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SEO, SEM, Organic Web Strategist, SEO Expert Witness


Career Objective
To work in an innovative and multicultural environment, utilizing my skills with the Internet and information management, in an organization that challenges me to the maximum and allows me to grow in my expertise and career.

About Me
Expert Technical SEO. Expert abuse fighter (web spam and click fraud), UX advocate, webmaster advocate, Google evangelist, SEO expert, web developer, product manager and information specialist. Skilled trainer, mentor and coach. Intimate knowledge of Google’s natural search and Google’s advertising business. Volunteer my time as a Google Top Contributor and Rising Star(s). Globally recognized as a natural search guru with a strong following base and an immense industry network including leading market players. Success driven with a proven track record of leading innovative projects and cross team collaboration.


SEO & SEM Technical Consultant
Aug 2008 - Present
Self Employed   
San Jose, CA

Growth Hacker, SEO & SEM consultant for all size businesses from SMBs to large International Fortune 500 companies. Completed technical SEO & SEM audits, with improvement recommendations and implementations.  From 2008 to today I have audited over 8,000 websites from Panda to Penguin and every other Google update for SEO and SEM. As in most contracting I cannot divulge my clients but I tell you what I worked on. I have implemented and re-implemented Google Analytics for all clients. Audited and implemented Google Webmaster Tools. Project Management for many websites from a complete rebuild to a rebrand and algorithmic corrections to fall within Google guidelines. Overhauled and optimized CMS site conversions from one CMS to another. On every website I have worked on since 2008 I have enabled on-page optimization, landing page optimization and set a solid competitive & strategic plan after through and thoughtful analysis of each website using a solid knowledge of SEO principals. Using keyword research and other methodologies that I have honed over time I have taken many Billion dollar, Million dollar and all the way down to tiny SMB’s to the next level.

I have worked with domestic and international Search Engines, Social Media, Internet Marketing, Local Online Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Marketing Websites, Online Marketing, Website Marketing, and Website Strategy across a broad and narrow spectrum. Lately I been working with hacked, phishing, and websites that were penalized with either un-natural inbound or outbound links. Hacked websites pose a whole new series of issues that need a solid understanding of SEO principals to correct the damage and lead the site out of the danger it was put into.

SEO / SEM Expert Witness
Aug 2013 - Present

As an SEO / SEM Expert Witness, I have been engaged as a litigation consulting expert and testifying expert witness for clients in the space of:  Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, PPC - AdWords, Social Media, Forensic SEO

Litigation support and expert witness services range from case evaluation and research to providing deposition and court testimony.  Provide information on litigation support regarding SEO, SEM, PPC, and/or internet issues.

Case(s) worked on: Upon Request

Top Contributor
Jan 2011 - Present
Google Search Forum

Top Contributor, contributing to over 10,000 questions in Google Search & Google Webmaster Forums. Launched +HelpDeskHangouts On Air with three other TCs to help users with their questions about search and webmaster related issues, hosted every Friday and broadcasted on YouTube with over 90 hours of video tutorials.

  • Communicate to users how to fix issues with Search and SEO nationally and internationally
  • Teaching and keeping up-to-date on industry trends and how to apply best practices
  • Manage SEO Technical Community on Google+ of almost 2,000 members
  • Google Evangelist
  • SEO Evangelist

SEO Director – Senior Manager Audience Development
Feb 2013 - Present
Los Gatos, CA

  • Directed and led all SEO efforts for 450+ newspaper subdomains and the main parent site.  Led and implemented a full site overhaul for 450+ domains in 10 days and restructuredall of our SEO efforts. Led all SiteCatalyst efforts to correctly track variables and to increase traffic. Launched campaign to re-structure all internal searches.
  • Led all SEO efforts for on-site and external efforts
  • Taught SEO classes to all Wanderful Media Employees
  • Managed full site re-design with SEO in 10 days
  • Coordinated product design, product management, & engineering to incorporate SEO
  • Coordinated to remove low quality pages from SERP’s
  • Built and coordinated with Adobe to make SiteCatalyst function with faster page load times

Oct 2010 - Present
San Jose, CA

Plan, promote, execute charity bicycle ride of 62 miles across three counties and 9 cities to raise funds for various charities. With over 600 participants in 2014

