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Vocational rehabilitation, employability, earning capacity, disability assessment, Workers Compensation, Long Term Disability, vocational assessment, work life, vocational testing, transferable skills assessment, labor market analysis, disability management, Americans with Disabilities Act, job accommodation, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord, head injury, newly acquired disabilities, post traumatic stress, youth disability, families coping with disability,

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Rehabilitation and Disability Management Consultant services provided since 1973.  Experience providing evaluation and consulting services with disabled adults and youth in a varied of rehabilitation and disability compensation settings, including workers’ compensation, long-term disability, and Social Security.  Company-wide, over 2,800 persons have been served since 1978.  Expert witness services provided in a variety of legal settings; including personal injury, medical malpractice, employment law, and spousal support.  Employer and organizational consulting services provided, including the design and evaluation of assessment, re-employment a disability management programs.  Case management and rehabilitation planning services provided with a wide variety of individuals with an emphasis on those having significant work disability.
University Faculty / Center Director – Rehabilitation Counselor Program, A California State University (Name Provided upon Request).  Adjunct Professor of Rehabilitation 1985 – 1988 and 1993 – Present.  Adjunct Doctoral Research Faculty – A University in Colorado (Name Provided upon Request).  Faculty responsibilities in the graduate rehabilitation counseling and rehabilitation administration programs.  Center & Project Director with various research and training responsibilities.


1980 – Present  – A Rehabilitation and Disability Management Services Company in California
(Name Provided Upon Request). 
Director of Services/President:  Founder and manager for firm providing comprehensive rehabilitation and disability management services.  Services provided include vocational evaluation, medical and rehabilitation case management, rehabilitation program development, employability studies, labor market analysis, job analysis, earnings capacity studies, job placement services, and expert testimony. 

2000 – Present  – A Software Development and Consulting Firm in California
(Name Provided upon Request).
Principal:  Software development and consulting firm with web-based Leave Management Disability, and SAW/RTW system applications and on-site disability management and return-to-work services and training.

1985 – Present – A California State University (Name Provided upon Request).
Adjunct Faculty Member/Center Director:  Instruction, supervision, and research coordination position within graduate rehabilitation counseling program and research and training Institute.  Active community involvement with various consumer, family, health and rehabilitation service organizations.

1994 – 2003 – Work & Health Technologies Center, A California State University
(Name Provided upon Request).
Director of research and training projects & contracts:
Listing of projects and contracts provided upon request.

1988 –1993 – WorkAble Solutions, Inc.
Partner Disability Management Consulting Firm. 

1973 – 1980 Various Counselor and Case Manager positions in military/public/private inpatient/outpatient mental health and vocations rehabilitation programs.


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1994 – Doctor of Philosophy Degree (Major:  Human Rehabilitation)
College of Health & Human Sciences, University of Northern Colorado. 

1980 – 1985 35 Units Doctoral course work (Major:  Professional Psychology)
United States International University, School of Human Behavior, San Diego, California

1978  Master of Arts Degree (Major:  Rehabilitation Counseling)
School of Health Sciences, Fresno State University

1975  Bachelor of Arts Degree (Major: Psychology)
School of Behavioral Sciences, Chapman College


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