Provides Testimony In

Motor Carrier Industry Practices, Large Truck Involved Accidents, Regulatory Compliance, Trucking and Distrbution, Physical Distribution Management, Shipping Dock Operations, Powered Industrial Trucks Inclusive, Dry Vans, High Cube Trailers, Container, Chassis Combination Trailers, Refrigerated Trailers, Tanker Trailers, Petrochemical, Food Grade, Dump Trucks, Bottom Dump, End Dump Trailers, Straight Trucks, Box, Flat, Tank, Pup Trailers, Flatbed, Step Deck, Double Trailers, Tow Truck Operations, Transportation Economics, Asset Management, Independent Contractor Owner Operator, Broker Operations, Motor Carrier, Driver Standards of Safety and Care, Warehousing, Distribution Management, Hazardous Materials Transportation, Freight Loss, Damage Prevention,

Expert witness and consulting services are provided in:

  • Motor carrier industry practices.
  • Large truck involved accidents.
  • Regulatory compliance.
  • Physical distribution management.
  • Shipping dock operations; powered industrial trucks inclusive.

Transportation expertise in:

  • Dry vans including high cube trailers.
  • Container/chassis combination trailers.
  • Refrigerated trailers.
  • Tanker trailers, petrochemical and food grade.
  • Dump trucks.
  • Bottom dump and end dump trailers.
  • Straight trucks; box, flat and tank.
  • Pup trailers.
  • Flatbed and step deck trailers.
  • Double trailers.
  • Tow truck operations.

Logistics expertise in:

  • Transportation economics.
  • Asset management with emphasis on JIT (Just In Time) delivery operations.
  • Independent contractor (large truck owner operator).
  • Broker operations.
  • Motor carrier/driver standards of safety and care.
  • Warehousing and distribution management.
  • Hazardous materials transportation.
  • Freight loss/damage prevention.


12/10 to current

Private Practice- Review of large truck involved accidents; providing analysis, assessments, reports and expert witness testimony on behalf of the plaintiff or defense.

6/05 to 3/10

Detachment 8 Freight. Elmira, NY. I owned and operated a freight agency; incorporated and evolved to a full brokerage. My company located general commodities freight to be shipped and
then located a truck or trucks that met the needs of the customer to transport that freight. Managed the staff, conducted day to day business operations, monitored transit of the freight,
dealt with shippers, receivers and motor carrier management.

2/06 to 8/07

Total Transportation. Richland. MS. Truck driver: Regional and long haul freight of all kinds on 53 foot dry vans. I was one of the top performers, solo or team within a fleet of 200
trucks. Total Transport as an irregular route hauler often booked max weight loads (80,000 pounds GVWR) to include, hazardous materials loads, various categories of general freight and
paper; flat stock, bailed, loose, and rolls. Total also provided service to and from the harbors. My knowledge of traffic patterns, freight logistical target areas, shipper/receiver
operations, routes of travel, and constantly monitoring road/weather conditions proved invaluable. My mechanical and Quality Control background; the proper securing of freight; close
attention to D.O.T. regulations (particularly, hours of service) facilitated our reliability and customer satisfaction. My wife and I were well thought of in the company.

1/04 to 2/06

Landspan. Lakeland. FL. Truck driver (OTR): Long haul, otherwise known as an over the road (OTR) driver transporting freight of all kinds. Landspan is a team operation, 53 foot dry
vans coast to coast. We transported high value freight, food grade and general commodities known as (freight of all kinds) and hazardous materials. Landspan operated at (JIT) Just In Time
deliveries schedules routinely. JIT, high value and hazardous material loads have special operational conduct applied. Landspan primarily loaded from trans-ship docks. When I could not
operate as a team with Landspan, I operated for Total Transportation, Inc.

9/03 — 1/04

R.L. Calahan. Beaverdams, NY. Dump truck driver: local deliveries of asphalt and aggregate. Deliveries were made to homes, businesses, highway construction and gas well sites; nights,
weekends and severe weather conditions inclusive. Loads were picked up from either the rock quarry or the asphalt plant.

9/01 to 08/03

Prime Inc. Springfield. MO. Owner/operator: Refrigerated and dry freight long haul, loaded on 53 foot refrigerated trailers. As an owner/operator (independent contractor) I was totally
responsible for the maintenance and operational costs of my vehicle. Prime Inc. freight is both time and temperature sensitive. When hauling refrigerated freight, close attention to
loading of product and securing the load are very important. Other factors are, understanding air flow and curtain length to avoid top freeze, knowing how to trouble shoot the refer unit
and utilizing opposing temperature gages. Prime Inc. has a diversified customer base.

