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Thoracic Radiology Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

thoracic radiology, thoracic imaging, cardiovascular, pulmonary, xray, x ray, CT scan, cardiopulmonary imaging, diagnostic imaging, chest, lung disease, asbestos, radioisotope, radiotherapeutic, nuclear medicine, Chest X ray, CT Scanning, Diagnosis of Occupational Lung Disease, Asbestos Disease of the Thorax, Manifestations of Sarcoidosis, Photofluorographic Interpretation, Magnetic Resonance Imaging


Has been an expert witness on over 200 cases for more than 50 firms throughout the United States for the past 35 years. During that time all verdicts have gone in the direction of the testimony he presented.


A.B. (Magna cum Laude) in Chemistry M.D. M.Sc.  (Radiology)

Syracuse University, June 1951

Albany Medical College, June 1955 University of Pennsylvania, June 1961




Voluntary Professor or Radiology: University of California, San Diego. Jan. 1, 2012 to present

Professor Emeritus:  George Washington University, 1993-present

Editor-in-Chief:  Investigative Radiology, 1966-1976

Chairman:  Radiology, George Washington U. Med. Cntr., 1971-1977, 1989-1990.

President:  The Society of Thoracic Radiology, 1982-1984

Executive Director:  The Society of Thoracic Radiology, 1982-1987

Member: Editorial Board, Journal of Thoracic Imaging, 1985-1998

Reviewer:  Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography, 1996-present

Examiner:  American Board of Radiology, 1971-1979

Fellow:  American College of Radiology, 1975-present

Fellow:  American College of Chest Physicians, 1982-present

Diplomate:  American Board of Medical Examiners, 1956-present

Diplomate:  American Board of Radiology, 1963-present

Member:  Roster, Distinguished Scientific Advisors, RSNA Research & Educational Foundation, 1999-to the present.

Reviewer:  CHEST, 2003- to the present

Gold Medal Recipient:  First Gold Medal of Society of Thoracic Radiology-March 26, 2007


November 1999 – present
Member, San Diego Pulmonary Society

June 1993 – present
Professor Emeritus: Department of Radiology, the George Washington University Medical Center –  Washington, D.C.

Sept. 1989 – Sept. 1990
Interim Chairman and Professor of Radiology, The George Washington University Medical Center –
Washington, D.C.

Jan. 1978 – June 1993
Professor of Radiology and Head of Thoracic Radiology: The George Washington University Medical Center – Washington, D.C.

July 1971 – June 1977
Professor and Chairman and Senior Consultant in Thoracic Radiology Department of Radiology:
The George Washington University Medical Center – Washington, D.C.

July 1968 – July 1971
Associate Professor of Radiology, In charge of Pulmonary Radiology Section and Diagnostic Pulmonary Radiology Research Laboratories, Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology Washington University School of Medicine – St. Louis, Missouri

June 1968 -July 1968
Associate Professor of Radiology Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Radiology Section Yale University: School of Medicine – New Haven, Connecticut

July 1965 – June 1968
Assistant Professor of Radiology Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Radiology: Yale University School of Medicine – New Haven, Connecticut

May 1961 – June 1965
Staff Radiologist (Cardiovascular and Research): Clinical Center National Institutes of Health – Bethesda, Maryland

January 1958 – April 1961
Fellow and US PHS Trainee Department of Radiology Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania –  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

July 1956 – January 1958
Active Duty, Enlisted, U.S. Navy, (Lt.) Instructor in Photofluorographic Interpretation, Tuberculosis Control Section U.S.N. Medical School – Bethesda, Maryland

June 1955 – June 1956
Rotating Internship U.S.N. Hospital Bethesda, Maryland


September 1992 Invited Lecturer, Society of Occupational Medicine

May 1992
Visiting Lecturer Chest X-ray and CT Scanning: Clues to a Diagnosis of Occupational Lung
Disease ACOEM Workshop – Washington, D.C.

January – February 1992
Special Training in Magnetic Resonance Imaging

June 7, 1990
Invited Lecturer: Collegium Ramazzini “Non-Invasive Detection of Early Asbestos-Associated Disease of the Thorax: Algorithmic Analysis of Radiographic, Nuclear and Serologic Tests – New York, New York

May 16, 1990
Member Scientific Advisory Council Collegium Ramazzini Panel Moderator: “Radiology of Chest Disease”
American Roentgen Ray Society Meeting – Washington. D.C.

