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Professional Summary

Expert has over thirty-seven years of telecommunications industry experience, as a practitioner, academic and independent consultant. The scope of his experience includes research, product design and technical analysis of high-speed data communications, wireless technology and computer telephony.


  • Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • Computer Networking
  • Digital Switching
  • Call Center Technology
  • Broadband, Wireless, Satellite Communications
  • LAN/WAN Architecture & Protocols
  • Internet Technology & Infrastructure
  • Traffic engineering
  • Capacity Planning
  • Network Test & Reliability
  • Queueing Theory
  • Performance Analysis
  • Reliability/Availability Analysis


1981 University of Delaware, Newark, DE
Ph.D., Operations Research

  • Expert’s Dissertation analyzed the stop-and-wait retransmission protocol for data integrity where the error environment is highly correlated; The Dissertation was published as a monograph in the “Research Notes in Mathematics” series of Pitman Books Limited, London, 1982. The Dissertation contained the first general proof that the key transform matrix involved in solving stochastic models of the “M/G/1 Type” was the unique minimal solution to a non- linear matrix functional equation.
  • Completed over 80 graduate credits in Mathematics and Operations Research with a GPA of 3.96/4.0

1978 University of Delaware, Newark, DE
M.S., Statistics

  • Thesis entitled: “Numerical Methods for a Wide Class of Markov Chains Arising in Queueing Theory”

1976 Towson University, Towson, MD
B.S., Mathematics

Professional Experience

From: 1998
To: Present
Organization: Consulting, L.L.C., Ocean, NJ
Title: Principal Consultant
Summary:Consulting services provides technical consulting services to client’s worldwide. The company’s services include the assessment of complex telecommunications networks; reliability, availability and performance analysis of digital and optical networks; traffic engineering; capacity planning; technical due-diligence; patent portfolio analysis and expert witness services. A partial list of clients and projects is outlined below:


Various Law Firms
Sep 2000 – Present
Serves as an expert witness in patent litigations (see section on litigation support experience)

LC Communications
Davie, FL Aug 01 – Nov 09
Modeling and analysis of capacity and availability provided to an international circuit reseller in support of an expert witness engagement in Telecom arbitration.

Wong, Cabello, Lutsch,
Rutherford & Brucculeri, L.L.P Houston, TX
Mar 04 – Jun 04
Review patents involving networking technology for potential licensing value.

TechSearch, L.L.C. Northbrook, IL Jul 03 – Aug 03
Review high-speed networking patents for potential licensing value.

ipValue Management
San Jose, CA Jan 03 – Dec 03
Review Telecom patents for potential infringement relating to particular clients.

LNG Holdings SA Hannover, Germany May 02 – Dec 02
Reporting directly to the CEO, conducted a CapEx audit of a potential build-out of a multi-national fiber optic backbone network based on revised traffic forecasts. Participated in redesign of a national fiber optic network to reduce capital expenditures (Madrid). Participated on a Network Management committee to exploit multi-national synergies for potential cost savings (Paris).

Drakensberg, KwaZulu- Natal, South Africa
Sep 02
Invited Plenary Speaker at the Southern African Telecommunication Networks and Applications Conference. Talk was on recent results in IP traffic modeling.

17th International Teletraffic Congress Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
Dec 01
Participated as an invited panelist on an international panel discussing the lessons learned since the discovery of long-range dependence in Internet traffic measurements.

Europe SA Hannover, Germany Jul 01 – Dec 01
Reviewed architecture, capacity, and potential bottlenecks of a multi-national broadband network, including a fiber optic backbone with wireless local loop (WLL) and digital subscriber line (DSL) access. Reporting directly to the CEO, provide inputs to guide the future direction of the company. Assess the necessity of several deployed fiber optic Metropolitan Area Networks (Madrid and Barcelona) relative to existing capacity requirements. Provided input to a contract negotiation process to settle existing contract disputes.

Chiaro Networks, Ltd.
Richardson, TX Apr 01 – Jul 01
Reviewed and refined performance analyses for an optical switching technology. Lead performance discussions with customers.

Intel Corporation Chandler, AZ Feb 01– Mar 01
Taught a two-day training seminar on Performance Analysis and Queueing Theory. Developed performance models to identify potential bottlenecks on a “system- on-a-chip”.

Vayusphere Mountain Lakes, NJ Jan 01 – Feb 01
Developed traffic load models for a multi-platform Instant Messaging service.

AT&T Laboratories Middletown, NJ Apr 99 – Dec 00
End-to-end performance, reliability and availability analysis of AT&T’s Common Open IP Platform. Six Sigma and Defects per Million (DPM) analysis of several IP applications. Prescribed and analyzed end-to- end load testing to assess the capacity for IP services. Participated on the Signaling Transport Working Group of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). Compared the performance of competing proposals for transporting packet-based PSTN signaling over IP networks.

