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Textiles, Fabrics, Knitting, Manufacturing, Manufacturing Techniques, Technology, Physical Properties, Mechanical Properties Weaving, Yarn, Apparel, Airbag Fabrics, Home Furnishings, Testing, Textiles Knitting Fabrics, Non-woven Fabrics, textiles structures

Former Assistant Professor, Philadelphia University (formerly Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science). Teaching and conducting research and extension in textiles since 1997- present


Ph. D., Textiles Engineering, North Carolina State University, 1995
Master of Philosophy, Leicester Polytechnic, Leicester, UK ,1987
B.Sc., Textiles Engineering, Alexandria University Egypt, 1983

Industrial Experience:

Assistant VP (1995-1997) Unity Mills, North Carolina, USA. The company is a vertical apparel manufacturer and second largest thermal wear producer in USA. My responsibilities involve dealing with raw materials, quality assurance, product development, sourcing, merchandising, fabric engineering and customer services.

Engineer, STIA Co., Egypt (1983-1991). As an Engineer. I was in charge of 250 textiles machines, production scheduling, product development, quality control procedure, fabric specifications, implementation of the maintenance program and spare part purchase

Project Management Experience:

Industrial and Research Projects:

  • US Congressional Report on the “ An assessment of the Health and Competitiveness of US Textiles Industry-its Relation to National Security” July 2003
  • Strategic Resources Inc. (DoC subcontractor), Consultant, July 2003
  • Dupont Consultant (2001)
  • US Dept. of States Consultant “USAID” (1999, 2000)
  • Photonics Labs/DoD subcontractor Consultant (2001, 2002)
  • Foster Miller/DoD subcontractor- Consultant (1999)
  • International Institute for Education IIE Consultant (1999, 2000)
  • Consultant to more than 20 US and International Companies (1997-2002)
  • National Science Foundation reviewer (1998-2000)

Applied Research Grants and Projects

  • During my tenure in Philadelphia University, grants were received from these organizations:
  • United States Dept. of Commerce- NTC (2001-2003) $ 300K
  • United States Dept. of Defense/Photonics (2001-2002) $ 70 K
  • United States Dept. of Defense/Photonics (2001-2003) $ 80 K
  • United States Navy/ Foster Miller (2000) $18K
  • US Dept. Of States/USAID/IIE (1999) $11K
  • Federal Mogul (2001) $ 3K

Product Development

  • Manufacturing of Smart Textile Integrating Optical and Electrical
  • Conductors and Sensors (US Army Natick-Worrier System Technologies/Photonics) (2001-2002)
  • A Novel Fiber Optic System for Measuring the Structural behavior of Parachutes (USA Army Natick-Worrier System Technologies/Photonics)(2001-2002)
  • Develop an Integrated Tactile Transduction Garment for in – Flight Spatial Orientation. (US Army Natick-Worrier System Technologies/Foster Miller) (2000)
  • On-Line Weight and Shrinkage Control of Cotton Knits (National Textile Center) (2001-2002)
  • Comfort Engineering of Knits (National Textile Center with Auburn University)(2000-2002)
  • Apparel Technology for Executives (US Dept. of States-USAID/IIE) (1999)
  • Industrial and Biomedical applications of textile products (research projects (1997-2002)

Technical Experiences

Worked on research projects, trouble shooting and problem solving for:

  • National Textile Center
  • United Stated Army- Worrier Systems Technologies/Photonics Labs
  • United States Navy/ Foster Miller Inc (defense research company)
  • DoC-Office of Strategic Industries and Economic Security
  • GoodYear Rubber and Tire Company
  • Dupont
  • Federal Mogul
  • JC Penny
  • Capital Mercury
  • Sulzer Ruti America- (Expert Witness)
  • Glendale Borden (Expert Witness)
  • Travelers Insurance Company (Expert Witness)
  • Narricot Industries
  • Sauquioit Industries Inc
  • Core Resources Inc.
  • CYDSA (Mexico)
  • Ultracril (Mexico)
  • Supply Chain Management solutions for the Textile Industry, Direction Data Inc.
  • World Trading Company (Egypt)
  • United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
  • Institute of International Education/Washington DC
  • Griffin Manufacturing
  • Glendale Borden Inc.

