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SANE Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Flight Nurse Home Health Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Sexual assault nurse examiner, SANE, emergency, trauma, flight nurse, home health, nurse educator, child abuse, cardiology, pulmonary, gastroenterology

Expert No. 2833


Forensic Nursing Consultant / Educator / Subject Matter Expert:  April 2009 to present

Registered Nurse with 48 years experience specializing in Trauma and Emergency Care:  1966 to present

Consultant on various legal matters:

•    Sexual assault/abuse/neglect

1.    Adult
2.    Adolescent
3.    Pediatric
4.    Elderly

•    Trauma

1.    Personal injury
2.    Assault
3.    Auto Accidents
4.    Death

Provide education and training:

•    Sexual Assault/abuse/neglect all ages
•    Trauma care
•    Pediatric Advanced Life Support via American Heart Association
•    Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner
•    Advanced Cardiac Life Support via American Heart Association
•    Educational instructor Private Forensic Educational Establishment (2014)

Private Law Team
•    SANE Consultant for Law Partner (2014)

Private Children’s Advocacy Center
•    Perform SANE exams on pediatric acute and non-acute patients (2014)
•    Liaison with community law enforcement

Private Forensic Education
•    April 2014 - present: Educator for forensic issues of sexual assault, domestic violence, strangulation, child abuse.

Private Consulting, Co.
•    September 2013 - present : consultant for legal issues on domestic violence, strangulation, sexual assault, child abuse.

Private Medical Center – Texas

•    Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (2009 to 2014)

1.    On-call SANE for adult , pediatric, elderly patients

•    Co-Coordinator Forensic Nursing Program (2013)

1.    Training/scheduling/over-sight of SANE program
2.    Performance improvement of SANE program
3.    Community liaison for SANE program with law enforcement, judicial department
4.    PEER  review of SANE program

•    Recipient of 2014 Nursing Excellence Award for care of SANE patients

Private Hospital - Texas

•    Trauma Coordinator (2008 to 2014)

1.    Education/training  of Trauma Nurse Care Course via Emergency Nurses Association
2.    Performance improvement of  trauma program
3.    Trauma/ Traumatic Brain Injury Registrar
4.    Community outreach
5.    Injury Prevention Coordinator
6.    Injury Severity Scoring
7.    Emergency Preparedness
8.    Staff relieve for Emergency Room
9.    Emergency Room Staff Competency education (2013 to 2014)
10.    Environment of Care Committee
11.    PEER Review Committee
12.    CODE Blue/Crash Cart Committee
13.    Global Council (2009 to 2013: President (2012)
14.    Williamson County Wellness Coalition (2010 to 2014)
15.    Life Steps Substance Abuse Coalition (2008 to 2012)
16.    Governor’s EMS Trauma Advisory Council (2009 to 2014)
17.    Texas Trauma Coordinator’s Injury Prevention Committee
18.    Voting Member/ Liaison for Capital Area Trauma Regional Advisory Council
19.    Texas Department of Transportation Motor Cycle Safety Panel Member (2014)

•    Cardiac Process Improvement (2012 to 2014 )

1.    Audit cardiac charts for needs improvement
2.    Established TAKE 10 Cardiac Prevention program and presented to over 200 community participants
3.    Member Mission Lifeline Education Committee

•    Staff Nurse Emergency Room (2007 to 2008 )

1.    Provide emergency care to patients presenting ER
2.    Triage of critical patients in emergency setting
3.    Relief charge nurse on night shift

•    Healthcare Hero Nominee for Central Texas( 2009)
•    Dr. Thomas Frist Humanitarian Nominee (2010)
•    Nursing Excellence Award : Strength in Nursing (2011)
•    Nursing Excellence Award : Integrity (2012)

St. David’s North Austin Medical Center - Austin, Texas

•    Charge Nurse/ House Supervisor (2007 to 2008)

1.    Provide emergency care to trauma/critical care patients
2.    Charge nurse of 20 bed trauma/critical care ER
3.    Shift scheduling of ER staff 15 members
4.    Education Committee
5.    Advanced Cardiac Life Support/ Pediatric Advanced Life Support provider
6.    ER Improvement Committee
7.    Relief House Supervisor for 500 bed facility

a. Scheduling of hospital staff to cover needs of facility
b. Responsible for administrative issues during evenings, nights, and weekends
c. Responsible for administrative approval of transfers and admissions of patients

