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Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Turbomachinery, Pumps, Electro Mechanical, Motors, Generators, Variable Frequency Drives

Accomplished, strategic Engineering Professional and Proactive Business Partner. Ability to direct multiple sites, developing a performance-driven, highly effective organization. Articulate communicator; interface well with individuals on all levels and from diverse backgrounds. Solid leadership, strategist, troubleshooting and workflow analytical skills. Talent for motivating employees, developing managers into effective leaders, and preparing them for growth and expansion of the organization.


General Manager – Central Region, April 1, 2014 – December, 2019 (retired)

Responsible for the activities and results of the Electro-Mechanical Service (Sulzer EMS) business in the Central and Eastern regions of the US with annual sales of $35 million. Reported directly to the President of Sulzer Electro – Mechanical Services
Sulzer EMS is part of Sulzer’s Rotating Equipment Services Division (Sulzer RES) which comprises of Repair and Consulting services for the repairs of all types of Turbomachinery, Pumps including 3rd party products and Electro Mechanical which includes the repairs of all types of motors, generators and variable frequency drives (VFD) as well as the sales of new motors and VFD’s.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Serving as Integration Manager during the period from July 2014 – December 2016 I successfully integrated the acquired business of Grayson Armature with no negative impact on the business.
  • Serving as General Manager of two shop locations I was to maintain a strong organization that enabled us to grow the business year after year by 10% and increase profitability by introducing cost control measures
  • Led the successful upgrade of the Safety program that enabled us to more easily stay compliant with our customers stringent requirements and reduce incidents and injuries.
  • Successfully led the construction project to build a 45,000 sq. ft. state of the art pump repair center adjacent to the Sulzer’s motor repair shop in Houston. This was for Sulzer Pumps which is a very significant division of their overall business portfolio and the repair business compliments the motor repair work I was responsible for. There were many key synergies identified that allowed the construction project to be approved and built.

Vice President, Turbo – Customer Service, May 2009 – March 2014

Responsible for the activities and results of the Original Equipment – After Sales Service – Turbomachinery Division, of MAN Diesel & Turbo North America Inc., with annual sales of $ 60+ million. I reported directly to the Business Unit Heads in Europe and aligned targets and strategies with them.

MAN Diesel & Turbo is a global leader in providing products and services as follows, Turbomachinery for Oil & Gas markets including upstream, mid-stream and downstream. Power generation for marine and land based, marine propulsion systems for all ocean transports including the cruise and cargo ship industries.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Successfully led the reorganization of the Turbo – Customer Service Division after the 2009 acquisition of 4 privately owned workshops in 3 states
  • Led the integration of the acquired workshops and harmonized according to MAN corporate rules, regulations and culture
  • Increased profit by more than $8.0 Mio in one year (2011- 2012)
  • Directed the Implementation of a corporate safety & health program at all 5 Turbo locations, meeting OSHA requirements and the more stringent requirements of our oil and gas type customers
  • General Manager – Customer Supports Services, May 2001 – April 2009
  • Responsible for all aspects of the Turbo – OEM customer service program – operations in North America.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Increased revenue 400% from $7 Mio to $28 Mio between 2001 – 2008
  • Increased profitability 5% in 3 years 2006-2008
  • Maintained high level of customer satisfaction within region
  • Successfully renegotiated a restrictive service contract with regional service partner to MAN benefit (recovered 10% commission) on shop work performed by partner

General Manager – Customer Supports Services, January1996 – May 2001

  • Responsible for all aspects of the OEM customer service program and operations in North America
  • Sulzer Turbo was an OEM provider of Turbomachinery for all aspects of the Oil and Gas worldwide markets as well as for the chemical processing plants. This division was divested to MAN Turbo in 2001.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Directed the launch of field service initiatives, that went beyond standard service to include turnkey installations
  • Was the successful bid manager and later project manager for two large turn key projects that resulted in more than $3.0 Mio in service revenue with 10% ROS and approximate $15.0 Mio for new equipment sales. New equipment purchases were contingent on successful bidding for turnkey installations. Furthermore, service team was successful in completing installation ahead of schedule, which negated liquidated damage charges that may have been imposed by customer for our late new equipment delivery. This saved the Company approximately $1.0 Mio in charges.
  • Increased turnover for field service by 100% in 4 years
  • Managed the change in ERP systems from JDE Edwards to IFS increasing productivity by 10% in back-office support

General Manager – September 1988 – December 1995

  • Responsible for entire plant operations, that included production and customer service.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Increased service revenue by more than 100% between 1988 – 1992
  • Directly managed the wind down and transfer of operations and core business activities to the Houston branch
  • Managed the reassignment of 24 service contracts to other entities with no financial penalties to Sulzer
  • Managed the entire clean up and delisting of the Company’s property by working with NYS ENCON and legal authorities, keeping all expenses far below budget and maximizing property value.
  • Successfully managed the sale of property at nearly full commercial value
  • Managed and preserved a vast majority portion of $20 Mio in reserves, set aside for product warranty issues and environmental property issues.

Test Cell Manager and Test Engineer, January 1984 – August 1988

  • Directly managed all aspects of testing the Company product line of turbo-machinery, inclusive gas turbine driven compressors and generators as well as motor driven compressor sets.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Managed the design and the construction of a 4 MW test facility for our gas turbine driven generator packages. With this test stand we were able to fully synchronize our gen sets with the local utility and get paid for the power generated from the local utility, Niagara Mohawk
  • Managed the design and implementation of a high-pressure natural gas farm, that was used to compress and store natural gas at 3600 psig. This stored gas was necessary to conduct uninterrupted 4-hour customer witness testing of the completed product. A high-pressure gas line was not available.
  • By working long hours on any day my team consistently made-up time that was either lost in production or design cycles to meet customer delivery requirements by carefully planning and setting up completed unit in test bay. This improved our image towards the customers and saved significant money in avoiding liquidated damage fees for late deliveries.
  • I established a successful incentive program within my department for ideas that led to product or process improvements during the testing phase. Several product/process improvements were realized that made it simpler and more efficient to move a unit on and off the test stands.
  • Throughout my tenure as test engineer, managing 4 test cells, my team and I worked without any lost time injuries

Production Manager, January 1980 – December 1983

  • Responsible for all aspects of Fabrication and Assembly of gas turbine driven generator sets and gas turbine or electric motor driven compressor packages, including precision assembly department and gas turbine overhaul departments.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • As the product line grew beyond our core engines provided by Pratt & Whitney to include gas turbines by GE, Allison, Avco Lycoming and Kawasaki Heavy Industries; I developed work flow processes that were instrumental in developing production units from prototypes
  • I contributed ideas that were instrumental in design changes to our high-speed compressor and power turbine rotors that simplified assembly saving time and money on the shop floor.
  • I served several roles in these days from Production Manager to Field Service and Commissioning Engineer, which required me to take many of units from mechanical completion on the shop floor through testing and into the field for construction, commissioning and the eventual turnover to the client for commercial operation.
  • I successfully supervised the installation and commission of more than 30 units in the Gulf of Mexico and many other land-based gen sets and compressor units in the USA and Canada, all with zero safety incidents.


Disney Institute – Leadership Development Program
DISA Supervisor Training Program
Sulzer Leadership Development Program
Krauthammer International Leadership Program


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