Vehicle Collision Warning Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Vehicular Collision Warning Systems, Cruise Control Systems, Radar Systems, Navigation, Guidance, Remote Piloted Vehicles, Display Systems, Control Systems, Integration, Fiber Optic, Transducers, Vehicle Sensor, GPS, Accident Reconstruction,


A skilled and experienced technical expert/manager with proven track record in a wide range of commercial,
aerospace and military fields which include vehicular collision warning systems, radar based adaptive cruise
control systems, radar systems, navigation/guidance/survey systems, remotely piloted vehicles display
systems, control systems, system integration and fiber-optic transducers. Good balance of technical expertise
and management capabilities with ability to motivate others and to deal effectively with subordinates, peers,
superiors and clients. Highly proficient in business development, marketing support and planning/execution of
complex programs from concept to production with strong international experience.


A Technologies Company located in San Diego, CA   2002- 2003
Business Development Manager
Reporting directly to one of the Vice Presidents of Eaton Corporation, responsible for all aspects
Business development (national and international), marketing, product planning and new technology
initiatives with help of two subordinate managers and other staff.

Same as Above located in San Diego, CA

Director of Engineering      1997-2002

Technical Director   1995-1997

Reporting directly to Company President, manage and direct organization towards its primary
technological objectives based on long term planning and profitability goals. Using four subordinate
supervisors, manage a  staff of  of 26 engineers and 4 technicians to design and develop, for
production, safety products embracing vehicular collision warning radars, adaptive cruise control using
radar, truck rollover prevention, lane departure warning systems, etc. Also directly manage 7 non
supervisory staff which include project engineers and staff scientist.

Create budgets, allocate resources and determine schedule of product releases and project deadlines.
Provide expert advice and close support to company’s business development activities with a view to
introduce new growth products in a timely manner.  Responsible for annual budget of nearly 6 million
dollars.  In charge of local facility with additional IT and Office staff.

Litton Guidance & Control Systems, San Diego, CA
Advanced Systems Design Specialist               1990-1995

Responsibilities included design and analysis of CW and pulse Doppler radar systems and fiber-optic
transducers for flight control.  Performed detailed analysis of numerous aspects of system design
including signal detection and tracking, signal processing, receiver noise figure and sensitivity
margins, control loop stability, bit error rate, error budgets and system accuracy. Designed and
developed Kalman filters for integration of strapdown inertial systems, GPS and magnetic sensors.
Provided strong technical support to software engineers and marketing staff.

Cybertec – Kent, England
Vice President,  Engineering                            1983-1990

Responsible for all company operations involving technical matters. Directly involved in design,
development and marketing of navigation, guidance, fire control and display systems  for land, sea
and air applications.

GEC Avionics – Kent, England
Director of Advanced Programs, Guidance Systems Division 1977-1983

Responsible for all future applications and systems engineering, including generation of new ideas,
feasibility studies for new products and forming/managing specialized teams to develop new products
leading up to production.

Ferranti – Edinburgh, Scotland
Chief Systems Engineer, Inertial Systems                   1971- 1977  

Responsible for systems engineering activities ranging from navigation, survey, and display systems to
satellite attitude control systems and automatic test equipment.


Ph.D., Optimal Control, University of Glasgow, Scotland

B.Sc., Electrical Engineering, University of Glasgow, Scotland


Author of numerous technical papers and reports on control systems, navigation systems, guidance
systems, fire control systems, remotely controlled vehicles, simulation, command and control
systems. Holder of a number of patents in control, navigation and radar technologies.

Main technical adviser to the British Ministry of Defense in area of navigation and fire control systems
for tanks and artillery from 1983 to 1990.

Retained technical adviser to GEC Marconi companies from 1983 to 1990.

In charge of Eaton VORAD manufacturing and quality departments for 9 months whilst also
functioning as Director of Engineering.           USA delegate to ISO WG 14 group