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Associate Consultant    2008-Present Reno, Nevada

Expert  brings over 40 years’ experience in railroad track and maintenance of way experience for short lines and large regional railroads to RII’s consulting practice.  Projects of note have included directing the Maintenance of Way program for 2 high volume regional short line operations in Mississippi, Instructing classes in Roadworker Safety for new track maintenance personnel, track inspections and FRA reporting requirements, expert witness services for track maintenance disputes & damages and track repairs & rehabilitation costing.

Roadmaster  2008 Tuscaloosa, Alabama

As the Roadmaster for this railroad was responsible for Capital projects for all Track Rehabilitation and prepared budgets for all maintenance projects, and coordinating all related labor crews for the tie and rail relay.

Roadmaster 2005-2008 Meridian, MS

As the Roadmaster for this railroad was responsible for Capital projects for all Track Rehabilitation and expensed projects for all maintenance projects, coordinating all contractors for tie gangs and surfacing gangs, all work trains for unloading ballast, track shoulder restoration, and all federal and state agencies requirements. He supervised up to 30 people on various crews, plans and administers all engineering budgets, review and critique all Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) track inspections performed by track inspectors.

Track Inspector & Material Advisor    2002-2005 Fort Worth, Texas

As a Track Inspector and Material Advisor for this company was responsible for Operational track planning for Arizona Eastern railway, the track inspection of Benson in Naco, AZ, Planning material load-out for EPA clean up of mining debris, and Short Line rail analysis for proposed track acquisitions.

Cumbres & Toltec Railroad – Field Operations Manager, Track Superintendant    2000-2002 Chama, New Mexico

As Field Operations Manager and Track Superintendant for this Railroad, conducted FRA Track Inspections and submitted related reports. He evaluated and supervised all track locations for EDA Grant work. He also coordinated track work with civil engineers, and the FRA, and the work and passenger train operations. Managed two separate track crews of 10 to 15 individuals; each over 64-mile railroad with two supervisors and equipment operators. He drafted work budgets, schedules, and organized work reports for invoice billing. He also managed all logistics for delivery of rail and ties to the railroad, and work train operations for placement of track materials, delivery of heavy equipment, dumping of ballast, grading and maintained 64 miles of firebreak with steam locomotive operations through the San Juan Mountains

Manager    1997-2000
Oakdale, California

As Manager for this Railroad established track repair and rehabilitation programs over the 37 mile line, as well as track and right-of-way budgets and operating schedules. He managed improvements for interface of freight and passenger train operations as Chief Operations Coordinator. He was responsible for human resource management of work crews and operators

Track Construction & Maintenance Contractor1997-2000 Alaska

As Track Construction and Maintenance Contractor for these Air Force Bases was responsible for all phases of contracting for replacement of rail, switches, road crossings, removal of track segments, and erosion control. He reported to all Federal Regulatory Agencies, and maintained a top-level security clearance for access to perform contract work within military installations

Field Operations Manager, Roadmaster    1995-1997 Eureka, California

As the Field operations Manager and Roadmaster for this was responsible for a 316-mile heavy freight railroad. He evaluated FEMA track restoration locations, and supervised the restoration of locations to include rail relay, tie installation, rebuilding of road bed, and correcting geometry of the track. He was also responsible for the rebuilding of bridges and tunnels, and restored 100+ miles of track through the FEMA Grant. Managed three supervisors, crew totaling 75 and several contractors, including equipment operators, and work trains. Also, he managed all railroad logistics for delivery of rail, ties, and ballast. He performed FRA maintenance inspections and emergency repair coordination for the railroad. He handled drafting budgets, schedules, organizing work reports for invoicing, and approved payables. He was responsible for human resource requirements of hiring operators and railroad laborers

Extra Gang Supervisor, Foreman    1983-1995 Fairbanks, Alaska

As the Extra Gang Supervisor and Foreman for this Railroad supervised production gangs ranging from 10 to 25 people, including surfacing gangs, rail relay gangs, tie installation, work trains, and road crossing gangs in remote locations for 500 miles of main line track. Snow Fleet (snow removal) to keep track open for main line traffic in arctic conditions. He was responsible for FRA track inspections, and replaced all road crossings throughout the state in coordination with the Department of transportation and FRA mandates.

Extra Gang Foreman, Assistant Supervisor    1970-1983 Jonesboro, Arkansas

As the Extra Gang Foreman and Assistant Supervisor for this Railroad Managed FRA track inspection logistics. He was responsible for work trains in directing and unloading ballast. He maintained material inventories, time and delay reports, timecards, and other administrative duties. He also performed surfacing and lining of track with track equipment and operators, produced FRA track inspection records, and supervised installation of ties with 15 to 20 man crews and related equipment.


213A & B On-Track Safety    2006 & 2007

Continuous Welded Rail Classes    2006 & 2007

Roadworker Safety Training    2006 & 2007

Multiple Trackwork, Maintenance of Way, FRA guidelines and technical workshops over last 40 years