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Trader Quant Researcher Portfolio Manager Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

  Quantitative portfolio manager, executive recruiter, expert witness I was a derivatives trader / quantitative researcher / portfolio manager for 20 years. I became an executive recruiter, specializing in quantitative investments and senior investment personnel – portfolio managers, analysts, quantitative researchers, Chief Investment Officers, Chief Risk Officers… My clientele include some of the world’s most […]


Quantitative portfolio manager, executive recruiter, expert witness

I was a derivatives trader / quantitative researcher / portfolio manager for 20 years.
I became an executive recruiter, specializing in quantitative investments and senior investment personnel – portfolio managers, analysts, quantitative researchers, Chief Investment Officers, Chief Risk Officers… My clientele include some of the world’s most famous and most demanding hedge funds. My past investment experience quickly made me one of the top 5 quantitative recruiters in the US.
I was first asked to testify as an expert after attorneys saw my extensive testimony in a personal matter. In addition to my testimony, they were impressed by my unique expertise and background.


Managing Partner: built a new recruitment firm, based on competence and professionalism.
Business building:  legal, tax, infrastructure, website & CRM systems, marketing…  
Client development:  successfully transferred old clients, while adding new ones.
Candidates:  rebuilding a universe of candidates. 
Witness expert: expert & consultant in securities, derivatives, portfolio management & employment. Supported practice areas: Securities litigation, securities / financial fraud, FINRA arbitration, employment litigation.

Head of Quantitative & Risk Practice: built a new recruitment practice, based on competence and professionalism.
Client development:  added top clients (Citadel, Lighthouse…) and many as important but lesser-known clients.
Candidates:  sourced, interviewed & introduced thousands of C-levels, PMs and co-investment professionals. 
Strategy reviews:  wrote detailed analysis of principals, strategies and risks. 
Firm’s largest practice by volume. Compliments only, from clients, candidates, management and competitors.

THE ATLANTIC GROUP, New York    2013-14
Recruiter: client development, candidate search & introductions. 

HSBC, New York    2007-12
Market access: built an index access activity, spanning North & South America.
Quantitative studies:  asset allocations, transaction cost analysis, proxy baskets, portfolio construction / transitions…
Client animation:  market investment notes, trading axes, strategy recommendations, global RFQs. 
Swaps:  turned a repo model into an automated activity, catching the eye of the global IT management.
Large passive indexing:  long and reverse, optimized for rebalancing, CorpActs, lending, tax, cash balance.
A presence recognized by clients, brokers and competitors. Growth, hiring trader and sales.
Correlation exotics:  turned around a desk from loss-making to $85m/year.
Business review:  Identified the main causes of risks & losses. Solved them progressively.
Flow trading:  Efficiently priced, executed and risk-managed a worldwide flow of exotics.
Portable Alpha:  built a systematic fundamental investment strategy and its business.
Framework:  negotiated objectives & resources with the main stakeholders.
Academic research:  reviewed the investment and academic literatures, selected the research field.
Infrastructure:  selected & implemented a solid bias-free back-testing infrastructure. Obtained clean data.
Alpha Modeling:  selected fundamental factors based on both ‘good sense’ and back-tested performance.  Checked robustness, turnover, liquidity, running costs, overall performance and risks (~13%/y, 0.85 Sharpe).
Audit:  selected 3rd party providers for independent back-testing and on-going calculation.
Pre-distribution:  wrote sales materials.  Advertised the product internally. Elicited feedback and expected volumes.
Approval:  projected the profitability.  Assessed the legal / compliance / reputational risks.  Wrote the business-plan.  Presented the project to review committees and the senior management.  Obtained approval.
Non-standard products:  created multi-asset products to answer client requests.

Subject Mater Expert, independent consultant: asset pricing and risks.

NOMURA, New York 2006
Light exotics:  gave a new impetus to an existing international flow activity.
Increased research content:  leveraged Nomura’s sell-side strategy research & various academic papers. 
New prop strategies:  skew inspired event arbitrage, earnings surprises, quantamental long-shorts…
New horizons:  a global/144A shelf, S&P options, variance swaps.  
Team management: Improved the team cohesion, rewarded and pruned, induced a result-oriented culture.

TYKHE CAPITAL, New York    2004-05
Strategist & Portfolio Manager:  diversified the mix by adding new strategies and activities.
Structure arbitrage strategy:  credit vs. volatility, infrastructure & data build-up, alpha modeling in MatLab.
Option proprietary book:  took positions based on macroeconomics views.
Portfolio Management: traded convertible bonds and credit derivatives. 

LEHMAN BROTHERS, London    2000-03
Trading and Structuring: built a multi-activity platform. $70 Mn /year, half of the European ED franchise.
Portable Alphas: conceived the market’s first ‘strategy derivatives’. $1bn AUM reached in 6 months.  
Structured notes: over 200 notes per year, rich in investment research content, or tailor-made from client ideas.
Delta One: full business line with ETFs, global indices, dynamic swaps, yield enhancement, EFPs, reshuffles… 
Technological advances:  algorithmic trading machines, pricers, automated CorpActs…
Creativity, “I can” attitude, customer friendliness, recurrent clients, top reputation.  Trained traders. 

SOCIÉTÉ GÉNÉRALE, London    1995-00
Statistical arbitrage: reviewed academia, built systems, back-tested, defined risks, implemented strategies.
Index arbitrage: London’s undisputed leading FTSE arbitrageur. GBP 22 Mn/year (four times target).
Option trading:  stock & index vanilla and warrants. 
Intern: developed a commodities exotic pricing model.

DELIFRANCE, Australia, Singapore    1994
Consultant: logistics and total costing

UC BERKELEY, Berkeley, CA    1993
Visiting Scholar: differential algebra.

International Fellow: atomic physics.

511ème REGIMENT DU TRAIN, Auxonne    1991
Commanding Officer: commanded a transportation platoon, during the 1st Gulf war.

Oliver Lodge Laboratory, Liverpool, UK    1990
Researcher: nuclear physics.

HEC PARIS, MS Management, finance major.     1994-95
Alumnus. Five-year diploma from France’ best business university, passed in two years. Honors.
Simultaneously followed PhD financial mathematic classes at ENSAE-Dauphine (El-Karoui).
Professor assistant: taught and examined physics & electrical engineering at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

SUP’ÉLEC, PhD studies (DEA), electrical engineering. Honors.    1992-93

ECOLE D’APPLICATION DU TRAIN, Tours, military academy, graduated third lieutenant.    1990

ECOLE NORMALE SUPERIEURE DE LYON, MS, theoretical physics.    1989-92
Offering exceptional academia, world-class research centers, and Nobel prizes on every floor, the ENS-Lyon is ranked the world’s #5 “small university” by the Times Education. It admits only 120 scientific students per year.
Alumnus. Ranked first at three of the five science examinations, third overall. Honors.    
Representative, Board of Directors.  Member, students’ council.  Founder, students social club. 

LYCEE FAIDHERBE, Math. Sup. & Math. Spé. P’, scientific undergraduate studies.    1986-89

Registrations     FINRA series 7, 63 & 55 (expired).   SFA: General Representative.  
Eurex, Xetra, EuroNext, Saxess (Swiss & Virt-X), StockholmBorsen, HEX: registered trader.
Computing     Expert in vba, C++, html (webmaster).  MatLab & R.  Factset & Barra.  SQL

Honors    Gold medal, Chemistry Olympiads, 1986.

Languages Dual language, culture & passport 
French- US. German.

Member, panelist