June 1990 – present
Invited Speaker: “Fibrocystic Lung Disease in AIDS-Related PCP, Histologic Basis for Radiographic Manifestation” Society of Thoracic Radiology Meeting – Naples, Florida

October 28-29, 1989
Panel Participant: “Recertification: Its Impact on the Academic Radiologist” Society of Chairmen of Academic Radiology Departments Meeting – Washington, D.C.

April 4, 1989
Invited Lecturer: The Raymond Beeler Memorial Lecture University of Indiana School of Medicine – Indianapolis, Indiana

March 20-22, 1989
Invited Participant: Collegium Ramazzini “Differential Effects of Various Asbestos Fibers on the Human Body” – Ottawa, Canada

August 23-26, 1988
Participant: Vllth International Pneumoconioses Conference ILO Workshop on “ILO International Classification of Radiographs of Pneumoconioses – Pittsburgh, PA

September 6-11, 1987
Lecturer: “Analysis of Unusual Manifestations of Sarcoidosis: A Review of Radiographic Features”
XI World Congress on Sarcoidosis – Milan, Italy

May 1987
Visiting Professor: Vanderbilt University Medical School – Nashville, Tennessee

May 1986
Visiting Professor: University of Arkansas Medical Center – Little Rock, Arkansas

November 1985
Visiting Scientist to Pneumoconiosis Panel – London United Kingdom

April 1985
Visiting Professor: University of California at Davis

1984 – 1988
Invited lecturer Post-Graduate Courses and Scientific Sessions Society of Thoracic Radiology

August 1984- February 1985
Sabbatical, Asbestosis Research with Dr. Elliot Kagan, Department of Pathology Georgetown University – Washington, D.C.

November 3-4, 1984
Participant: “Unusual Manifestations of Thoracic Sarcoidosis” Chest Radiology Course University of Arkansas Medical Center – Little Rock, Arkansas

December 9, 1983
Member: N I H Study Section National Institutes of Health – Crystal City, Virginia

October 12-1 5, 1983
Participant: Washington in the Fall Meeting –  Washington, D.C.

June 13-14, 1983
Member: N I H Study Section “Evaluation of Ventilation-Perfusion Scans and Pulmonary Angiography in Patients Suspected of Having Pulmonary Embolism” NHBLI, National Institutes of Health – Bethesda, Maryland

April 27, 1983
Member: NIH Special Study Section on Contrast Media National Institutes of Health – Bethesda, Maryland

April 24-29, 1983
Invited Lecturer: “The Proper Radiologic Assessment of Pneumoconioses Using Asbestosis as a Model” Occupational Lung Disease Seminar American Occupational Medical Association – Washington, D.C.

April 10-14, 1983
Invited Lecturer and Participant: “Radiographic Diagnosis of Nonvascular ChestInjury” Thoracic Trauma Course 11th Annual Spring Meeting American College of Surgeons – Washington, D.C.

April 1983
Invited Lecturer American Occupational Health Conference: “The Proper Radiographic Assessment of Pneumoconiosis Using Asbestosis as a Model” Postgraduate Seminar on Occupational Lung Disease –  Washington, DC

October 27-29, 1982
Visiting Professor: “The Chronic ‘Alveolar’ Process” – University of Texas Galveston, Texas

September 29 .October 2, 1982
Panel Moderator: Panel on Pulmonary Embolism, Second International Symposium on Clinical Application of Cardiopulmonary Imaging – Lake Tahoe, Nevada

November 1981
Invited Participant: International Symposium on Clinical Application of Cardiopulmonary Imaging – Lake Tahoe, Nevada

November 12-14, 1981
Participant: “New Radiological Approaches to the Diagnosis of Advanced Cancer” Management of Advanced Cancer Symposium – Amarillo, Texas

October 11-24, 1981
Participant: “Correlative Imaging in Diseases of the Thorax” NATO Advanced Study Institute Diagnostic Imaging in Medicine Castelvecchio – Pascoli, Italy

April 27-29, 1981
Invited Lecturer: “The Radiographic Recognition of Problems in the Critically III Patient’ Update in General Surgery Conference – Washington, DC

October 2-5, 1980
Participant: Radiology Seminars Course XX .Chest: Radiography, Nuclear Medicine and Interventional –
Las Vegas, Nevada

February 11, 1980
Invited Speaker: Nuclear Medicine Imaging and Radioisotope Techniques Course National Naval Medical Center – Bethesda, Maryland

November 17, 1979
Participant: “The Role of Diagnostic Radiology in Pulmonary Neoplasm” A Symposium on Lung and Breast Cancer: An Update for the Practicing Physician Presented by Montgomery General Hospital – Rockville, Maryland