•    Charge Nurse ER (2005 to 2006)

1.    Staff Scheduling of ER staff of 15 per shift
2.    Provide emergency care for trauma and critical care patients

•    Staff Nurse Emergency Department

1.    Provide patient care to trauma and critical care patients

North Texas LifeStar/Air Evac Life Team - Killeen, Texas

•    Flight Nurse (2006 to 2008)

1. Nurse on 2 man Bell 407 Helicopter
2. Flew over 150 missions
3. Community outreach and education

Austin Diagnostic Clinic - Austin, Texas

•    Clinical Manage Cardiology/ Pulmonary/Gastroenterology (1999 to 2005)

1. Hiring/firing of staff for three departments
2. Scheduling of staff
3. Process Improvement
4. Staff yearly reviews
5. Scheduling and management of head of Cardiology Department Schedule
6. Triage of cardiology patients
7. Dr. Leo Response Team
8. Education for staff
9. Monthly staff meetings
10. Established and managed Coumadin Clinic for clinic

Memorial Medical Center - Corpus Christi, Texas

•    Charge Nurse/ House Supervisor (1990 to 1997)

1.    Provide trauma and critical care to ER patients
2.    Scheduling for shifts
3.    Management of 20 nurses / shift
4.    Education Committee
5.    Community out-reach
6.    House Supervisor for 500 bed facility
7.    Administration on off shifts
8.    Manage scheduling of hospital staff to cover patient care needs
9.    Administrative approval for transfers and admissions
10.    EMS preceptor/education

•    Staff Nurse Emergency Department (1980 to 1981)

1.    Provide trauma and emergency care to ER patients

Dr. Norman Renfro - Corpus Christi, Texas

•    Office Nurse (1989 to 1990)

1.    Triage cardiac patients
2.    Scheduling of patients to surgery and hospital
3.    Follow up of patients discharged from hospital
4.    Arranging follow-up procedures for cardiac patients
5.    Performance of EKGs for patients
6.    Calling in medication refills for office patients
7.    Billing for cardiac patients
8.    Maintain records for cardiac patients

Naval Hospital, Naval Station - Rota, Spain

•    Home Health Nurse / Nurse Educator / Child Abuse Investigation (1986 to 1989)

1.    Education of new personnel
2.    Community out-reach for naval community on health issues
3.    Follow up of naval staff that were in need of continued medical care
4.    Education of new mothers in naval community
5.    Follow up on new born babies in naval community
6.    Work with Base Pediatrician to investigate at risk pediatric patients of neglect or abuse
7.    Arrangement of medications, clothing, formula for mothers and new born babies living off base

St. Mary’s Hospital - Patuxent River, Maryland

•    Staff Nurse Emergency Department (1984 to 1986)

1. Provide trauma and critical care to ER patients
2. Board of Directors for EMS Med Unit 1
3. Education and Ride along with Med Unit 1

Naval Hospital - Corpus Christi, Texas

•    Staff Nurse Ambulatory Care Unit / Chemotherapy Nurse (1981 to 1983)

1. Triage patients in need of appointments/care
2. Education of patients
3. Management of staff in ambulatory care unit
4. Administration of chemotherapeutic agents to outpatient and in-patients
5. Education and follow up of oncology patients
6. Development of educational pamphlet for oncology patients

Maryland Institute Emergency Medical Services (Shock Trauma) - Baltimore, Maryland

•    Acute Intensive Care Unit, Staff Nurse (1979 to 1980)

1.    Manage acute one on one trauma patients
2.    Manage respiratory/ventilator patients
3.    Receive acute trauma patients from Air EMS
4.    Education to families visiting unit

Baltimore Cancer Research Center - Baltimore Maryland

•    Staff Nurse Intensive Care Unit (1975 to 1979)

1.    Provide patient care to oncology patients
2.    Management and document of research oncology patients
3.    Relief charge nurse on floor of 20 bed unit

