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Financial Analyst DOJ, suspicious financial activities, Compiled, researched, analyzed banking records, documents, financial transactions, Fraud, Embezzlement, Trademark Law, Due Diligence, Supply Chain Breaches, Undercover Operations, Sexual Harassment, Drugs in the Workplace,Criminal Investigator, Senior Special Agent, criminal investigations, individuals businesses involved transportation of narcotics the United States from Republic of Mexico, violations of the Code of Federal Regulations CFR, Trade Uniform Services Act TUSA, Export Control Act ECA, United States Code


Leadership and Direction – Strategic Planning and Security – Human Capital Management,  Business Development – Training


Bachelor of Science – Management / Marketing
University of Massachusetts, Boston, MA 1984
Certificate – Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Brunswick, GA
Federal law enforcement Agent Academy
Certificate- Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Brunswick, GA
California Qualified Manager, Licensed
California Private Investigator, Licensed
Credentialed Background Investigator NSA/ICE
LEOSA HR 218 Credentialed / Certified / Insured


Letter of commendation, Boston Police Department, 02/87
Letter of commendation, Town of Weston, 03/87
Certificate of Appreciation – Director of Intelligence, U.S. D.E.A. – El Paso, July 1994
Special Achievement Cash Award – U.S. Customs Service, San Diego – 06/1998.
Certificate of Commendation – Ohio Senate – Successful Prosecution of Steroids Smuggling/Distribution network.


A Private Company – 01/016/2011 to Present
Company Founder / CEO
•    Responsible for all aspects of a small business startup to include; business development,
operations, vendor relations, contract execution.
•    Development and delivery of company capabilities concerning threat management, money
laundering, business intelligence, incident response, anti-piracy, trademark and copyright
•    Approachable leader with over two decades of federal, state, and private sector experience.
•    Accomplished security professional; investigative expert holding a Top Secret (SSBI) clearance.

United States Department of Justice  – 04/2009- 09/2010
Office of the United States Attorney
San Francisco, California
As Financial Analyst (Sub-Contractor);
•    Compiled, researched, and analyzed banking records, documents, and financial transactions.
•    Collected intelligence data from reports, public information, field data, and other sources.
•    Synthesized and fused intelligence findings, made recommendations for action.
•    Identified and analyzed trends, generated summary reports.
•    Collaborated with management ensuring intelligence is consistent with defined needs.
•    Sworn access to Federal Grand Jury documents, e.g., Rule 6 (e)

Frasco Inc., – 01/2008 to 09/2008
Burbank, CA
As Investigative Consultant,
•    Developed, managed, and reported on investigations of Fraud and Embezzlement, Trademark
Law, Due Diligence, Supply Chain Breaches, Undercover Operations, Sexual Harassment and
Drugs in the Workplace.
•    Conducted statement interviews, documentary analysis; supervised sub-rosa investigations.
•    Developed proposals in support of risk management, outsourced litigation and workplace
•    Managed company wide marketing initiatives in support of the Workplace service line.
•    Provided litigation support through corporate counsel.

United States Department of Homeland Security – 06/2005 – 01/2006
Immigration and Customs Enforcement Boston, MA

Criminal Investigator (Senior Special Agent)
As lead investigator, directed and enforced federal law concerning the fraudulent manufacture, distribution, and transportation of Immigration and Nationalization Service (INS) documents, Social Security cards, and other like forms of identification.
•  Liaison to Federal, State and local law enforcement agencies.
•  Agency representative, Massachusetts State Police, Barnstable, MA.

United States Department of the Treasury – 05/2002 – 06/2005
United States Customs Service Boston, MA
Financial Investigator (Senior Special Agent)
Boston, MA
•    Liaison to the Boston Financial Task Force (IRS, FBI,Massachusetts State Police)
•    Identified, investigated any/all suspicious financial activities involving individuals, criminal
organizations, banks and other financial institutions posing a threat to the financial integrity of
the United States.

United States Department of the Treasury – 10/1996 – 06/2002
United States Customs Service San Diego, CA
Criminal Investigator (Special Agent)
Directed and managed criminal investigations on individuals and businesses, involved in the transportation of narcotics to the United States from the Republic of Mexico.
•  Investigations resulted in felony arrests, indictments, and convictions for criminal / civil  violations
of the United States Code.
•  Planned and participated in maritime smuggling investigations that resulted in asset
removal totaling $2.2 million dollars over a sixteen month period.
•  Developed and introduced covert electronic technologies that resulted in the seizure of$1.2
million dollars of narcotic proceeds smuggled to the Republic of Mexico.

Presented with Special Achievement Cash Award – Special Agent in
Charge, San Diego – 06/1998.

United States Department of the Treasury – 10/1987 – 06/2002

United States Customs Service, 11/1987 to 11/1996
Cleveland, OH
Criminal Investigator (Special Agent)
•    Executed and led international investigations concerning the import and export of textiles, currency, intellectual property, trademarked goods, munitions, and other commodities.
•    Team leader on drug enforcement actions, i.e., search warrants, surveillance, undercover operations.
operations, and witness protection.
•    Agency Liaison to U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, DEA (1990-1996)
•    Agency Liaison to State of Ohio, Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (BNDD)
•    Outreach Coordinator and public speaker.

Certificate of Appreciation – Drug Enforcement Administration, July 1994 from Director,  El Paso Intelligence Center

Special Assignments:
•  Agency representative Caribbean Drug Task Force – 05/1990 – 06/94
•  Secret Service Detail Coordinator – 05/1987 – 05/1990
•  Criminal Fraud Coordinator – 08/1991 to 09/1993

United States Department of the Treasury – 04/1984 – 11/1987
United States Customs Service Boston, MA

Customs Patrol Officer:
•    Reported on criminal and civil investigations concerning violations of the Code of Federal
Regulations (CFR), the Trade Uniform Services Act (TUSA), the Export Control Act (ECA), and the
United States Code.
•    Conducted mobile surveillance, source development, photography,evidence collection, and
report writing.
•    Co- case agent regarding the seizure of a cache of stolen motor cycles, destined for exportation
to the island of Cape Verde. Recovery of assets totaling $1.5 million dollars, joint investigation
with Massachusetts State Police.


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