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Trucking Transportation Logistics Distribution Expert Witness

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Trucking Distribution, Transportation, Registered Transportation Practitioner, Traffic, Witness, Motor Carrier Rail Administrative Law, Truck Involved Accidents, Physical Distribution Management, Shipping Dock Operations, Regulatory Compliance, Transportation Economics, Motor Carrier Driver Safety Operations, Freight Broker Operations, Logistics Planner, Passenger Operations, Loss Damage Claims, Transportation Contracts, Warehousing Traffic Management, Trucking, Motor Carrier, Freight, Cargo Freight Forwarder, Trucks, Property Broker, Freight Broker, Broker, Loading, Unloading, Lumpers, Owner Operators, Household Goods Moving, Drivers, Driver Qualifications, Leases, Truck Leases, Trip Lease, Rates, Transportation Rates, Buses, Transportation Contracts, Tariffs, Rate Schedules, Hauling, Hauling Agreements, Heavy Hauling, Over Dimensional Freight, Over Weight Freight, Material Handling, Bill of Lading, Transportation Business, US Department of Transportation, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, FMCS, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Regulations, Regulatory Compliance, Economics, Transportation Economics, Warehousing, Warehousing Operations, Loss Damage Claims, Over, Short Damage Claims, Consequential Damages, Cargo Loss, Packaging, Securing, Commercial Motor Vehicle, Commercial Driver?s License, CDL, Accident Investigation, Link Exchange, Distribution, Physical Distribution, Industrial Truck, Fork Lift Operations, Fork Truck, Loading Dock, Pallet Jack, Hand Truck, Johnson Bar, Early Departure Accidents, Pallets, Heavy Hauler, Trailers, Pup Trailers, Piggy Back, Cargo Containers, Delivery, Consignee, Consignor, Shipper, Carrier, Common Carrier, Contract Carrier, Private Carrier, Busses, Bus Operations, Carmack, Amendment, Intermodal Equipment Interchange, Hours of Service, Expert, Consultant, Trucking, Factoring

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Expert Witness/Consulting services are provided in motor carrier/rail/bus administrative law; truck/bus involved accidents; physical distribution management; shipping dock and intermodal operations; material handling and forklift operations; regulatory compliance; transportation economics; motor carrier/bus/driver safety and operations; freight broker operations; freight forwarder operations, passenger operations; loss and damage claims; contracts, rates and leases; warehousing and traffic management, since 1989.


Commercial Transportation Consultants, LLC of Rome, PA
Founder and Vice President. Provided legal representation, operating authority; tariffs, contracts, and rates; leases; motor carrier/bus/driver compliance and safety consulting; and service bureau functions before motor carrier state, Federal and Canadian administrative  agencies. Shippers are represented in distribution, traffic, rate issues, material handling, and loss and damage claims. In private practice 1980 through 2002.

CTC Funding, Inc. of Rome, PA
Co-Founder and Vice President, provides factoring and financial services to trucking industry clients, 1995 through 2002.

CamTran Industries, Inc., General Manager and Director of Business Development
A diversified transportation, distribution and warehousing company based in Oxnard, CA, 1989 through 1991.

Northrop Corp. of Hawthorne, CA
Various staff and management positions between 1981 and 1989.Held such positions as Division Traffic and Transportation Manager responsible for all domestic and international transportation including a private truck fleet; transportation of classified goods; receiving; material handling and forklift operations; shipping; hazardous materials transportation; packaging design, engineering, and testing; transportability engineering; with an annual budget in excess of $7 million. Also, Logistics Planner responsible for planning, development and implementation of material handling systems for design and construction of a state of the art 700,000 square foot manufacturing facility designed for manufacturing and handling explosive devices.

