School Psychologist Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

School Psychologist, Mental Health, Social Psychology, QME, Workers Compensation Evaluations, Disability Evaluations, Federal Aviation Evaluator, Registered Nurse Evaluator, Immigration Evaluations, Medical Screenings, Human Resources, Evaluations for California Highway Patrol, Department of State Hospitals, State Parks


Psychologist License – California
School Psychologist – New Mexico


Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, 1998
Temple University Psychology Department – APA Accredited Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Internship, 1994 – 1995
Colorado Mental Health Institute at Fort Logan – APA Accredited Denver, Colorado
Master of Science in Social Psychology, 1989 Vanderbilt University
Nashville, Tennessee
Bachelor of Science in Psychology, 1986 University of Missouri
Columbia, Missouri


Alexandra Clarfield, Ph.D., QME, 2012 – Present Northern California Office locations
Private Practice Psychologist
Qualified Medical Examiner providing workers’ compensation evaluations for the State of California Division of Workers’ Compensation and disability evaluations for the California State Department of Social Services. Also an evaluator for the Federal Aviation Administration and California Board of Registered Nurses and formerly the Veterans Administration. Provides immigration evaluations for immigration attorneys, and medical screening evaluations for orthopedic and bariatric surgeons. Available for attorneys, both plaintiff and defense, and insurance adjusters, for consulting, psychological evaluations, and expert witness testimony, in cases involving personal injury, employment issues, and psychological malpractice, and issues arising from alternative treatment modalities. Former subcontractor for California Department of Human Resources providing evaluations for applicants to California Highway Patrol, Department of State Hospitals and State Parks for all Peace Officer positions and dispatchers.

Summit Pain Management Institute, Auburn, CA, 6/2015 – 8/2016
Rehabilitation Psychologist
A multidisciplinary pain management group consisting of physicians, a psychologist, and physical therapists with a primary population of chronic pain patients. Provided evaluations and assessments and conducted weekly educational classes in the Functional Rehabilitation Pain Program. A multi-disciplinary approach was emphasized. This position included focus- ing on Cognitive-Behavioral therapy with individuals, couples, and families and providing risk assessments for orthopedic surgeons, pain medication management, and updates to work- ers compensation.

LiveWell Clinic of St. Helena Hospital, Clearlake, CA, 2/2014 – 6/2015
Staff Psychologist
Provided full psychological services in this remote rural area with population with complex mental health and medical concerns. Many patients with trauma exposure, substance abuse history and on disability.

Department of Veterans Affairs, Oroville, CA, 8/2010 – 8/2012
Psychologist – Home Based Palliative Care (HBPC)
Provided a full range of behavioral medicine services to beneficiaries within the Department of Veterans Affairs Health Care System on a team providing Home Based Care for veterans with complex medical conditions. Functioned as the primary mental health provider of the HBPC team, providing mental health prevention, assessment, treatment, management, and professional consultation services. Autonomous responsibility for patients with a wide range of complex psychosocial concerns requiring a variety of treatment modalities. Provided professional assessment, coordination, and planning of all mental health disorders and ensured care was timely, appropriate, of high quality and cost effective. Patients included aging veterans with palliative care needs with PTSD, anxiety and mood disorders and/or end of life issues.

NES, Inc., US Army Base, Hohenfels, Germany, 10/2008 – 10/2010
Contract Psychologist
Provided a full range of psychology services to beneficiaries within the Army Health Care System as a staff psychologist. This included psychological assessment, psycho-diagnostic evaluation, and psychotherapy. Patients included active duty soldiers with PTSD, anxiety and mood disorders as well as family members and civilians employed on the base. Conducted military programming such as suicide prevention and pre- and post-deployment screenings.
Conducted Chapter and other command referred evaluations. Planned, implemented, and evaluated activities performed within the Department of Behavioral Health. Population included children, adolescents and adults.

Alexandra Clarfield, Ph.D., Hood River, OR, 8/2005 – 10/2008
Private Practice Psychologist
Generalist practice. Specialties included services for children, adolescents and their families. Provision of psychological assessment, psycho-diagnostic evaluation and psychotherapy using brief therapy models. Provided individual, marital, family therapy.

