Residential Commercial Lighting Systems Expert Witness

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This Expert has vast experience in field investigations, contract disputes, finding and solving design and construction problems in both the office and the field. With a thorough understanding of the design and construction process he is able to provide litigation support, and resolve conflicts between the client’s desires, the legal requirements, the industry standards, the Contractors budget, the Engineer’s intent, and any deficiencies in the Construction Documents.

This expert has worked in all aspects of Electrical Engineering, including Consulting and Engineering Design, Project Management, Owner’s Representative, Peer Review, Value Engineering, Construction Management, Startup, Testing and Commissioning, Construction and Operations and Maintenance. The total construction value of his design work is in excess of one billion dollars.

Professional Qualifications

1990 Professional Electrical Engineer, California Registration
1998 Professional Electrical Engineer, Louisiana Registration
1986 Licensed Marine Electrician, Republic of Panama-expired
1984 Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, University of Illinois
Curriculum in Power Applications, Champaign-Urbana Campus

Technical Expertise

Electrical Engineering and Design
Field Inspections and Investigations
Construction Defects
Construction Management
Extensive knowledge of Industry Standards NEC, IEEE, NEMA, ANSI, UL, and IEC
Industrial Power Distribution
Low Voltage 48V, 208Y/120V, 240V, and 480Y/277V
Medium Voltage 4160V, 15kV, 24 kV, and 34.5kV
High Voltage 69kV, 115kV, and 230kV
Power Generation Combustion Turbines, Steam Turbines, and Diesels
Short Circuit, and Voltage Drop Analysis
Protective Relaying, and Relay Coordination
Grounding Solid, Low Resistance, and High Resistance
Lighting Systems Indoors, and Outdoors
Control Systems SCADA, PLC, DCS, and Relay Logic
Variable Frequency Drives VFD, 6 Pulse and 12 Pulse
Harmonics Analysis, and Mitigation
Fire Detection, Fire Alarm, and Life Safety
Hazardous, and Classified Areas
Electric shock
Electrical Fires, and Accidents
Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Professional Experience

Cogeneration Plants Merchant Power Plants, Campus Applications, and Utilities
Industrial Power Boilers, Refrigeration Plants, Waste Water Treatment, and Manufacturing
Aviation Civilian, and Military Airports, Heliports and Ground Support Equipment
Public Works Utility Distribution, and Transmission
Computer Centers Co-Locations, and Web Hosting Hotels
Central Plants, Boiler Systems, District Heating and Cooling
Institutional Schools, Court Houses, Correctional Facilities, and Hospitals
Marine Facilities Naval Dockyards, and Commercial Passenger Liners
Commercial Retail, Offices, and Laboratories
Residential Apartments, and Single Family Homes

A List Of Sample Projects

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