SEO Director – Contract
Oct 2012 - Jan 2013
Salt Lake City, UT

  • Managed two main websites for an MLM company. XANGO has not had any real SEO since the company was founded 10 years ago. They have had firms but never anyone in-house. While working for XANGO I taught classes on the impact of SEO internally. Redesigned both XANGO and Favao for UX and SEO. Built a custom blog network to leverage 45,000 domestic and international distributors to have micro internal sites and create content for both main sites. Achieved 18.2 million page views per month on all sites.
  • Communicated to management on all SEO issues in written and verbal format.Communicated to DEV & IT all SEO issues and how to correct the issues, including follow up
  • Worked on over 100 international sites.
  • Set up Reputation Management Campaign to combat negative postings for brand name
  • Corrected 200 Google Analytics and Webmaster accounts
  • Created Google Analytics goals to help drive Founders’ online marketing plan
  • Corrected over 15,000 404 & 403 errors
  • Corrected over 100 blog posts for style and SEO guidelines
  • Leveraged 45,000 XANGO distributors to write content for both main sites
  • Trained the Social Team and HR Team to correctly post for SEO
  • Consolidated subdomains from the Google Index that were dragging the site down in rankings
  • Aligned PPC account with SEO guidelines

SEO Director
Jan 2012 - Oct 2012
R.S. Hughes Inc. Co 
Salt Lake City, UT

  • Managed a 200,000+ page website with over 50,000 keywords in 12 verticals. Lead SEO & PPC efforts to maximize verticals. One and a half million page views per month.
    Achieved $1 million per month in organic revenue during my last 3 months.
  • Developed long and short term SEO strategies to drive both company and product level branding
  • Communicated to 46 location managers to incorporate local SEO factors
  • Implemented SEO audits and summarized present findings to senior leadership
  • Oversaw training of all team members
  • Analyzed analytical data to determine results to enhance the site with current SEO tactics
  • Presented advanced SEO strategies to the VP and CEO
  • Structured the entire Social Media policy for R.S. Hughes for over 400 employees
  • Implemented SEO strategies, both on-site and off-site for internal and external optimization
  • Awareness of current SEO industry trends with daily interaction with Google engineers
  • Optimized local search results for 44 locations in the US
  • Provided keyword analysis, maintained master list of target keywords and taught keyword strategy to SEM team, VP, & CEO

SEO Manager
Mar 2011 - Dec 2011
Bluffdale, UT

  • Led my team to the highest overall rankings for all clients. Managed an Account Executive that was client facing and dealt with all clients. Managed and trained a Senior SEO
  • Specialist and Junior SEO Specialist. Worked with many clients to correct their CMS and taught them how and when to add new content to their website.
  • Managed and consulted on a variety of clients, both nationally and internationally, including,,, and Mrs. Fields Cookies websites.
  • Managed over 20 high profile clients from Fortune 500 to SMBs
  • Consistently managed over $65,000 in monthly SEO revenue
  • Supervised a team of three SEO Professionals
  • Led the highest performing team overall with rankings and traffic for clients
  • Within 6 months led my team to achieve over 500 keywords ranking on page one in SERPs

SEO - PPC - Social Media - Internet Marketing & Sales Manager
Oct 2010 - Mar 2011
American Fork, UT

  • Implemented and completed over 800 SEO audits and summarized presented findings to clients.
  • Provided backlink analysis and campaign or page-level recommendations for building links.
  • Oversaw training of team members.
  • Started and implemented the company blog with my solid knowledge of WordPress.
  • Managed a team of four people.

SEO - PPC - Social Media - Internet Marketing & Sales - Website Designer
Oct 2008 - Jul 2010
Blackbottoms Cyclewear
Sandy, UT

  • Responsible for all SEO, PPC, social media, website design, and web content
  • Ran effective SEO & PPC campaigns
  • Build social media following of over 25K on Twitter
  • Generated leads and increased product sales through marketing efforts


2006 - 2009
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT
B.S. Sports Management/Business Minor

Mar 2009 - Present
Utah Rider Education
Salt Lake City, UT
Motorcycle Safety Instructor
Instruct student groups of 5-10, to ride in classroom setting with instruction on an operational range.


Air Traffic Controller
U. S. Navy                                                                                        
Sasebo, Japan – El Centro, CA

  • Supervised 30+ people in a high stress environment with over 100,000 aircraft operations yearly.
  • Increased training productivity that led to 20 personnel being promoted.
  • Trained over 1,000 people in safety protocol.
  • Managed budget of $550,000 and handled coordination of training for 2000 personnel.


Working knowledge of: Python, HTML, XML, XHTML, PHP, GO, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Omniture, Majestic SEO, and many CMS’s