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Toxic Chemical Exposure & Environmental Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Toxic Chemical Exposure, Environmental, Toxics, Chemicals, Toxic Chemicals, Chemical Exposure, Toxic Exposure, Toxic Tort, Chemical Plant, Benzene, Hexavalent, Chromium, Toxic Grid, Petroleum, Petroleum Refineries, Smoke, Chemical Plant, Toxic Chemical Cargo, Carbon Dioxide, Dry Ice, Sulfuric Acid, Methamphetamine Lab, Vehicle Gasoline, Granular Chemical,


University of Arkansas at Fayetteville

1960 BS Chemical Engineering
1964 MS Chemical Engineering
1967 Ph D Chemical Engineering
1966 Society of Sigma XI (Phi Beta Kappa for engineers)

Toxic Chemical Exposure & Environmental Cases

{D-Deposition; DAU-Daubert; T-Trial; G-Grand Jury; P-Plaintiff; De-Defense; Prosecution-Pr}

1. Wrongful Death & Personal Injury, settled; {D&T} Maintenance & railroad workers exposed to benzene (developed AML) and other toxic chemicals at chemical plant.

2. Personal Injury, settled; Truck driver exposed to toxic chemical cargos.

3. Personal Injury, settled; Children born with birth defects after (parents) employees of large chemical plant were exposed to ethylene oxide and other teratogens.

4. Personal Injury, settled; {D} Resident exposed to solvents in drinking water contaminated by nearby industrial facility, developed peripheral neuropathy.

5. Wrongful Death (silicosis), dismissed; Workers exposed to bentonite clay dust in cat litter plant.

6. Wrongful Death (Digestive Cancer), dismissed; Maintenance worker exposed to Formaldehyde and derivatives at chemical plant.

7. Worker developed leukemia (AML) after exposure to benzene .

8. Personal Injury, dismissed; {D&T} Individual developed respiratory impairment after exposure to contaminated cigarette filters.

9. Toxic Tort (birth defect, esophagus cancer) dismissed; Chemical plant employees exposed to toxic chemicals, developed cancers, child born with birth defect.

10. Personal Injury, settled; {D} Refinery maintenance worker exposed to benzene, developed leukemia (CML).

11. {D} Maintenance workers at chemical plant exposed to benzene & hexavalent chromium developed CLL leukemia and pancreatic cancer.

12. Preparation of a Toxic Grid showing chemical causation for chemicals produced by major chemical plants and petroleum refineries in Nueces and San Patricio Counties (Corpus Christi, TX area), completed in 1997.

13. Chemical plant maintenance worker exposed to toxic chemicals, developed digestive cancer, dismissed.

14.Opinion offered on epidemiology of acute lymphocytic leukemia – case not filed; Refinery worker exposed to smoke from fire, exposure insufficient to cause leukemia.

15. Personal Injury (birth defects, cancer) settled; Chemical plant maintenance workers exposed to toxic chemicals.

16. Personal Injury, settled; Painter at chemical plant exposed to benzene, developed AML Leukemia.

17. Personal Injury, settled; {D, T and DAU} Truck driver exposed to hexamine during cargo loading, developed respiratory impairment.

18. Personal Injury (AML Leukemia), settled; Instrument technician exposed to benzene.

19. Personal Injury, settled; Painter at chemical plant exposed to benzene-developed (AML Leukemia).

20. Wrongful Death, settled; Truck driver exposed to toxic chemical cargo.

21. Infant death, pending; Infant exposed to toxic vapors.

22. Van driver exposed to carbon dioxide from dry ice, sustained neurological injury {D}.

23. Settled; Homeowner exposed to toxic chemicals in well water.

24. Respiratory impairment caused by toxic chemicals released from tank car into New Orleans neighborhood, pending; {D}.

25. Respiratory impairment caused by toxic chemicals released from tank truck into New Orleans neighborhood, pending.


1. Property Damage; settled; Small community drinking water supply contaminated by nearby chemical plant.

2. Toxic chemicals discharged onto adjacent property owners land, settled.

3. Chemical, Steel & Refining companies hauled toxic waste and dumped in counties adjacent to plant sites 30 years ago, settled; {D, DAU&T}.

4. Chemical, Steel & Refining companies hauled toxic waste and dumped in counties adjacent to plant sites 30 years ago, settled; {D, DAU&T}.

5. Violation of Marpol Protocol-Oil discharge from vessels, settled.

Chemical Burns

1. Individual ingested sodium silicate instead of magnesium citrate and sustained massive burns to digestive tract, settled.