4/01 to 10/01 and 9/96 to 8/97

Swift Transportation. Phoenix, AZ. Truck driver: This was my second time with Swift Transponation; returning so as to team with my wife who had just graduated from Swift Transportation’s
driving school. This allowed me to complete her road experience, to guide/counsel and facilitate her learning curve. We pulled 53’ dry vans, doubles and refer trailers. Once she had gained
sufficient experience and confidence we went to Prime Inc. as a lease operation; a business opportunity.

1/01 to 3/01

Andrews Transport. Houston. TX. Dispatcher: local and long haul tanker services for petrochemical loads including gasoline. My responsibilities included tank trailer logistics, writing
incident and accident repons, data entry, routing tow trucks to our stranded assets when necessary and interacting with shippers, consignees and the general public. I participated in
mixed product recovery and overflow cleanup.

Steere Tank Lines Inc. Houston. TX. Tanker truck driver: Loaded, offloaded and cleaned tank trailers while operating locally or long haul. My duties included examination and
indoctrination of new drivers, the testing of pumps and equipment, checking the equipment and facility for operational readiness or need of repair and maintaining the trailer pools at
various locations. I was designated, company spokesman, as such, I conducted safety meetings and recruitment. I assisted in dispatching assets, tank trailer logistics and worked in the
mechanics service bay as well as the tank wash module. Additionally, I would establish and supervise temporary pump stations for rapid, multiple deliveries. I was selected for
advancement to the terminal manager position. I received facility access safety training from the majority of our customers.
4/99 to 11/00

8/98 to 4/99

Schneider Transportation/Tanker Division, Houston. TX. Tanker truck driver: I received tanker operations training at Schneider’s Greenbay, WI. school. As a driver I made as scheduled
on-loads and deliveries successfully (meaning no product on the ground, no mishaps of any kind, on time, safely). Tanker operations included time/temperature sensitive petrochemical,
hazardous material and food grade liquid products over 48 states and Canada. I received facility access safety training from the majority of our customers

8/97 to 8/98 and 2/03 to 5/03

J.B. Hunt Inc. Lowell. AR. Truck driver: Hauling general commodities freight of all kinds primarily regionally on either 53 foot dry vans or containers from the rails/harbors mounted on
chassis from the trailer pool.

9/96 to 1/97

Schmidt Trucking. Bakersfield. CA. Truck driver: I pulled bottom and end dump, single and double trailers; hauling cleaned bio waste to the farms, lime/lye/dirt/rock and water to road
construction sites, water to the explosives cache and carrots to the cattle ranches.

3/95 to 9/96

C.R.S.T./CML Cedar Rapids, IA. Truck driver: Hauling freight of all kinds. Iwas trained for 30,000 miles, in turn; I trained students as part of my duties. I operated cab- overs pulling
dry van and flatbed trailers.

1/94 to 2/95

World Wide Security. Los Angeles. CA. Security guard: (Sub rosa) my responsibilities were ostensibly to walk a post through the airline maintenance hangars but actually to watch the
mechanics in performance of their job function, in order to identify sabotage to the MD80 aircraft during a sizeable lay off period. As one aircraft had been damaged already, I was brought
in primarily due to my jet mechanic, aircraft, military and security experience.

2/94 to 7/94

Cushion Cut Inc. Citv of Industry. CA. Quality Manager: I established metrology and metallurgical labs, initiated faster flow production documentation, upgraded and installed inspection
stations. I wrote and implemented new Quality procedures; audited all production departments and advanced the facility to operate under Statistical Process control. This was a short
subcontract to assist this high performance technologically advanced saw blade manufacturer to remain competitive at a profit.

12/90 to 8/93

Vallev Todeco. Sy1mar. CA. Precision Mechanical Inspector Tech III: Conducted Receiving, In-process, First Article and Final inspection of high reliability fasteners. I utilized various
precision mechanical test and inspection equipment including the Rockwell hardness test machine.

7/88 to 11/90

Arrowsmith Industries. RidRecrest, CA. Mechanical Inspector/Associate Quality Engineer: I inspected missiles, facsimiles, launchers, turbine rings and sub components. I participated in
research and development projects for China Lake Naval Weapons Center. I also conducted Material Review board activities wrote quality deficiency repons and corrective action requests.
In addition I conducted quality improvement meetings and assisted with MRP (material requirements planning). I operated the coordinate measuring machine and other precision mechanical
inspection equipment.

6/88 to 7/88

Tecom Com.. Chatsworth. CA. Associate Quality Engineer: Coordinated material review board activities, disposition of non-conforming materials, issued and followed up on corrective
actions and provided support for receiving inspection department. We manufactured microwave antennas for the government.

3/88 to 6/88

E.M.P. Corn., Chatsworth. CA. Inspector, Electro/Precision Mechanical: Microwave antennas and subsystem manufacturing for government/civilian contracts.

