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Education & Work Experience

1971 Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from a college in New Jersey

1972-1979 Researched Jobs I Have Quit: A Guide for the Aspiring Romantic

1980 Manager of an emergency medical clinic in Texas

1984 Graduated from a chiropractic college in New York, received Doctor of Chiropractic
Teaching Fellow, Anatomy
Vinton E. Logan Memorial Award
Founder, Inter-Professional Health Students Association
Founder, Committee on Transformation

1985 Entered private practice in New York

1986 Visiting Lecturer for Stress Management in New York

1988 Proficiency Rated, Activator Method/Technique

1991-1999 Specialization, spine related trauma, acceleration/deceleration injuries and the forensic aspects of disorders of the spine interfacing with physicians in a multispecialty facility Specialization, computer assisted inclinometry and spinal biomechanics Expert Testimony in No Fault and Workers Compensation cases

1994-1995 Editor, “The Compassion Project,” multi-disciplinary anthology

1997-2001 college in New York, Master of Arts, Creative Writing

1998-1999 Study Coordinator, Astra-Merck ACTION Trial (Hypertension)

1999-2000 Study Coordinator/Sub-Investigator, AstraZeneca CLAIM Trial (Hypertension)

1999 (Spring) Lecturer at school in New York, Wellness

1999 (Fall) Adjunct Lecturer, college in New York: Freshman Composition

2000-present Adjunct Lecturer, School of Continuing and Professional Studies at a college in New York, Mastering Correct English: Improving Writing Skills; Clear Thinking, Clear Writing

2000-present Malpractice Case Review Expert

present Chiropractor-In-Residence, New York


Licensed chiropractor in State of New York

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