Vehicle Structural Damage Expert Witness

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Vehicle Structural Damage, Mechanical Engineering, Microprocessor-Based, Self-Calibrated Liquid Sensor, Time Measurement, Liquid Level, Temperature, Conductivity, Diesel, Multi-Layered Liquids, Prototype, Sensor, Electronic Engineering Design, Analysis, Oil Level Measurement



Expert Witness No.1616


Max Em Engineering:  1993 – Present

  • Reconstructed hundreds of vehicular accidents and design defects that caused work related injuries  Correlated black-box readings in vehicles with structural damages in vehicles and injuries to drivers and passengers. Worked on cases for defense and plaintiff attorneys. For example, I worked on cases with attorneys who represented Mercedes and attorneys who sued Mercedes. 
  • Designed and developed a microprocessor-based self-calibrated liquid sensor with accurate and fast response time measurement of liquid level, temperature and conductivity. This sensor can be used in vehicles to monitor the quantity and quality of automotive fluids like Diesel , engine oil , coolant etc. .
  • Tested prototypes of this sensor with engine oil, fuel, coolant, Diesel and multi-layered liquids like oil on water. 
  • Developed and wrote a C program for an algorithm to process the signal from such liquid sensor
  • Coordinated activities between firmware engineers and electronic circuit designers for very low level signals.
  • For this sensor searched and selected materials that are chemically inert, does not absorb liquid, work at high temperature as well as meet cost requirements.

Hewlitt-Packard, Project Manager:  2010

  • Coordinated engineering efforts to use this technology to monitor and control the temperature of ink for printing future newspapers. 

Thermodisc (subsidiary of Emerson Electric), Inventor:  1998-1999

  • Designed, developed and provided guidelines for testing a version of this sensor for measuring oil level in a foamy refrigeration compressors. 

KYSOR/MEDALLION, Inventor:  1996-1997  

  • Designed and provided prototypes of this microprocessor-based sensor with low power and low-level signal to Kysor/Medallion

Private Engineering Company, Partner:  1988-1992 

  • Partner at Private Engineering Company, Owner of a patent on using capacitive technology to measure continuous liquid level.

Various Clients, Sr. Consultant:  1978-1988

  • Worked with defense and plaintiff attorneys as well as insurance companies in reconstructing accidents and evaluating product liability
  • Consultant to many companies including Magnavox, Circle Seal, TRW, Jet Propulsion Lab, HR Textron, Hydro-Aire, Mercedes Benz, Rocketdyne, Rockwell
  • Functions: 
    • Project Management responsibilities which required coordinating activities and providing guidelines to mechanical, software and electronic engineering Design, Analysis, Testing and manufacturing departments. 
    • Hired technical personnel to develop products within a time schedule and at a fixed-price. 
    • Evaluated and helped productize engineering alternatives to General Managers, Directors of Engineering and Program Managers. 
    • Evaluated product liability for plaintiff and defense attorneys. 
    • Approved by the Los Angeles County Court as an Expert Witness.

Rockwell International, Dynamic Control Analyst, 1973-1974  

  • Dynamic Control Analyst for the Space Shuttle on-orbit maneuvers

Crane Company, Senior Vibrations and Stress Engineer, 1971-1972 

  • Senior Vibrations and Stress Engineer for Nuclear valves at Crane Company

Snyder Corporation, Design Engineer, 1969-1970 

  • Design Engineer for automated machinery at Snyder Corporation.



•    Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, 1976, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)
•    M.S.M.E. 1973  UCLA
•    B.S.M.E. 1966 Technician



•    Registered Professional Engineer Mechanical Engineering



•    Chancellor’s Fellowship at UCLA



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