12/87 – 3/88

Volt Technical Services Woodland hills, CA. Inspector, Electro/Mechanical: Volt was a temporary employment service providing personnel to the electronic and machined parts industries.

11/86-12/87- Anwripht Con. Pacoima. CA. Inspector, Precision Mechanical: Performed mechanical inspection of fasteners within the receiving, in-process and final inspection departments.

5/86 -11/86- C.D.I. Encino, CA. Quality Specialist: C.D.I. providing temporary employment service to the electronic and machined parts industries.

7/86 — 10/86- Clark Associates Lancaster, CA. Flight Line “A” Inspector: Conducted inspection of project “Fanstar” top and sub-assemblies, ready for flight testing, high
speed “run-up’s” and high speed taxi testing as well as Liaison to the 3 company co-op. The “Fanstar” was a highly modified state-of-the-art Lockeed “Jet Star”. Jim Clark was a temporary
service provider.

12/85 — 5/86- California Aerodvnamics, Burbank. CA. Precision Mechanical Inspector “A”: Cal-Aero was an aircraft components retrofit manufacturer. We utilized loftlines and other specialized techniques
and equipment to complete this item specific task.

10/84 — 12/85- Bendix Corp. Nonh Hollywood. CA. Senior Precision Mechanical Inspector: I trained 25 new inspectors, advanced the Trimos Height gage beyond ordinary parameters and participated in
Quality Control Circles. I operated the coordinate measuring machine, other precision mechanical inspection equipment and contributed to the company news paper. Bendix manufactured
aircraft landing gear and other machined parts as well as submarine components.

9/83 — 10/84- Pulse Products. Burbank. CA. Quality Manager: I supervised several inspectors, communicated with customers, maintained the Material Review Board area for this “Backshell” manufacturer.

6/83 — 9/83- Aeroiet Ordinace, Citv of Commerce. CA. Associate Quality Engineer: Munitions and munitions delivery systems manufacturer.

5/81 to 5/83- Marquardt Corp., Van Nuys. CA. Senior Precision Mechanical Inspector: Primarily within the rocket engine final assembly and test building. I also preformed work in the component
manufacturing building and the weapons delivery systems area. I conducted atmospheric testing of the various labs, calibration duties, functional testing and inspection of rocket engines.

9/80 — 5/81- Authorized Testing. Rialto. CA. On Site Independent Inspection Supervisor: Tow Missiles. Conducted and supervised inspection activities and personnel.

6/80 — 9/80- Exotic Metals Fabricating, Seattle, WA. Precision Mechanical Inspector: I conducted inspection of “Bulge-Formed” aerospace components and maintained the Material Review Board activities.

5/78 — 6/80- Weber Aircraft. Burbank, CA. Lead Inspector: Covering all departments including the lay-up department. Weber manufactured restroom, galleys, decorative trim and seats for commercial and
military aircraft.

6/76-10/79- Data Products Woodland Hills. CA. Source Inspector, Document Control manager, Material Review Board administrator, Material Requirement Planning assistant. Data Products
manufactured line printers for both civilian and military customers. Responsible for the new warehouse and it’s operations until such time as a replacement could be hired.

9/75 — 6/76- Macrodata, Corp.. Woodland Hills. CA. Electronics Inspector: Performed printed circuit board and electronic component test and inspection. Assisted in the Material Review Board process
and the Material Requirements Planning for this computer aided drafting machine (CAD) manufacturer.

Secondary work Experience:
9/96 to 11/96- Bakersfield Shingle Wholesale. Bakersfield. CA. Truck driver, mechanic, maintenance man, receiving clerk and yard man. My duties were to keep the trucks running, the buildings and
equipment in repair, load and offload trucks by forklift and deliver roofing materials to job sites.

9/96 to 11/96- Chief Auto Parts, Bakersfield, CA. I worked the service desk weekends, assisting customers while providing support and suggestion.

94 – 95- World Wide Securitv: Guard (subrosa) sabotage prevention (MD-80). I also walked a post at Waste Management; along with my other duties, I pre-trip inspected, started and warmed up the
garbage trucks in preparation for the day’s work. Prompted by (Waste Management) to obtain my commercial drivers license, I began my driving carrier.

California Plant Protection: Dispatcher, field/ post supervisor and guard. 1980’s

Bermite Inc.: Explosives production/ Recovery team leader:1978

A.A.A. Towing Service: Tow truck driver: Operated the low profile quick response vehicle, providing jump starts, tire changes, gasoline support and lock out assistance. Operated the
medium tow truck, towing automobiles and small trucks. Conducted large truck drag-outs with a commercial grade tow unit. Responded to accident scenes involving one or more vehicles as
well as performed debris clean up. 1977

Vallev Patrol Securitv Service: Guard.1974

Compliance with:

  • NASA specifications.
  • OSHA regulations.
  • Military specifications.
  • Hazardous Material regulations.
  • ASE specifications.
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.
  • Packaging specifications.
  • F.A.A. regulations

International Standards Organization – ISO 9000 specifications. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.


