Retail Loss Prevention Security Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Loss Prevention, Retail Store, Security, Security Workmans Compensation, Security Certified Safety, Security Director, Security Certified HAZMAT Supervisor, Security Registered Environmental Assessor, Security Restaurant Sanitation, Security Supermarket Manager, Security, Supermarket Sweep Sheets, Security Ex Police Officer, Security Licensed Private Investigator, Security, Forlifts, Pallet Jacks, Industrial Trucks, Hotel Slip & Fall Accidents

Private Safety Consultant Specializing in the Workers’ Compensation field.  Certified Safety and Security Director and Certified Hazardous Material Supervisor.  Registered Environmental Assessor.  Licensed Private Investigator and former Police Officer for the city of Los Angeles.

Former President of the International Association of Safety and Security Professionals, Southern California Chapter.  Former President of the World Safety Organization, Southern California Chapter. Former President of the San Gabriel Safety Association and member of the American Society of Safety Engineers.

Former Loss Control Manager for a supermarket chain with 100 locations and employees in excess of 10,000.  Senior Loss Control Consultant for Fremont Compensation Insurance Company.  In charge of their largest accounts in three states.  Worked with the Furniture Industry since 1990.


A.A. Degree College of the Redwoods

B.A. Degree Health and Safety Columbia Southern University

Attended California State University in Los Angeles – Health and Safety

Licensure and Certification

Licensed Private Investigator – State of California

Registered Environmental Assessor – State of California

American Society of Safety Engineers – Member since 1981

Registered Safety and Security Professional of the year 2000

Certified Safety and Security Director

Certified Forklift Instructor – by the National Safety Council

Instructor Cal State University

National Safety Council – Instructor

Institute of Advanced Engineering award – accepted as FIAE in 1999

California Society of Security and Safety Professionals – Safety and Security Professional of the year 2000

Knowledgeable in environmental issues, such as asbestos removal and encapsulation and industrial hygiene exposures involving workers who use chemicals.

Qualified Expert Witness on safety issues and liability matters in Los Angeles County and Orange County.

Professional Experience

1990-Present, A Private Loss Control Company  
(Name Available upon Request)

Company specializing in Workers’ Compensation Cost Containment and compliance with Federal and State laws.  Provides consultation for numerous companies in California, including retail, wholesale, supermarkets, manufacturing, and processing operations.  Evaluates Workers’ Compensation and Liability Programs, and conducts Physical Surveys of Operations.  Develops written Safety Programs, Emergency Action Plans, Hazard Communication Programs – “Employee Right to Know Law” to comply with Senate Bill 198.  Conducts Management training on various topics including Violence in the Workplace, Customer Liability Reduction, as well as, Workers’ Compensation seminars.  Implements Respiratory Protection and Hearing Conservation Programs and compliance with The Americans with Disabilities Act and Proposition 65.  Conduct Management Training on Accident Prevention, Investigation, and other issues.  Work closely with various size corporations.  Provide consulting on Safety related issues and Liability matters.

1986-1990 Food 4 Less (Boys Markets)
Los Angeles, CA

Loss Control Manger – Responsible for the safety of employees and thousands of customers each month for over 100 retail locations and three major warehouses.  Developed new safety programs to comply with Senate Bill 198, AQMD, Ride Sharing, E.A.P., and Hazardous Waste.  Prepared hundreds of Hazardous Material Business Plans for various fire departments throughout the state of California.  Coordinated a project concerning hazardous chemicals in the ground which had to be treated and monitored to comply with current state laws.  Assisted with soil testing and industrial hazardous chemicals in the ground which had to be treated and monitored to comply with current state laws.  Assisted with soil testing and industrial hygiene survey results.

Developed and implemented a Hazard Communication Program.  Assisted in the training of Management and affected employees.  Set up Respiratory Protection and Asbestos Encapsulation Programs for Blacks Markets in San Francisco, following a Cal-OSHA inspection.
Worked closely with the Hazardous Material Section of the Fire Department regarding the implementation of Hazardous Materials Inventory and Business Plans.

Responsible for self-insured Workers’ Compensation Programs.  Selected attorneys, attended trials and depositions.  Made settlements on cases, and fought fraudulent claims.

Responsible for reviewing all customer accident reports, setting up investigations, and assigning to third party administrator.

1986-1986 Citation Insurance Company
Tustin, CA

Policy Holder Representative –In charge of various accounts as Safety Consultant for Workers’ Compensation carrier.

Wrote, developed and implemented safety programs to reduce the frequency and severity of claims and costs.

Investigated accidents to determine the true cause and implemented measures to reduce claims and costs.

Worked with a large variety of industries and companies in the Southern California area.

1984-1986 Fremont Indemnity
Los Angeles, CA (Moved to Glendale)

Senior Safety Consultant – Large insurance company specializing in Workers’ Compensation.  Consultant for 120 companies in three states.  Assisted in the development of Safety, Hazard Communication, Emergency Action and other Programs.  Consulted for electronics, automotive and asbestos exposures.  Assisted companies in designing and setting up asbestos exposures.  Assisted companies in designing and setting up Emergency Response Training and Hazardous Material Business Plans required by local fire departments.  Worked closely with industrial hygienist.  Worked with furniture, metal manufacturing, grocery, food processing, trucking, foundry, galvanizing, semiconductor and numerous other industries.  Wrote detailed Hazard Communication, Respiratory Protection, and Hearing Conservation Programs.

Assisted various companies with the compliance of current State and Federal laws, E.P.A., AQMD, [Gelson’s Markets, Arden Mayfair, Los Angeles Galvanizing, Mission Furniture Company, and Los Angeles Smoke and Curing].  Worked with the Landfill for the City of Montebello, textile industry, food processing, manufacturing of metal goods and printing industry.

1977-1984 Thriftimart, Inc. (Smart & Final Iris Co).
Los Angeles, CA

Coordinator of Safety and Employee Relations – Responsible for the health and safety of 4,000 employees as well as retail and wholesale customers and fleet operations.  In charge of Regulatory Compliance with all State and Federal agencies dealing with environmental issues.
Designed Fleet Program, Hazardous Waste Removal Program and coordinated Seismic updating of locations.  Responded to health issues including the testing of suspected contaminated foods.  Worked with Health Department on new construction and environmental issues.  Implemented Respiratory Protection Program for the Painting Department and Hazard Communications training for employees exposed to toxic chemicals.  Reviewed medical clinics.

Responsible for overseeing customer accident reports, conducting investigations on suspected fraudulent claims, revised and implemented a new Sweep Sheet Program.  Worked directly with third party administrators on claims.

Member of the Los Angeles Sanitation Advisory Council.  Participated in recycling efforts for the Grocery Industry.  Reviewed hospitals for the treatment of injured workers for a self-insured program.

1976-1977 Montgomery Ward Panorama City, Ca

Security and Safety Manager – Responsible for customer and employee safety, as well as the management of the Security and Safety Department.  Responsible for the collection of NSF checks, investigation of customer and employee accidents.  Worked closed with Cal-OSHA, Fire Departments and other regulatory agencies.

1973–1976 Sears, Roebuck & Co. Los Angeles, CA

Assistant Security Manager – Responsible for the apprehension of shoplifters, employee training, employee internal theft investigations, customer safety, Cal-OSHA compliance and customer accident investigations for largest retail store in North America.  Conducted safety and security inspections, reduced customer accident rate by introducing innovative solutions in frequency and severity issues.  Worked closely with local city and state inspectors.


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