Prominence Networks
Holmdel, NJ Jul 00 – Nov 00
Provided algorithms and computer programs for network sizing for a Voice over IP application.

Fairfield Resources Int’l
Stamford, CT Feb 00 – Jun 00
Reviewed ATM and wireless patents for potential infringement relating to particular clients.

Allied Riser Comm., Inc.
Richardson, TX Oct 99 – Feb 00
Provided capacity planning methodologies and IP traffic modeling for high-speed, optical transport to the desktop.

InterCall, Inc. West Point, GA Sep 99 – Dec 99
Provided capacity planning methodologies and service reliability modeling for an audio-conferencing service provider and call center. Analyzed various architectural alternatives.

Astrolink Int’l, Ltd.
Bethesda, MD Jul 99 – Aug 99
Performed quantitative comparisons of various buffer management strategies for the Astrolink global broadband satellite system.

Exigent International, Software Tech., Inc.
Melbourne, FL Jun 98 – May 99
Performed scalability analyses of system design for a ground station satellite controller designed for 70 satellites (Iridium™) to assess performance in controlling 300 satellites (Teledesic). Suggested design changes that increased system scalability.

A.T. Kearney London, England
Jan 99 – Mar 99
Participated on the second phase of a technical due diligence team assessing the performance of the satellite and ground systems for the ICO global mobile satellite system. Interview major subcontractors, e.g., NEC London, NEC Melbourne, Australia, Hughes Space and ComSat. Perform probabilistic assessment of launch failure scenarios and analyzed the effects of potential launch failures on the project management schedule. Analyze the technical aspects of the business cost models.

AT&T Laboratories
Holmdel, NJ Oct 98 – Dec 98
Defined Internet and Intranet measurement methodologies to assess end-user perceived perfor- mance.

From: 1994
To: 1998
Organization: IsoQuantic Technologies L.L.C. (IQ Tech), Ocean, NJ
Title VP & Chief Technical Officer (Co-Founder)
Summary: Provided a family of wireless telecommunications and analytical products, plus a comprehensive range of engineering consulting services, including technology training. The company was positioned to support telecommunications network architecture, design, and analysis needs in the areas of modern wireless telecommunications systems (e.g., cellular, satellite, GSM, PCS) to the public with dramatic cycle time reductions. A partial list of clients and projects includes:


Motorola Satellite
Comm. Chandler, AZ Jun 98 – Jul 98
Began performance assessment of access schemes for data services for a next generation mobile satellite system.

A.T. Kearney London England Jan 98 – Mar 98
Participate on a technical due diligence team assessing the performance of the satellite, ground systems, handsets, etc., for the ICO global mobile satellite system. Interview major subcontractors, e.g., NEC London, NEC Tokyo, NEC Melbourne, Australia, Hughes Space and ComSat. Assess cost models used in the Satellite System Business Plan. Perform probabilistic assessment of launch failure scenarios.

Bell Comm. Research
Morristown, NJ Sep 97 – Dec 97
Provide algorithms and custom software for approximating long-range dependent data traffic (e.g., IP or broadband) with a Markovian Arrival Process. Provide algorithms and custom software for computing appropriate performance measures to be used for engineering such a network.

Lockheed Martin Telecommunications
Sunnyvale, CA Sep 96 – Aug 97
General performance analysis for the Astrolink broadband satellite system. Assessed loss of efficiency of imposing various constraints on the Demand Assignment Multiple Access (DAMA) algorithms. Performed buffer sizing studies for aspects of the Astrolink system.

AT&T Laboratories
Holmdel, NJ Sep 96 – Apr 97
Began assessment of Internet telephony as both a threat and an opportunity to AT&T long distance revenues. Prepared an internal management presentation on Choices in Packet Telephony.

AirNet Comm., Inc.
Melbourne, FL Jun 95 – Jun 96
Provided continuing consulting services for performance analysis and architecture for a start-up wireless company building a PCS1900 Base Station Controller (BSC) and a Base Transceiver System (BTS) using smart-radio technology. Supervised in-house development of a system-level simulation. Designed the resource allocation algorithm for a PCS1900 Base Station Subsystem (BSS). Presented the paper “Supporting ATM on Low-Earth Orbit Satellite Systems” at the ITC Specialists Seminar in Amsterdam.

Motorola, Inc. Chandler, AZ Sep 94 – Jun 95
General performance analysis for the Iridium™ Low- Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite system. Continued development of a crucial resource allocation algorithm operating in real time on-board the satellite vehicle. Created risk models to determine insurance strategies for coping with potentially unreliable launch vehicles in the initial deployment of the Iridium™ system. Recruited and established a Network Integrity Support Team to focus on performance aspects of the Iridium™ system.

