Thanatologist Grief Loss Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

recent traumatic loss issues, long term traumatic loss issues, unresolved traumatic loss issues, complicated traumatic loss issues, traumatic loss issues, divorce, childhood abuse, amputation, abortion, job loss, trauma, trauma rape, trauma incest, trauma combat, trauma violence, trauma ritual sexual abuse, dissociation, dissociative identity disorder, depression, chronic depression, unremitting depression, situational depression, medical issues, spiritual issues, meaning purpose, clergy abuse, religious abuse, hypnosis for medical, psychological, spiritual issues, thanatology, thanatology, death, dying & grief, bereavement, grief loss counselor, emotional suffering, psychological pain suffering, psychological trauma, therapy, southern california, doctor, therapist, psychologist, civil litigation

Highlights of Qualifications

Seasoned Clinician
Expert Thanatologist
Expert Witness: Grief and Loss Issues
Skillful Pastoral/Spiritual Counselor
Experienced Hypnotherapist
Veteran Parent Educator, Teacher, Trainer

Specializing In

Grief, Loss Issues, Trauma, Dissociation, Depression, and Spiritual Issues, Trauma includes: sexual assault, incest, abuse, violence, religious abuse.

Clinical Orientation
Psychodynamic with an emphasis on interpersonal process, which is informed by Attachment Theory
and Existentialism.

Clinical Experience

Individual, family, couple, and group therapy with adults, teens, and young children. Risk assessments, Parenting groups, Grief groups.

Overview of Patients Treated

Age 1-104; bereaved, terminally ill, addicts, mentally ill, developmentally disabled, deaf, and gifted.

Overview of Issues Treated

Combat PTSD, trauma, dissociation, Dissociative Identity D/O, Bi-polar D/O, OCD, anxiety, Panic  D/O, phobias, domestic violence, rape, incest, abuse, teen pregnancy, abortion, miscarriage, alcohol/drug abuse, HIV/AIDS, dementia, chronic depression, chronic illness, terminal illness, bereavement, sexual orientation, erotic minorities, encopresis, enuresis, attachment issues, earthly reconciliation, spiritual disintegration, and issues of the mentally ill.


Ph.D.     Pastoral Ministry – Interfaith Pastoral Counseling
Newburgh Theological Seminary, Summa Cum Laude
Dissertation: “Pastoral Counseling and Chaplaincy in Interfaith Settings.”

Psychology – w/ Emphasis on Marriage and Family Therapy
California Graduate Institute, Summa Cum Laude
(Qualifying degree for licensure as a Marriage & Family Therapist.)

Counseling Psychology-w/ Specialization in Loss Issues & Bereavement, Greenwich University, Summa Cum Laude, (U.S. equivalency, credentials evaluation, by International Education Research Foundation, Inc.) Thesis: “Clinical Perspectives and Reflections on the Interface Among Psychotherapy, Spirituality and Chaplaincy in Working with Dying Patients and Their Families.”

Post-doctoral, continuing education focus:  Loss Issues, Bereavement, Trauma, and Dissociation.

Professional Licenses and Certifications: All certifications are current.

MFT: Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, 9/09 State of California
CT: Certified in Thanatology: Death, Dying and Bereavement, 1/06 Asso. for Death Education and Counseling
NCABF: Nationally Certified Advanced Bereavement Group Facilitator, 4/01 American Academy of Bereavement
Bereavement Facilitator Certification, 11/99 American Academy of Bereavement
CPE: Clinical Pastoral Education, 7/00 St. Joseph Hospital, Orange, Ca.
CCH: Consulting Hypnotist, 12/08 National Guild of Hypnotists
CMH: Certified Medical Hynotherapist,10/05 Amer. Psychological Asso.-approved
NCPE: Nationally Certified Parent Educator: Hard-to-parent Children, 7/06 The Parenting ProjectR

Professional Liability Insurance
American Professional Agency, Inc.