Next Door Inc. – Klahre House, Hood River, OR, 7/2006 – 7/2007
Clinical Supervisor
Provided a full range of behavioral medicine/health psychology services to adolescents in foster care placed in this Residential Treatment Center (RTC), including psychological assessment, psycho-diagnostic evaluation, and psychotherapy. Planned, implemented, and evaluated activities performed within the RTC. Provided clinical guidelines for the selection of patients. Responsible for the supervision of paraprofessionals and of interns and social work students in the specialized area of adolescent psychology and brief psychotherapy models. Provided consultation to foster families responsible for implementation of interventions in the home setting. Population included teenagers with emotional and behavioral problems, trauma history, and some who were sex offenders.

PEI Tribal Services, Lummi Reservation, 8/2004 – 7/2006
Clinical Supervisor
Responsibilities included provision of psychological services to Native American youth attending Lummi Tribal High School. Position required psychological assessment, psycho- diagnostic evaluation, and psychotherapy, community outreach and agency collaboration, consultation with teaching staff and administration and family intervention. Supervision of master’s level mental health providers was part of the position. Position required planning, implementation, and evaluation of activities. Brief psychotherapy and strength-based interventions were employed.

British Columbia’s Children’s Hospital, Vancouver, BC, 8/2002 – 8/2004
Inpatient Staff Psychologist
Responsibilities included providing mental health services to youth with chronic illness and their families. Psychological assessment, psycho-diagnostic evaluation, and psychotherapy, community outreach were required. Assessment, consultation with medical team and outpatient liaison services. Caseload consisted of children and teenagers with lupus, cystic fibrosis, Crohn’s Disease and renal disease including kidney failure. Providing supervision to doctoral interns at this internship site was also part of the position.

Questa, Chama Valley and Dulce Independent School Districts, 12/1999 – 6/2002
Contracting School Psychologist/EASi School Psychologist
Responsibilities included psychological assessment, psycho-diagnostic evaluation, IEP planning, consultation with teachers and staff, individual psychotherapy with children receiving special educational services in these Hispanic rural and Native American Reservation school districts. Caseload consisted of students from K-12th grade with a wide range of emotional and educational needs including children coping with trauma and sexual abuse, chronic illness, hearing loss, developmental disabilities, learning disorders and behavior problems.

West Central Mental Health Center, Leadville, CO, 9/1998 – 10/1999
Responsibilities included psychological assessment, psycho-diagnostic evaluation, and psychotherapy using Brief Psychotherapy treatment models. Patients with a wide variety of presenting symptoms including personality disorders, mood and anxiety disorders, and psychosis. On-call to provide emergency services such as suicide risk assessments in the jails and hospitals, and assessment for mental health hospitalizations for three counties alternate weeks and weekends. Population of children, adolescents, and adults.

Creative Cognitive Therapy, Albuquerque, NM, 9/1996 – 9/1998 & 10/1999 – 6/2001
Therapist in nursing homes and private practice office. In nursing homes, the position involved providing supportive cognitive and behavioral therapy to residents and their families as well as consultation with staff. Caseload consisted of frail elderly as well as persons with quadriplegia and chronic illness. Provided psychological assessment, psycho-diagnostic evaluation, and psychotherapy with this population. Planned, implemented and evaluated activities. Consulted with staff and family.

Sabbatical, Albuquerque, NM, 9/1995 – 9/1996
Completing Doctoral Dissertation
Philadelphia Child Guidance Center, Philadelphia, PA, 8/1992 – 8/1993
Psychology Practicum Student
Responsibilities included inpatient based assessment of children and adolescents in this agency specializing in intensive family therapy. Administered full assessment batteries to assist with treatment and discharge planning. Active member of treatment team behind one- way mirror. Population of low-income inner-city families.


Temple University, 1992 – 1994
Graduate Instructor
For junior/senior level courses Abnormal Psychology and Theories of Personality. Re- sponsible for all phases of teaching including preparation and administration of lectures, selection of materials and assignments, construction of examinations, and the assignment of course grades.


Guest reviewer for the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 1992


Assessment of California Highway Patrol Candidates – POST, 2015
Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders – UC Davis Extension, 2012 Historical Trauma and Native Americans – Joyce Gonzalez, 2012
Sensorimotor Psychotherapy – Professional Training for Treatment of Trauma – Pat Ogden, 2010 – 2011

EMDR for Combat Trauma – Dr. Elisha Hurley/Dr. Steven Silver, 2009


California Psychological Association
California Society of Industrial Medicine and Surgery
Sacramento Valley Psychological Association
National Association of School Psychologists (Previous)