Transportation System Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

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Expert Witness No.2349



Bachelor of Science – Wisconsin State University; Whitewater, WI

Professional Development:

National Graduate University – “Principles of Grant & Contract Negotiation”
Stone Management Seminar – “Reducing Freight Costs”
University of Wisconsin – Dept. of Engineering Extension – “Land Planning”, Transportation Brokering Management”, “CPM/PERT-Critical Path Method Workshop”
Trained for reporting, deposition, and testimony by SEAK and FEWA
Accepted as an Expert by United States Justice Department Prosecutor.

Present Experience:

Owner, Private Company, an Arizona Corp; holding company, first incorporation, Florida 1981,Managing partner; Several Private Companies.

Previous Experience:

Federal Service: HEW & HUD, VP of Worldwide Distribution of Prime Electronics, PRB Corp. to 1977; Start up: private product, a Motor Carrier, Authority sold to Peterbilt dealership/Waukesha, WI 1985, Maintain private product the brokerage until 1986/ sold to Start up private product 1986 Start up; of private company, a service corp., Inc.1987 a Licensed Property Brokerage, sold interest to investors; 1999 Start up; Carrier Information Exchange, Inc., license brokerage, sold/ Advantage Transportation, in 2003 Startup; private website Licensed Broker.

Current Activity; Lecturer/Teacher/Broker:

Lead seminars/ classroom instruction for transportation entrepreneurs, training others weekly since 1987, in 6 cities in the USA. Uses Brokerage as a classroom to assist transportation entrepreneurs start up and succeed in brokering Lectures and consults on current surface transportation market economic conditions to others beginning 2001. Provides forensic expertise-defense or plaintiff.   

Inventor/Creator of new ways of doing brokering business:

Private Product – A software that coordinates truck capacity into the future equivalence to airline reservation systems.  It was funded via the Venture Capital Fair at the University of Wisconsin, Graduate School of Business 1987. Started the nation’s first “Transportation Brokering School” textbook reading & Handson training in a working transportation provider, designed for transportation professionals.  School has been in continuous operation since 1987.  Licensed/ State of Arizona, Dept. of Private Post Secondary Education to operate the brokering school. Using marketing experience gained, started up- MT Exchange, a Wisconsin partnership, 1988, assisted Al Jubitz, in creation of DAT svs; now; an electronic trucking capacity billboard 1989  Creator of a service corporation of New Berlin, WI
Creator of a private product, a transportation broker with an Agent Network. 2001 offering Nation’s first freight auction website after serving as a consulting with a private website.  


Available Upon Request

Professional Membership:

Association of Transportation Law Professionals –, FEWA, adjunct faculty –; “The Society of Industry Leaders”, Vista Research, a div. of Standard & Poor’s “Primary Insight”, div of Bear/Stearns, G3 of Gerson/Lehrman Group. American College of Forensic Examiners  

Additional Related Experience:

Qualified to render opinions, having the experience of creating a trucking company & brokerage of the same name and the business conflicts inherent to one ownership 1981 thru 1985.  Created and closed 2 trucking companies since. 30 years of Trucking and brokering experience having personally arranged in excess 100,000+ transportation movements; Brokered to authorized/ insured motor carries on behalf of shippers throughout North America; provided sales, market quotation, orders for service, searching/matching carriage, credit qualifying shippers, qualifying for credit from motor carriers and in turn qualifying carrier for cargoes, managing the A/R & A/P and cash flow of $107 million plus in brokering revenue; adjudicated claims pro se for cargo overage, shortage and damage, as well as hidden damage, and re-consignments, on thousands of occasions. Created and/or drafted numerous transportation contracts between shipper & customer, vendor & shipper, shipper & broker, shipper &*motor carrier, motor carrier & broker, motor carrier & motor carrier, negotiated terms & freight rates for thousands of transportation contracts.  Terminated contracts. Provided accurate transportation market pricing and supply and demand predictions. Retained 4000+ transportation clients regarding consulting services; involving traffic management, logistics alternatives, brokering as a licensed broker, and truck broker, business marketing and sales, geographic development and economic issues. Experience in qualifying, hiring, and terminating drivers as employees and owner/operations. Experienced in creating and managing safety programs for motor carriers and insurance programs for transportation providers, Conducted talent searches and qualified individuals for traffic/purchasing managers and other specific applications. Given opinion in defense and plaintiff issues: criminal trial, personal injury lawsuit, transportation contract litigation, attorney case preparation consultation, and economic and current surveys of customary transportation practices for lawsuits. Matriculated over18,000  transportation individuals to a Master Broker® Certification, assisting in their business plan development and business start up. Compiled data of transportation brokering events, freight rates, freight volumes, and market conditions since 1984. Created specific broker knowledge and procedures from experiences and developed textual materials for training purposes, written, DVD Seminar presentation, online testing of Certification applicants, developed curricula and brokering operations procedures, Training materials accepted by State of AZ for vocational matriculation purposes.

Expert 2349 is first and foremost an academic, teaching in his own school, using textbooks he has authored, and secondarily a licensed transportation broker. The retaining fee charged in this case, is based on the expert’s normal income lost in time away from his teaching avocation and/or business operations.  This expert is being retained to educate the trier of fact only. Retaining party is aware of the limitations in the Expert position and Expert opinion, and is obligated to inform their client of the Expert opinion limitation. The expert will not be an advocate for the retaining plaintiff or defense client case, but will be an advocate for his opinion only.  This expert is not retained to persuade the trier of fact but to illuminate information not readily available or common practice in the transportation industry. The expert is being paid by the retaining attorney even though the client is ultimately responsible for paying the Expert fees and costs to render an opinion.