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Professional Summary

Senior Executive with P&L accountability for diverse domestic and international businesses within Du Pont’s Textile Fibers Division.  Consistent achievement in business management, domestic and international sales/operations, joint venture creation/management, and new business development, yielding continuous promotions and extensive experience in creating and leading winning organizations comprised of culturally and functionally diverse teams.

Professional Background

President of an International Marketing Firm, Charlotte, NC     2004-2007

Co-Owner and Managing Director of a consulting company that provides services to companies in the synthetic fiber, petrochemical, and textile markets helping them expand their international presence.

Provided expert witness testimony in Arbitration Hearing concerning contract dispute in a Merger and Acquisition Agreement.

Developed product certification and trademark program for marketing products

Du Pont Company, Wilmington, DE     2001 – 2004
Global Product Director and Regional Sales Director
Accountable for assets, products, and cash flow for $600 million global nylon apparel business.  Reported to the Executive Vice President of Global Apparel ($3 billion business).  Led business through significant product and asset restructuring to lower cost manufacturing in Mexico.
Assumed the additional role of North American Sales and Marketing Director ($440 million sales) for the apparel fiber business following completion of nylon restructuring activity.

Directed major business restructuring reducing work force 25% and shutting down plants with no labor unrest.

Implemented SAP for business enterprise resource planning and initiated global materials and logistics program for new supply patterns

Du Pont Company, Monterrey, Mexico     1991 – 2001
Apparel Fibers Director Mexico
Accountable for P&L of $200 million apparel fibers business in Mexico.  Served as Managing Director of two joint ventures with 13 direct reports and 500 total employees.  Additional responsibilities included lead negotiator for the resulting $150 million fixed asset investment.

Served on five Joint Venture Boards and was Chairman of one.

Led corporate acquisition process by developing the Memorandum of Understanding and Shareholder Agreements, negotiated acquisition price, restructured corporate governance, and developed and delivered leadership presentations for $180 million loan syndication.

Developed leadership team and drove on-time completion for $150 million Nylon 66 fiber plant.

Completed start-up of Nylon 66 partially and fully oriented fiber production.

Developed business model and initiated Nylon apparel fabrication business based on outsourcing productive capacity to take advantage of NAFTA.

Expanded Spandex plant and provided partner oversight for polyester and Nylon 6 businesses.

Du Pont Company, Wilmington, DE     1987 –1991

International Sales Manager
Accountable for all apparel fiber export sales of U.S. production ($35 million business).  Led eight direct reports and an sales agent structure in 20 countries.

Created branded “pull-thru” marketing program to support sales at 20-30% price premiums.
Reorganized sales agent structure, driving sales growth 10% annually.

Negotiated price and developed Contract for product outsourcing

Du Pont Company, Additional Roles, New York, Delaware, North Carolina     1978 – 1987

Business Strategist

Developed Marketing Program, fabric certification, and trademark identification programs for Supplex, a fine denier per filament nylon fiber.

Major Account Representative

Implemented Market Based Management for sales excellence.

Marketing Representative

Regional Marketing Assistant

Developed and implemented nylon yarn beaming premium formula.

Initiated new import logistics program to import fibers.

Market Demand Supervisor

Operations Supervisor

Process Engineer

Modified Polyester filament extrusion equipment to make partially oriented yarn.
Developed fiber finish emulsification technique.
Implemented new anti-bacteria finish metering device.
Developed new extrusion spinneret to modify fiber cross section.
Implemented new polyester staple crimping process.
Developed fabric testing technique to identify fiber physical property defects and dyeing deficiencies.

Education/Executive Training/Board Membership

B.S. Chemical Engineering, Virginia Tech

Board Memberships: American Fiber Manufacturers Association; Multiple Joint Venture Boards; an International Marketing Firm

Executive Training: Strategic Market Planning; Market Based Management; Six Sigma; Managing for Value

Functionally Bilingual – English – Spanish


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