From: April 1994
To: September 1994
Organization: Motorola Satellite Communications, Chandler AZ
Title: Member of Technical Staff (GS-13)
Summary:General performance analysis for the Iridium™ Low-Earth Orbit satellite system. In response to a discovery that the switching fabric in production was not “non-blocking” as originally believed, Expert designed a real-time resource allocation algorithm to operate on-board the satellite vehicle that could recover the potential capacity loss. This algorithm avoided a costly hardware redesign saving more than $50M and is currently implemented on-board the Iridium™ satellites.

From: 1981
To: 1994
Organization: Bell Telephone Laboratories, Holmdel, NJ
Title: Distinguished Member of Technical Staff
Summary: During his thirteen year tenure, Expert was involved in several projects dealing with leading edge technology, including:

Broadband ISDN/ATM

  • Defined overall control architecture, incorporating end-to-end flow control, traffic shaping capabilities and higher layer control functions; portions have been incorporated into international standards.
  • Using exact and approximate models quantified the multiplexing gain for a large number of bursty sources and the impact on engineering of ATM networks.
  • Using exact models demonstrated that predictions based on the popular notions of “effective bandwidth” could be arbitrarily poor; proposed more accurate approximations.
  • Derived and solved analytically tractable models for quantifying the effectiveness of the “throughput-burstiness filter.”
    Performed analytic modeling to assess the effectiveness of several selective cell discard mechanisms for congestion control in broadband networks using models and analysis; formulated specific recommendations for switched virtual circuit call acceptance/denial algorithms and for bandwidth-on-demand negotiation algorithms.

Algorithmic Solutions to Stochastic Models, Queueing Theory, and Applied Prob- ability

  • Developed algorithms for numerically computing an arbitrary number of moments as well as the exact asymptotic behavior of a distribution function from its transform.
  • Contributed to the development of algorithms for numerically inverting multidimensional Laplace-Stieltjes transforms and/or probability generating functions (with an important application of allowing numerical computations to be performed for various transient queueing models).
  • Drastically simplified analysis and algorithms for a large class of complex queueing models (BMAP/G/1 queue), which also include multiplexed, highly correlated arrival streams.
  • Derived exact solutions and numerical algorithms for computing the transient performance measures of the above class of models; this framework allows new insights into the problems of overload control and call acceptance algorithms for broadband networks.
  • Combined transform/eigen-analysis approach with the matrix-geometric method to solve important class of voice and data queueing models.
    Introduced the, now popular, Markovian Arrival Process (MAP) as a versatile and tractable class which includes both renewal and non-renewal point processes.
  • Solved the queue with vacations using the above model; generalized known factorization results to the non-renewal case and obtained new factorization results.
  • Derived an enormously improved approach for solving the nonlinear matrix functional equation arising in the matrix analytic solution to phase-type queues.

Variable-Bit-Rate Video

  • Developed a Markov renewal model for sizing leaky bucket parameters for call setup algorithms.
  • Defined two novel measures of goodness-of-fit of a model to data.

Packetized Voice and Data

  • Derived powerful, and widely used, methodology for approximating superposition’s of complicated arrival streams (such as packetized voice) by simpler, tractable processes (e.g., Markov modulated Poisson processes)
  • Derived analytic model of bit-dropping in packetized voice which demonstrated (and explained why) a Poisson process was an accurate model for predicting performance.

Wideband Packet Technology

  • Derived and solved (using state-of-the-art solution techniques) an analytic model of the LAPD protocol incorporating timers, retransmissions, polls, etc., in conjunction with a variety of end-terminal window adaptation procedures and network throughput enforcement controls.

LAPD Frame Relay

  • Assisted in design of terminal adapters for frame-relay networks by identifying performance degradations resulting from interactions of pipelining and protocol windowing.

Packet Switching

  • Derived matrix-analytic performance assessment methodology for a synchronous, self-routing packet switching fabric, which quantified the impact of traffic burstiness and the effects of switch parameters.

Digital Switch Performance

  • Responsible for performance of new modules required to support ISDN on existing digital switches (e.g., the 5ESS).
  • Provided developers with a variety of performance inputs which affected microprocessor selections, buffer sizing, capacity planning, etc.

Cellular Phone Technology (AMPS)

  • Designed and analyzed a system level overload control; potential system throughput degradation under overload was identified; proposed a simple fix which was implemented in the system.

Teaching Experience

From: 1991
To: 1993
Organization: Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ
Title: Adjunct Professor of Computer Science
Summary:Expert taught graduate level courses in Probability and Stochastic Processes

Litigation Support Experience
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Awards and Honors
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Professional Affiliations

  • Industry Advisory Board Member at Auburn University’s Wireless Engineering Program
  • Towson University Alumni Board of Directors
  • Fellow of Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)
  • Member of the IEEE Communications Society
  • Member of the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society
  • Member of Institute for Operations Research and Management Science (INFORMS)
  • Applied Probability Society
  • Telecommunications Section
  • Member of Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
  • Member of Independent Computer Consultants Association (ICCA)
  • Member of the International Teletraffic Congress (ITC)

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Available on full CV