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Telecommunications, Electrical Engineering, Audit, Inventory, Systems, Cable, Wiring, Call Centers, Cellular, Centrex, Computer Telephony Integration, Conference Calling, Contracts, Equipment Evaluation, Analysis, Paging, PBX, Project Management, Installation, Tariff, Voice Mail, Patent Review, Infringement Analysis, Product Design, System Design, Telephone Line Powered Devices, Secure Hardware, Digital Logic, Microprocessor Design, Patent Analysis, Reverse Engineering, Telecommunications Patents, Reverse Engineering of Hardware, Reverse Engineering of Firmware, Analog Telecommunications Systems, Digital Telecommunications Systems, DSL, ADSL, POTs, T3, FTTH, Power Supplies, Safety Requirements for Industrial Products, Safety Requirements for Commercial Products, UL, Telecoria, PE 68, Digital, Analog, Communications, Implementation, Testing, Development, Support, Broadband Services, Methods, Digital Channels, System Development, Technical Support, Telecom, Telephone, Telco, Telephone Equipment, ATT, Sprint, Qwest, Bellsouth, SBC, Pacific Bell, Verizon, Cable, Wireline, Voice, Ringing, DTMF, PBX, Design, Patents, Litigation, Analysis, Business Plan, Technical Requirements, International, Regulatory, Lightning, Grounding, Circuit Design, Contract, Consulting, Data, SLIC, Codec, v90, UL, Compliance, RBOC, Bellcore, Line Powered, Noise, Power, Measurement, Quality, EQA, Electronic, Microprocessor, Cordless Phones, Tracking General Location of Cellular Phones, External Quality Assessment, digital subscriber line, Dual tone multi frequency signaling,cell phone tower location

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Expert Witness for Telecommunications, Electrical Engineering, Patent Infringement, Claims Review & Communications.  Over 30 cases serving as an expert or expert witness, with affidavit, deposition & testifying experience.  Expert in patent infringement cases, claims review & analysis, cellular network architectures, cell phone configurations (hardware / mechanical / keypad design & applications and cell phone tower records review and analysis.  Communications expert – telecommunications.  Twisted pair copper cable design / applications, CAT type cable design / applications, cable winding technologies, cable patent analysis.  E911 Phase II liability and compliance issues. 800MHZ Radio System architectures, data packet network, consumer & medical  electronics -power supply.  Market analysis & surveys, audits and failure analysis.  I’m a hands-on design engineer with special expertise in cell phone design, VoIP, consumer & medical electronics, analog and digital telecommunications systems, PC Power Management & Regulation, DSP - Voice Recognition Systems, Internet, DSL, ADSL, POTS, T1, T3, FTTH, RF, power supplies, phone systems (wired / cordless).

Over 30 years experience in electrical engineering, product and system design / analysis, cable design, cellular technology, telephone line powered devices, secure hardware, digital logic, microprocessor design, copyright & patent analysis and reverse engineering.

Familiar with safety requirements for industrial / commercial products - UL, Telecordia, PE-68, NEBS. Over 30 US & International Patents awarded


1973-1977, Stanford University, Graduate work in Engineering and Business, Forensic studies.

1972-1973, Santa Clara University, Graduate work in Engineering and Business.

1971, San Jose State University, San Jose, CA, BS, Electrical Engineering.

Employment History

Consultant - 05/1996 – Present

Expert witness & testify, Intellectual property support services including reverse engineering of hardware, copyright & patent claims analysis, research, prior art searches.  Cellular systems, copper cable systems / design, fiber optic systems, Internet Access systems, DSP systems, FPGA architectures.

Electronic Product Design and development including copper cable system design, digital & analog design, microcontroller development, power supply design.