October 29, 1979
Invited Speaker: Nuclear Medicine Imaging and Radioisotope Techniques Course, National Naval Medical Center – Bethesda, Maryland

June 6, 1979
Site Visitor: Diagnostic Radiology, Misericordia Hospital Medical Center – New York, New York

June 1979
Member: Study Section, National Institutes of Health – Bethesda, Maryland

January 13, 1979
Invited Lecturer: “Application of CT Scanning to Cranial and Chest Tumors”, “Application of CT Scanning to Abdominal and Pelvic Tumors”, Hospital Cancer Program Part II, St. Joseph’s Hospital – Tampa, Florida

January 12, 1979
Invited Lecturer: “Application of CT Scanning to Abdominal and Pelvic Tumors”, Symposium: Highlights in Cancer, Part 1, 1979 St. Vincent’s Medical Center – Jacksonville, Florida

September 1978
Participant: Cancer Research Manpower Review Committee National Institutes of Health – Bethesda, Maryland

July 1977 – December 1977
Sabbatical, Laboratory of Immunodiagnosis, National Cancer Institute, Laboratory of Ronald B. Herberman, M.D. & Robert McIntyre, M.D.) National Institutes of Health – Bethesda, Maryland

November 10, 1977
Visiting Professor: Michigan Radiological Society – Dearborn, Michigan

June 12-14, 1977
Consultant: National Research Services Award Review Division of Heart and Vascular Disease – Chevy Chase, Maryland

June 1977
Member: Study Section, NHBLI, National Institutes of Health – Bethesda, Maryland

April 14-17, 1977
Participant: Radiology Seminars Course XV. Chest – Las Vegas, Nevada

December 18, 1976-January 2, 1977
Visiting Professor: Hadassah University Ichilow Hospital, Haifa Medical School Bersheba University Rambam University Hospital – Israel

December 9-12, 1976
Participant: “The Economics of CT Scanning in Large Institutions” Radiology Seminars Computed Tomography-Head and Body – Las Vegas, Nevada

November 1976
President-Elect: D.C. Chapter of the American College of Radiology

June 1976
Director and Lecturer Bicentennial Radiology Course Washington, DC

May 31 – June 5, 1976
Participant: “Computerized Tomographic Scanning” “Radiotherapeutic and Nuclear Medicine Advances”
Biomed ’76 Program – Bucharest, Romania

May 27 – 29, 1976
Invited Speaker: “The Evolving Role of Computed Tomography in Radiation Oncology” American Cancer Society National Conference on Radiation Oncology. Present Status and Future Potential – San Francisco, California

April 1976
Member: National Institutes of Health Study Section on Breast Cancer National Cancer Institute – Bethesda, Maryland

March 22, 1976
Visiting Professor: “The Definitive Diagnosis of Pulmonary Disease by the Radiologist”, Houston Radiological Society – Houston, Texas

Visiting Lecturer; Armed Forces Institute of Pathology – Washington, DC

Member: Diagnostic Radiology Advisory Group-II, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health – Bethesda, Maryland

1976 – 1982
Site Visitor
American Board of Radiology for accreditation of training programs

December 11-14, 1975
Participant: “Technique for Lower Extremity Venography” Radiology Seminars, Course XII .Nuclear Medicine – Las Vegas, Nevada

August 1974 – December 1974
Member: Committee on Background Report of Guidance for Diagnostic X-Ray Studies in Federal Health Care Facilities Environmental Protection Agency – Washington, D.C.

January 1973 .June 1977
Consultant in Radiology: U.S. Naval Medical Center – Bethesda, Maryland

July 1973 – June 1976
Member: Diagnostic Radiology Advisory Committee II National Institutes of Health – Bethesda, Maryland

January 1973 – June 1975
Member: Assembly of Life Sciences National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences Committee on Radiology

December 11-14, 1972
Participant: “An Update of Procedures in Diagnostic Radiology”, 7th Midyear Topical Symposium Health Physics Society Health Physics in the Healing Arts – San Juan, Puerto Rico

December 1 972 – June 1984
Consultant: Clinical Center Radiology Department National Institutes of Health – Bethesda, Maryland

January 1 972 – June 1977
Consultant in Radiology Veteran’s Administration Hospital –  Washington, D.C.

