Residential Construction Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Residential Construction Defects, Construction Defects, House Defects, Home Defects, Faulty Construction, Housing, Defects


Graduated From High School In Twinsburg, Ohio

Attended Cuyahoga Community College


1986 Rodale, Inc. as a first business focused on remodeling jobs under $30,000
1989 Christina Homes, Inc. devoted to constructing homes valued at $150,000.
1990s, established a Construction Company to build residences ranging from $185,000 to $600,000 and serve as prime contractor on commercial remodeling and build outs. This Company now concentrates on building rental properties and installed services contracts.

1995 to Present Expert No. 1968 Founded Construction Co President & Chief Executive Officer

Founded company in 1995 to provide a flexible base for cycling in and out of commercial construction and remodeling to focus on upscale residential construction and remodeling projects. Under Expert No. 1968’s leadership as a licensed residential contractor in Ohio, Construction Co. has built homes in the following Ohio cities: Akron, Aurora, Macedonia, Mantua, Nelson, Northfield, Ravenna, Solon, and Twinsburg. Commercial projects such as tenant build-outs, apartment construction, and warehouse/office builds were also successfully undertaken.  A number of residential projects were completed in Florida, where Expert No. 1968 is a licensed residential contractor and is also a registered Residential Contractor in the State of Texas.

2001 to Present After being contacted a number of times to serve as an expert witness in litigation involving residential construction issues, identified a niche market opportunity. Set up an organization that provides a wide gamut of expert testimony on everything from carpentry to tile installation.


Available upon request