Major Expert Witness Cases include:
Patent Infringement / Claim Elements – Review, Comparison & Analysis / Testifying
Cell phone expert on cell tower records analysis, cell phone architecture, reverse engineering. Cell Phone design (hardware & mechanical) - patent infringement
Networks including GSM, TDMA, CDMA, EV-DO, GPRS, FOMA, wireless IP, etc
Services including SMS, EMS, MMS, VoIP, SS7, WiFi, email, instant messaging, etc. Protocols including SMS, EMS, MMS, HSDPA, WAP, TCP/IP, etc. E911 liability, compliance and regulatory issues, equipment failure and maintenance. 800 MHZ Radio System architecture, design, audits and failure analysis - Repeater systems. Consumer product analysis for electrical shock damage - copyright for technical manual applications. Twisted copper cable design / specification for DSL / ADSL2+ transport, 10/100 Mbit. Cable liability case involving cable installation procedures
VoIP systems - patent infringement. IVR systems - patent infringement. TV Desktop & cable boxes - patent infringement. UL safety testing, NEBS, IEC62052/53, IEC60601 (Medical), IEC61000 & RBOC lab testing. DSP & FPGA desktop / plug-in architecture design & reverse engineering. Fiber Optic system design & failure analysis - network management design. PC Power Supply (AT, ATX & Brick-laptop), market surveys & analysis. Multi-channel ADSL systems using DSL (gSHDSL) transport technology
20W - 50W power supply designs, line powered systems.

A Corporation located in San Jose, CA
Consultant 11/2007 - Present

Responsible for the design of a Power Supply used in an Electricity Smart Meter
DVT testing & test procedures

Network Company, Fremont, CA  (Start-up Company)
Engineering Director, Consultant, Founder (4/1996-11/2007)

Developed product plans, analyzed marketplace for product development, design and development of DSL / ADSL2+ carrier systems, DSP, FPGA, power supply design, cable specification & design
CAT type cable specification & recommendation for ADSL + installation
Wrote several patents using DSP, FPGA synchronization techniques
Development of a Network Management System for ADSL system

A Technical Services Company located in San Jose, CA
Consultant and Expert Witness (1989 - Present)

Client list Available Upon Request.

Technology Company located in Tustin, CA
Senior Engineer, Consultant, Founder (2/1987-1/1988)

Developed product plans, analyzed marketplace for product development, design and development of DAML (digital-add-a-main-line) carrier system

Telco Systems, Fremont, Ca.
Engineer / VP of Engineering (06/1983 - 01/1987)
Electrical engineering design / development / support for telecommunications products.

Expert Witness Services in Cellular, Cable Design, Consumer Electronics, Telecommunications Engineering and Copyright & Patent Review / Infringement / Litigation

Defendant accused of murder / using cell records to determine his location at time.

Defendant accused of abuse / robbery - using cell records to determine his location at time.

Defendant accused of abuse - Using cell records to determine his location at time.

Wrongful death suit involving use of chemicals in engineering repair lab (Defendant).

Patent infringement lawsuit over cable manufacturing patents.

Patent infringement lawsuit over transmission patents.

Case involving patent infringement in areas of cable (CAT 5) design, products (Defendant).

Case involving liability for cable damage / installation / design (Plaintiff).

E911 failure resulting in death and destructive fire.  Repeater equipment failure analysis (Plaintiff).

Case involving computers, telecommunications system - copyright & patent infringement analysis.

Interstate cell phone call & routing issue, illegal taping - (Plaintiff).

POA suing R&S Gates for faulty telephone equipment installation. (Defendant).

Murder accusation case and cell phone location identification via cell tower data.  E911 compliance.

Patent Infringement & claims analysis (Defendant).

TV Top Set Box design w/ PC power supply – copyright & patent infringement (Plaintiff).

Copyright & Patent Infringement & claims analysis (Defendant).

Microprocessor Application - Copyright & patent Infringement (Defendant).

Patent infringement – claims analysis and report (Plaintiff).

Patent Infringement (Defendant).

Case involving patent infringement – reverse engineering.

Case involving patent infringement (DSP / FPGA architectures relating to routers) - reverse engineering.

Copyright research, Claims analysis, Declaration.

Claims analysis, Patent Application review.

Claims Analysis, Patent analysis; Copyright analysis.

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“Super Star” award for superior telecommunications design

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