San Jose, Costa Rica  (July 1968 - July 1975)

•    Resided with family

Tulane University Cancer research Center - New Orleans, Louisiana

•    Staff Nurse (1966 to 1968)

1.    Staff nurse in pediatric clinic
2.    Manage research oncology patients
3.    Management of first chemotherapy in-line pumps
4.    Triage of oncology patients
5.    Administration of Chemotherapeutic agents


American Intercontinental University
Bachelors of Science – Criminal Justice with Specialization in Forensic Sciences – Anticipated Graduation – 2015
•    Dean’s List
•    Member Alpha Phi Sigma National Criminal Justice Honor Society - Phi Sigma Chapter

University of California at Riverside
Certified Forensic Nurse Program
•    Awarded 2012
•    Rising Star in Academia

Touch DNA - October, 2014

Use of Alternate Light Source/Negative Invert Filters to Improve Visibility of Injuries under the Skin - September 25, 2013

Sexual Assault and the Military Patient - June 25, 2013

Sexual Assault in the Older Patient - May 9, 2013

Domestic Assault Response Team - April 16, 2013

Investigating Strangulation - January 15, 2013

Strangulation and associated Issues - September 29, 2012
Crime Scene Preservation and Death Investigation in Health Care Settings - July 2012

Forensic Approaches to Mental Health Assessment - May 15, 2012

Introduction to Forensic Pathology for Healthcare Specialist - March 16, 2012

Forensic Approaches to Blunt Trauma and Firearms - 2011

Forensics in Healthcare - August 16, 2011

Forensic Approaches to Human Abuse Injuries - July 26, 2011

Courtroom Testimony for the Healthcare Specialist - May 11, 2011

Introduction to Forensic Sciences within the Healthcare Setting - April 19, 2011

Evidence Collection and Preservation in a Healthcare Setting - January 3, 2010

Sexual Assault and Family Violence Investigator Course
SAFVIC, Georgetown, Texas, - January 2010

Investigation and Documentation of Strangulation
Travis County District Attorney’s Office - July, 2009

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Training
Texas Attorney General’s Office

64 hours didactic instructions
24 hours courtroom observation
24 hours well children’s observations
24 hours well women’s observations
10 supervised adult sexual assault exams
6 supervised pediatric sexual assault exams
Adult and Pediatric SANE Certification Obtained - April 2009

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Training
Texas Attorney General’s Office

64 hours didactic instructions - 1998

St Agnes Hospital School of Nursing

Baltimore, Maryland

June 1966
Nursing Diploma


•    Certified Adult and Pediatric Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (OAG)
•    Certified Emergency Nurse
•    Certified Forensic Nurse
•    Certified Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (IAFN) - Adult/Adolescent
•    Advanced Cardiac Life Support Instructor
•    Pediatric Advanced Life Support Instructor
•    Trauma Nurse Core Course Instructor
•    Transport Nurses Advanced Trauma Course Certification
•    Prehospital Trauma Life Support Certification
•    Certified Street Level Airway Management
•    Neonatal Resuscitation Certification
•    Registered Nurse


Available Upon Request


Available Upon Request


Available Upon Request


  • Emergency Nurses Association
  • Texas Trauma Coordinator’s Forum (2008 to 2014)
  • American Trauma Society
  • Society of Trauma Nurses
  • American College Forensic Examiners International
  • International Association of Forensic Nurses
  • Texas Association against Sexual Assault
  • National Family Justice Center
  • American Society of Criminology
  • Texas Council on Family Violence


  • Burnet Sexual Assault Response Team
  • Williamson County Sexual Assault Response Team
  • Williamson County Domestic Violence Response Team
  • Williamson County Child Fatality Team
  • Central Texas Coalition against Human Trafficking
  • Board of Directors Texas Association Against Sexual Assault - SANE Representative
  • Texas Department of Transportation Motorcycle Safety Assessment Panel Member, 2/2014
  • Organizing Committee Member, International Forensic Research and Technology Conference, October 2014

Sexual Assault exams performed for both adults and pediatrics: Approximately 700 adult and pediatric combined since 2009