IBM in New York, New Jersey, and Vermont
Various staff and management positions between 1967 and 1980.
Held such positions as Traffic Manager of IBM’s two million square foot electronic semiconductor manufacturing facility in Vermont. Responsible for all transportation procurement activities, procurement administration department, and hazardous materials procurement. Also, Transportation Administrator responsible for Transportation Activities and functional auditing of numerous Divisional, Subsidiary, and Corporate Headquarters locations in the New York metropolitan area. Was Corporate Industry Specialist for motor carrier rates; contracts; shipping and receiving operations; passenger and cargo air charter operations for both fixed wing and helicopter; passenger/bus operations; barge and inland waterway operations.

Atlantic Highland Service, Peekskill, NY automotive, construction equipment and commercial motor vehicle mechanic.

J & T Trucking, Peekskill, NY partner and driver in the development of this
diversified local trucking business.

Guenther Manufacturing Co., Inc., Buchanan, NY – Foreman of Shipping, Receiving and Stock of this commercial and government contract manufacturing company.

Chalk’s Service Station, Croton-on-Hudson, NY – automotive and commercial motor vehicle mechanic.

Sonotone Corporation, Cold Spring, NY – Leadman, Shipping Department. Manufacturer of nickel cadmium batteries for commercial and government use.

United States Air Force – Crash Rescue Fireman – Honorably Discharged.

Roulston Freight Lines, Peekskill, NY worked in operations, vehicle maintenance, and administration in family owned regional common carrier trucking company.


Available Upon Request


Los Angeles Pierce College in Woodland Hills, CA and Cal-State – Northridge, Northridge, CA, part-time instructor, between 1981 and 1992.  Taught numerous transportation related courses, Business Law, Interstate Commerce Commission Law & Practice, Management & Supervision, and Marketing & Sales.

Education & Credentials

Registered Transportation Practitioner, admitted to the Bar of the Interstate Commerce Commission, Federal Highway Administration, Surface Transportation Board of the U.S. Department of Transportation,1978.

Certified  in  Transportation  and  Logistics  (CTL),  American  Society of
Transportation and Logistics, 1986.

Certified Factoring Specialist (CFS), International Factoring Institute, 1995.

Certified Capital Specialist (CCS), American Cash Flow Association, 1998.

California Teaching Credential (Lifetime), 1981.

A.S.B.A., Mercy College, Dobbs Ferry, NY, 1976.  (In addition, per 49 CFR
-1103.3(b)(1) to possess the technical knowledge, training or experience in transportation to be qualified to take the Practitioner Exam the STB regards it as the equivalent of two additional years of college education.)

Academy of Advanced Traffic, NYC, NY 1973.

Perishable  Agricultural  Commodities  Act  (PACA)  Internet  Training

Program and Testing completed 2003.

Round Table Group – Scholar, Adjunct Faculty Member, Admitted 2003. Society of Industry Leaders of Standards & Poor’s Vista Research, a Blue Chip Expert, 2007.


Association of Transportation Law Professionals.
American Society of Transportation and Logistics. North American Transportation Services Association.
American Cash Flow Association – Gold Membership – Master Broker – Transportation, Lifetime Member.
Truck Writers of North America. Rotary International, Sayre, PA.

Courts Testified In

Federal District Court Southern District of Florida, Miami, FL.

Federal District Court Southern District of Florida, West Palm Beach, FL.

Federal District Court of Kansas City, Kansas City, KS.

Federal District Court Southern District of New York, New York, NY.

Federal District Court of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.

California State Court, Los Angeles, CA.

Maryland State Court, Salisbury, MD.

Miami-Dade County Court, Miami, FL.

Missouri State Court, Kansas City, MO.

New York State Court, Buffalo, NY.

Wyoming County Court, Warsaw, NY.

New York State Supreme Court, County of Queens, Long Island City, NY.

Pennsylvania State Court, Philadelphia, PA. (3)

Camden County Court, Camden, NJ.

Clayton County Court, Jonesboro, GA.

Duval County Court, Jacksonville, FL.

Hudson County Supreme Court, Jersey City, NJ

Saint Louis City Court, Saint Louis, MO.


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