2. Personal Injury, settled; Truck driver sustained sulfuric acid burns while unloading tank truck with defective piping.

Animal Farming Nuisance

1. Property Damage / Personal Injury, settled; Cattle Feedlot operation contaminated adjacent land owners’ properties with fecal coliform.

Medical Devices

1. Personal Injury, settled; {D} Polylactic acid anchor screws fractured after use in Orthroscopic rotating cuff surgery.

2. Personal Injury, dismissed; {D} Veterinarian technician was exposed to toxic vapors from wet-chemical x-ray development machine.

Methamphetamine Labs

1. Methamphetamine lab – criminal defense case, settled.

Business Interruption Insurance Loss

1. Chemical plant explosion – Business interruption loss, settled; determined realistic business interruption loss for sulfuric acid plant idled by failed waste heat boiler.

Industrial and Chemical Products

1. Meat contaminated by equipment not cleaned after prior use in chemical application, Pending.

2. Vehicle property damage, settled; Vehicle gasoline delivery systems damaged by sulfur contaminated gasoline.

3. Granular chemical product formed lumps as a result of storage in unsuitable warehouse conditions, settled.


A Corporation
Dallas, TX (1988-2010)

Technical expert and expert witness retained by attorneys for 49 airbag and airbag-related cases filed against General Motors, Ford, Daimler-Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, Hyundai, Kia, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, TRW, Mazda, Jaguar, Mitsubishi, Honda, BMW, Bosch and numerous dealerships in federal and state courts in Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, Ohio, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi and Arizona.

Virtex Oil & Gas Corporation
Bristol, VA (1987-1988)

Vice President Engineering & Commercial Development
Designed, constructed, and started up two major fuel alcohol plants.  Developed business architecture, negotiated all contracts, selected and leased, site, procured all equipment, secured feedstock purchases and product marketing agreements, selected and supervised contractor and obtained all environmental, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and operating permits.

Virginia Oxygenates, Inc.
Bristol, VA (1985-1987)

Vice President Business Development
Worked with Virginia legislature and succeeded in preserving the Virginia fuel alcohol program.

Developed fuel alcohol project that generated $4.2 million gross revenue during the first year of operation, preventing the company’s demise and forfeiture of prior year’s $5.5 million net operating loss tax benefit.  I developed the project business architecture, obtained unsecured financing for $1.5 million of plant equipment, negotiated all contracts (site lease, feedstock procurement / product marketing, technology selection and licensing, and effluent disposal), designed, built and started up plant, and hired and trained operations staff.

Vice President Technology & Marketing
Succeeded in obtaining first US EPA Section 211(f) Clean Air Act Waiver for methanol / gasoline blends.

Responsible for design and engineering of barge mounted methanol plant program.  Working directly for Litton Industries’ CEO, I had joint responsibility for process and marine technology selection, overall design, selection of engineering contractor and shipyard construction.  Duties also included development of automotive markets for fuel grade methanol.

Celanese Chemical Company
Corpus Christi, New York, Dallas (1966-1980)

Senior Planning Associate
Developed major product line strategies for Strategic Plan for $1 billion annual sales.  Total company computer business model developed and used to develop financial reports for growth strategies.  Defined key activities required by manufacturing, marketing, research and development to maintain product leadership.

Conducted chemical engineering assessment of U.S. and Foreign Patents for chemical processes, reactions systems and catalyst systems for corporate patent attorneys, general counsel and vice president of technology licensing for use in licensing external technology.

Group Leader Process Development
Provide experimental program design and data analysis of bench scale process development programs and plant technical support

Designed, constructed, and operated fully instrumented, continuously operated micro units. Project team and plant work produced substantial earnings increases for world’s largest methanol and formaldehyde plants. Supervised two Ph.D. chemists.

Senior Computer Applications Engineer
Developed major computer systems for preliminary and detailed chemical process design.

Senior Pilot Plant Supervisor
Provided chemical and mechanical process designs, construction, and operation of large, fully instrumented pilot plants for major development programs.

Shell Oil Company
Houston, TX (Summers 1963-1964)

Senior Development Engineer
Developed on-line computer control systems for fluid catalytic crackers. Developed computer models for prediction of motor gasoline octane number.

Gibbstown, N.J. (1960-1962)

Senior Process Engineer
Responsible for operation and maintenance of fully integrated acrylonitrile pilot plant (ORLON monomer) and caprolactam (Nuylon-6 raw material) semi-works.

Available upon request


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