Reviewer & Evaluator

  • Worked as a reviewer for proposals for the National Science Foundation for its international cooperative science activities (1998-2002)

Expert Witness

  • Worked as an expert witness and testified in PA Federal Court for the for law firms on behalf of the following textiles companies
  • Sulzer Ruti America (2000)
  • Glendale Borden (2002)
  • Travelers Insurance Company (2003)

Book Reviewer:

  • Worked as a reviewer for Prentice Hall Publisher, Columbus, OH for their book
    “ Machine Knitting by Injoo Kim, Ruth Burbank, and Mary Plumbo”

Teaching Experience at Philadelphia University:

Taught the following courses:

  • Undergraduate Courses
  • T551 for Design and Technology majors
  • T 552 for Design and Technology majors
  • T550 for Engineering major
  • Independent study (T 890)
  • Graduate Courses
  • MT02 for Technology and Engineering majors
  • MT12 for Technology and Engineering majors
  • MT 50 for Design major
  • In my teaching, design and technology are integrated together by encouraging students to use Emails, Internet, Power Point presentations and class web page
  • Supervise the Master research thesis for three students in technology and engineering
  • Taught all short courses organized by Dept. of Continuing Education, Philadelphia University (PVH, basic textiles, US defense personnel support system, IIE, etc)
  • Invited experts and guest speakers from the industry (Dr. R. Warburton, R. Dougherty, Dr. M. Sultan) to present to the students the latest developments in the industry (1998, 1999, 2000, 2001)
  • Organized field trips to the industry for the students on regular basis (J.E. Morgan, Shima Seiki, and Prodesco). Relate the knowledge gained in the classroom to the latest manufacturing technologies (1999, 2000, 2001, 2002)
  • Physics instructor, NCSU (1994)
  • Computer Lab. instructor, College of Textiles, NCSU (1993-1995)

Service Activities at Philadelphia University

  • Member in University student conduct committee
  • Advised 30 freshmen in the Advising and Counseling center
  • Member in school ABET accreditation committee
  • Member in the University academic program committee
  • Member and School representative in the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
  • Member in student evaluation task force
  • Member in faculty search committee in school of textiles and materials technology
  • Member in faculty search committee for school of business.
  • Participated in University Open houses and Graduate Open House
  • Taught knitting course for the GTM program (on behalf of Dean Brookstein)
  • Worked with Prof. Pastore and Goutman to invite international and national experts in textiles in the seminar series.
  • Represented Philadelphia University in National Textile Center task force to determine the best method to limit the number of NEW proposals to
  • about 100
  • Help in student recruitments for textile engineering and the Global Textile Marketing program
  • Participated in the National Textile Center meetings
  • Participated in the seminar “ Geography is Destiny: Dialogue about history, place, culture and religion, organized by Academic Affair
  • Donated knitted fabric worth more than $ 5000.00 for the fashion Design program
  • Organized and participated in the Seminar “ Technology of Apparel Manufacturing”
  • Help in the organization of filed trip to ATME-1, 2001, Greenville, SC.
  • Represented the University in Industrial Fabric Association International booth, Orlando, Florida 2000.

Continuing Education

SAP R3, L020, L050 levels for SAP business solutions (ERP, MRP) (1999)
Transducers and Measurement Techniques by Measurement Group, Raleigh, NC. (1991)

Mayer & Cie technical school, Germany for circular knitting.(1988)
Bentley engineering technical training school, U.K for circular knitting (1985)

Management of Manufacturing Operations, AUC (1984)

Professional Organizations

Fiber Society
Honorary member of Phi Psi National Textile Fraternity


Assistantship from College of Textiles, NCSU
Scholarship from the Egyptian government to study in UK

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