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With over 25 years of experience in the car and truck rental business as   an owner and CEO of an on-airport car rental company at Los Angeles International Airport, I have been retained as an expert witness and litigation consultant by law firms representing plaintiffs and defendants involving contract disputes, standard of care, business practices, policies and procedures.
More recently, I have been consulting for a number of international relief and development organizations in places such as Banda Aceh, Indonesia.  In addition, I played a major role in providing the logistical support and TV news interviews for the first airlift of medical supplies into Baghdad, Iraq.
Professional Experience

July 1981- January 2001, T.C.L. Inc. dba Payless Car Rental
Chief Executive Officer
Established and managed a car and truck rental company as a national licensee at Los Angeles International Airport.
Started with 67 cars with annual revenue of $500,000.  Expanded the fleet to over 400 cars with annual revenue of $5,000,000.
Truck rental business, with a national licensee, local and one-way rentals.
Negotiated leases for office building and on-airport in terminal car rental concessions.
Obtained over $8,000,000 in lines of credit with four financial institutions for fleet financing of new and used cars.
Interfaced with accountants preparing financial statements and corporate attorneys on franchise agreements.
Handled $4-5,000,000 in accounts payable per year.
Managed 40 employees, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Purchased approximately 300 new and used cars per year.
Determined the sale price for used vehicles and sold approximately 200 cars per year through local auto auctions.
Purchased all computer and software equipment for a multi-user system.
Sold the business in November 2000.

May 2001- Present, Westchester Investments & Consulting LLP
Senior Business Consultant
August 2011, International Medical Corps Valletta, Malta                   
Libyan Cargo Coordinator

December 2009, Consulting RAC
Beverly Hills Rent a Car: Acting General Manager

February 2008, Consulting RAC
Luxe Hybrid Car Rental:  Business Plan, Policies and Procedures

January 2006, Operation USA
Banda Aceh, Indonesia: Monitored and Evaluated on-site programs.

September 2005, Operation USA
Hurricane Katrina, Gulf States:  Coordinated the on-site logistics and supply chain.

September-December 2004, International Medical Corp.
Darfur, Sudan:  Site Manager
Supervised the construction of primary health care clinics in the refugee camps.  Responsibilities included logisticalsupport, inventory control of medical supplies andequipment, security, staffing and training.

June- December 2002, Consulting RAC
Beverly Hills Car Rental: on-airport expansion plan evaluation.
Truckers Bank: evaluate new business plan for rent a car company.
1st Source Bank: Fleet inspection and appraisal report for a auto rental company.
Capitol Auto Rental Services: business plan evaluation for fleet financing.

May 2001-June 2004, Operation USA
Los Angeles, California: Operations Coordinator                                                                  
Organized the Baghdad airlift totaling 28.5 tons of medical supplies.
Upgraded the warehouse computer system with bar-coding technologies
and modern warehouse procedures.  Setup new inventory control reports
and procedures. Trained staff and volunteers on the proper use of equipment
including forklifts, radios and generators. Reduced payroll by 23% through
better use of volunteers and time management.  Field tested Earth Radar
for water development and landmine projects.  Increased the shipment of
medical supplies by 34%.