
University of Kentucky
United States Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs, Co.
Eastern Michigan University
New York City Board of Education
University of California, Irvine

Member Administrative Council, New Jersey Recreation and Park Association

Eastern District, Aquatics Council, State Chair

1988, 1990, 1992 Baseball/Softball Safety Symposium, MSU,

1995, 1996, 1999 Playground Safety Symposium, NJRPA,
Recreation Supervision
Playground Safety Supervision

1994 Playground And Recess Safety, MSC Symposium
Recess and Playground Supervision

March 1995 “Athletic Facilities Symposium”, New Jersey Recreation And Park Association  “Safety Inspections”.

1989-Date Youth Sports Safety Certification Committee Member     

1995 American Society For Testing And Materials, “International Seminal on Baseball
Safety: Spectator Safety”, Atlanta, Ga.,
Paper Presented, “Spectator Safety”.

December 1994 Athletic Business: Review And Evaluation Of Baseball Facilities, Orlando, Florida
Inspected the Safety Aspects of Spring Training Facilities of Selected Major                   
League Teams:  Miami Marlins and Houston Astros.

1995 Certification: “Design And Construction Of Athletic Facilities”, Atlanta, Ga.

1992 Baseball Safety Conference, Montclair State College, “Player and Spectator Safety”.

1991 Baseball Coaches Clinic, Rye, New York, “Safety in Baseball”

1991 Soccer Coaches Clinic, Rye, New York,
Unpublished Paper Presented, “Safety and Liability in Soccer”
“Safety and Liability in Baseball and Softball”

1973-Date United States Soccer Federation – Certified Coach

1966 Certified Tennis Teacher, Leighton and Barta School for Tennis Teachers, Cortland State University

1989 Certified Instructor, United States Soccer Federation

Montclair State College Coaching Academy:
1993 Playground Safety Symposium
Teaching Graded Group Games
Coaching Training (Certification) Program
Recreation Supervision
1990-2001 Director of Education
Soccer Sports Safety Certifier
1992 Baseball/Softball Safety Symposium


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Manuscripts in Preparation or Under Peer Review

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