Professional Experience

Expert Witness: Grief and Loss Issues, Ongoing

Marriage & Family Therapist; Executive Director  The House of Ruach: A California non-profit (founded Feb. 2009), Ongoing
Provide psychotherapy, pastoral counseling, and hypnosis for psychological and spiritual issues.
Treat adults, teens, and children; conducting individual, couples’ and group therapy.

Marriage & Family Therapist Intern Living Success Center, Costa Mesa, Ca., Internship 8/06-10/08
Population: Low-income individuals, couples, and families. Provided individual, group, couples’, and family therapy for adults, children, and teens. Conducted parenting classes for court-ordered patients and self-referred patients. Certified Parent Educator; Bereavement Counselor & Educator.

Therapist (Volunteer) Women’s Transitional Living Center, Fullerton, Ca. 2/05-7/05
Population: Domestic violence victims (female) and their children. Conducted parenting education classes, group therapy, and individual therapy.

Bereavement Counselor & Chaplain
Odyssey Home Hospice, Garden Grove, Ca., Employee 1/04-8/05
Continuum Quality Hospice, Garden Grove, Ca., Internship, 7/99-7/00
Population: Terminally ill patients, their families, children, caregivers, and hospice staff.                  Provided bereavement counseling and pastoral counseling for patients and their families.
Conducted spiritual care evaluations; participated in Interdisciplinary Team meetings;
conducted in-service training for hospice and nursing facilities staff (per Medi-Cal regs).
Conducted funerals and memorial services.  In-house EAP provider.

Optimist Youth Homes & Family Services, Long Beach, Ca., 3/02-6/02
Population: Foster children age 1-17 years, foster parents, siblings, and birth families.
Conducted child and adult individual psychotherapy, loss counseling, family and conjoint
therapies, parenting education, and psychoeducational interventions. Advanced court-
ordered reunification, psychiatric evaluations, and I.E.P. process.  Wrote psychological/
behavioral assessments, treatment plans, and reports for D.M.H. and the Court.

Bereavement Therapist & Chaplain
Wells House Hospice, Cherry Ave.,  Long Beach, Ca), Employee 1/00-1/02
Population: Terminally ill patients, their families, children, caregivers, and hospice staff.                  Internship, 7/00-12/00
Provided weekly individual psychotherapy, grief counseling, family therapy, and pastoral
counseling for patients, caregivers, and staff. Conducted bereavement risk assessments and
spiritual assessments; investigated patient’s mental health history; prepared treatment plans;
participated in Treatment Team meetings; conducted staff tutorials and professional develop-ment seminars; wrote psychoeducational materials.  Responsible for Medi-cal and Medi-care
quality-assurance compliance. Conducted funerals and memorial services. In-house EAP.

Psychiatric Social Worker
La Casa Mental Health Rehabilitation Ctr., Long Beach, Ca., 10/00-5/01
Population: Locked facility. Chronically mentally ill, including dual-diagnosed and Develop. Disab.
DID NOT FUNCTION AS A SOCIAL WORKER.  Psychodynamic therapist: provided individual therapy for higher-functioning clients and conducted group therapy focusing on loss issues.  Prepared case notes and monthly summaries, conducted initial mental health assessments and risk
assessments.  Liaison among Regional Center, case managers, conservators, families.
In-house sexual assault specialist.  In-house E.A.P. provider.


1976 – 1999
Executive Director and Victim-Witness Advocate, Rape Hotline of Long Beach, Inc, Long Beach, Ca.

Director, CHOICES, a gang-avoidance program, Gr. Long Beach, Girl Scout Council, Long Beach, Ca.

Family Planning Counselor, Phoenix Family Medical Clinic, Long Beach, Ca.

Lecturer: Sexual Assault, Self-employed, So. California

Professional Affiliations: Member-in-good-standing.

  • California Asso. of Marriage & Family Therapists (CAMFT), Category:  Clinical Member
  • CAMFT, Orange County Chapter, Category: Clinical Member
  • Spiritual Directors International, Category: Pastoral/Spiritual Director
  • Association for Death Education and Counseling, Category: Certified Thanatologist
  • National Guild of Hypnotists, Category: Consulting Hypnotist
  • International Society for the Study of Trauma & Dissociation, Category: Clinical Member




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