Robotics Factory Automation Systems Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Quality Inspection For Precision Manufactured Products, Robotics, Metallurgical Engineering,


Led teams selling and implementing comprehensive robotics and factory automation systems in a wide variety of industries for GCA Corporation. Managed the field business development operations through this corporation’s acquisition by a foreign conglomerate.

Led teams selling and implementing computer systems integration in several heavy industries and telecommunications markets for Litton Industries. Observed as this Fortune 100 company began outsourcing the manufacturing of its core competency products, and exerted substantially more effort with internal competition than marketplace competition, leading to its corporate demise. These corporate actions led author Tom Peters to highlight Litton Industries as an example of what not to do in his book “In Search of Excellence”.

Established an export management company to help American medical device companies export their products to foreign markets through establishing agent representation and strategic distribution agreements.

Created new business avenues for an Internet Services Provider (ISP) and electronic marketing services to leverage the widespread technology platform of the Internet for global business development.

Identified and established equity-partnerships with early stage technology companies to help them grow bigger, better, faster in the Internet, application software, electronics and biomedical industries for Cenetec. Observed the rapid rise global competition in these areas of technology from reverse-engineering and aggressive marketing tactics.

Identified and sold software development projects for a custom application development professional services company in the face of intense marketing attacks from offshore software consulting firms who were selling their services for 25% of domestic prices. Reported the field conditions to HQ as this company rapidly degraded from senior management’s failure to adapt and adjust pricing resulting in loss of tremendous market share, even with long-term established clients, leading to the ousting of the CEO at Encore Development.

Performed business development, sales management, and corporate funding consulting services for early-stage technology businesses. Perform CRM system selection, implementation, customization and training as independent contractor.

Provided senior executive advisory services regarding the situation/condition of the employment market for senior executives in the light of the globalization of our economy. Provided customized recommendations for senior executive business ownership options as viable alternatives to traditional employment.

Founded and lead a team of engineers and talented technicians providing the most accurate and comprehensive dimensional quality inspection capabilities for precision manufacturers in a variety of industries to save new product time to market, accelerate the optimization of manufacturing processes, and improve the performance of products for critical uses.

Research & Publications

Performed market research about the state and condition of the executive employment marketplace, the reduction in the executive recruiter industry in light of the Internet capabilities of employers to fill positions directly, the outsourcing and offshoring trends, the foreign worker visa programs, and other aspects of the globalization of the economy. Developing a white paper on this subject matter.


Graduated at top of class with Bachelor of Science from University of Arizona
Major: Metallurgical Engineering
Minor: Economics
Graduated: top of class

Training & Certifications

Vocational Rehabilitation Training Classes & Certification (in process)