  • GED: United States Armed Forces Institute. 1970
  • NAUI scuba diving school.1970
  • South Western Junior College, Chula Vista, CA. Engineering Major.1974
  • Pilot Training, Golden West Aviation, Van Nuys, CA. FAR 141 – (Cessna -150) 1974
  • West Valley Occupational Center, Woodland Hills, CA. IBM 360 Control Cen. 1976
  • North Valley Occupational Center, Sepulveda, CA. Airframes and Powerplants. 1978
  • Pierce Junior College, Woodland Hills, CA. Engineering. Major. 1982
  • ANSI-Y 14.5 Geometrical Dimensioning/Tolerancing, Ridgecrest, CA. Certified 6/89
  • Cerro Coso Community College, Ridgecrest, CA. Quality Engineering Major.1990
  • Pilot Training, Inyokem flight school, Inyokern, CA. FAR 141 – (Cessna – 150) 1990
  • Statistical Process Control, Valley Todeco, Sylamr, CA. Certified 6/92
  • L.A. Valley Junior College, North Hollywood, CA. Quality Engineering Major. 1993
  • College of the Canyons, Santa Clarita, CA. Quality Engineering Major. 1994
  • Glendale Community College Glendale, CA. Quality Engineering Major. 1994
  • ISO 9000 Certified. Macrodata/ 9001 Bendix.Dates as above
  • U.S.T.D.S./C.R.S.T. Truck driving school Rialto, CA. CDL (TX-M endorsements) 3/95
  • Hazardous Materials certified: C.R.S.T./J.B.Hunt/Swift/Schneider/Steer/Landspan/Total. Dates as above
  • J.B. Hunt rail operations procedures. Dates as above
  • Schneider Transportation tanker operations school. 9/98
  • Safety instructions for petrochemical plant access – Exxon and others. Dates as above
  • SEAK – Effective Expert Witness Seminar.
  • Bendix Brake Product School. 4/12


Navy PO3, E-4 Jet engine mechanic on SH-3 “Sea King” helicopters.
Training received: Basic military training, weapons, fire fighting, ship board operations and leadership. Aircraft A, B, C and P schools; consisting of jet engine service/repair/replacement and aircraft handling, cold and hot fueling, corrosion control, basic electrical and hydraulic systems. Additionally I received instructions specific to the SH-3 helicopter and A-4 Skyhawk jet fighter aircraft.

Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron 10;
Maintenance Control – coordinated all maintenance departments as well as the pilot/aircraft log books.
First Lieutenant division – supervised cleaning personnel consisting of servicemen men being discharged under less than honorable circumstances. Also in charge of the duty truck as well as picked up and delivered the duty pouch (a sealed pouch containing sensitive communications) from the military bases in the San Diego, California area.
Helicopter Combat Support Squadron 1, Detachment 8;
As a Third Class Petty Officer, I supervised and trained lower rank personnel under my authority to become jet engine mechanics and helicopter maintenance crew members. I was also directly responsible for five SH-3 helicopters while in the Vietnam combat theater.
I performed jet engine and transmission service, repair and replacement, as well as airframe service and repair. I also assisted in the electrical and hydraulics depai4inents and in maintenance and repair of the H-5 helicopter while on deployed in Vietnam.

Naval Air stations:
Millington, TN. and Naval Air Station Imperial Beach, CA. Temporary duty assignments:
U.S.S. Midway CVA 41 (Carrier} ship’s company.
Balboa Naval Hospital – ship’s company.
Naval Base Subic Bay Philippines.
Naval Base 32″d. Street, San Diego, CA.
Discharge: Honorable – Disabled American Veteran – Vietnam – 2/8/70 to 8/1/75.

Published works:
Available on full CV


American Society of Transportation and Logistics – ASTL
Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado – PPIAC
Owner Operator Independent Driver Association – OOIDA. Perishable Agriculture Commodities Act – PACA


Formerly held a Commercial Drivers License class “A” with “TX-M” 1995 – 2012
Currently hold a class “D” Drivers License with a motorcycle endorsement.

Personal notes:
My family and I have been affiliated with the trucking industry since 1958. I am an experienced motorcycle rider since 1963 and started flying as well as sailing in 1970.

Security Clearance:

D.O.D. Top Secret (nonactive).
Formerly held a Commercial Drivers License class “A” with “TX-M” 1995 – 2012
Currently hold a class “D” Drivers License with a motorcycle endorsement.

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