June 1970
Invited Participant: Anglo-American Symposium on Future of Diagnostic Radiology, CIBA Foundation – London, UK

July 1968 – July 1971
Consultant Radiologist, (Chest Diseases) Veteran’s Administration Hospital – St. Louis, Missouri

Assistant Radiologist, Barnes and Allied Hospitals – St. Louis, Missouri January 1969 – July 1971

October 1968 – July 1971
Consultant Radiologist, (Chest Diseases) Homer G. Phillips Hospital – St. Louis, Missouri

July 1 967 – July 1968
Member: Task Force on X-Ray Image Analysis and Systems Development, National Center of Radiation Health – Bethesda, Maryland


Member, Cost Containment Steering Committee 1989-1 992

Chairman, Long Range Planning Committee’s Subcommittee on Anatomy! Physiology 1989-1 990

Member, Medical Faculty Associates’ Governing Board 1989-1990

Member, Hospital Medical Staff Executive Committee 1989-1990

Member, Long Range Planning Committee 1989-1990

Member, Graduate Medical Education Committee 1989-1990

Member, Medical Faculty Associates’ Bylaws Committee 1989-1990

Senator, Medical Center Faculty Senate Radiology Medical Faculty Associates’ Advisory Committee
(Elected Representative)

Member, Medical Faculty Associates’ Bylaws Committee 1987 -1989 1987-1989, 1986-1987

Chairman, Ad Hoc Committee on Academic Affairs, Radiology Department 1984-1989

Medical Center Senate Committee on Admissions and Advanced Standing 1982-1984

Chairman, Departmental Ad Hoc Committee on Faculty “Expense Account” 1980

Member, Ad Hoc Committee for the Establishment of a Legal Resources Fund, Medical Society of D.C.
Faculty Senate -University (Elected Representative) 1976-1977, 1976-1978

Public Relations of Medical Center, Ad Hoc Committee 1976-1977

Search Committee for Department of Nuclear Medicine Chairman Washington Hospital Center 1976-1977

Search Committee for Chairman, Department of Medicine 1976-1977

Public Relations Representative to the AAMC for the Society of Chairmen of Academic Radiology Departments Administrative Matters as They Affect the Faculty (Chairman) 1975-1977

Patient Advocacy Committee (Chairman) 1975-1977

Search Committee for Medical Director -University Hospital 1975-1977

Faculty Senate -Medical Center (Elected Representative) 1975-1978

Medical Center Space Committee 1975-1977

Hospital Space Committee 1975-1977

Steering Committee to Revise Clinical Practice Plan 1975-1977

Ross Hall Space Committee 1975-1977

Member, Medical-Legal Committee, D.C. Medical Society 1975-1978

Advisory Committee on Academic Affairs 1974-1975

Clinical Autonomy Committee (Chairman) 1974-1977

Steering Committee 1974-1975

Medico legal Problems Committee -D.C. Medical Society 1974-1977

Allied Health Committee (Chairman) 1973-1977

Graduate Education Planning Committee 1973-1975

Chairman, Brain Tumor Subcommittee, Ad Hoc Diagnostic Radiology Research Advisory Group 1973-1974

Executive Committee – Hospital 1973-1977

Long Range Planning Committee 1973-1974

Constitution and Bylaws Committee 1972-1974

Chairmen’s Council 1972-1977

Medical Center Faculty Assembly 1972-1977

Ambulatory Care Division Executive Committee 1971-1977

Radiation Safety Committee 1971-1977

Research Committee 1971-1974

Search Committee for Radiology Chairman at Children’s Hospital 1971-1972

Human Research Committee 1992-1993

Chairman, Ad Hoc Committee on Diagnostic Radiology Departmental Medical Faculty Associates Contract Committee 1992-1993


Member, American College of Radiology, 1963 -present
Member, American Federation for Clinical Research, 1964
Member, Association of University Radiologists, 1966 -present
Member, Missouri State Medical Society, 1968
Member, St. Louis Medical Society, 1968
Member, American Medical Association, 1968 – present
Member, Radiological Society of North America, 1969 - present
Fellow, American College of Radiology, 1965 – present
Member, American Roentgen Ray Society, 1975 – present
Member, District of Columbia Medical Society, 1971 – present
Member, District of Columbia Thoracic Society, 1978 – present
Founding Member, Society of Thoracic Radiology, 1982
Member, American Thoracic Society, 1982 – present
Member, Council on Critical Care, A.C.C.P., 1983
Member, Society of Chairmen of Academic Radiology Departments 1971-1977, 1989.1990 Member, Society for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 1989 – 1993
Member, New York Academy of Medicine, 1992 - 1993


Editor-in-Chief, Investigative Radiology, 1966 -1976

Guest Editor, Journal of Thoracic Imaging, Volume 3, No.4, Inorganic Dust Diseases: Issues and
Controversies, October 1988

Editorial Board, Journal of Thoracic Imaging, 1985-1992


96 Publications Available Upon Request