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Expert Witness No.2221 Texas Engineering Experience As a Registered Professional Engineer, Expert No. 2221 acted as a Consultant, Chief Engineer, Senior Project Engineer and Lead Engineer in the planning, design and construction of multi-million dollar projects for half a century. Academic Qualifications B.S. in Civil Engineering, Virginia Military Institute (VMI) (1954) Registered Professional Engineer since […]

Expert Witness No.2221


Engineering Experience

As a Registered Professional Engineer, Expert No. 2221 acted as a Consultant, Chief Engineer, Senior Project Engineer and Lead Engineer in the planning, design and construction of multi-million dollar projects for half a century.

Academic Qualifications

B.S. in Civil Engineering, Virginia Military Institute (VMI) (1954)
Registered Professional Engineer since 1959
Registered Environmental Professional (Water Quality)
Commissioned Officer, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Engineering Employment

1957-60  Civil Project Engineer, Dodson Lindblom Associates, Columbus, Ohio
U.S. Route 127 Upgrade, Dayton/Cincinnati, Ohio
Rickenbacker and Wright Patterson Air Force Bases, Ohio

Civil Engineer, Greenland Contractors, Thule, Greenland

Estimator and negotiator for Greenland Contractors during construction of Ballistic Missile Early Warning System for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  Made cost estimates, proposals, and negotiated contract changes with the Corps of Engineers.  The project included a number of very large radar antennas and support buildings

Chief Highway Engineer, Brill Engineering Corporation, Columbus, Ohio

Interstate 270, Columbus, Ohio
Conceptual, preliminary and final design of Interstate 270, a 55-mile circumferential highway around Columbus, Ohio, for Ohio Department of Transportation.  This was a six- to seven-year engagement.Senior Engineer, Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission, Columbus, Ohio; and Chief Engineer, Richland County Regional Planning Commission, Mansfield, Ohio

Chief Engineer on county-wide planning studies of water and sewerage systems in a county of 499
square miles.  The county contains nine municipalities with populations ranging from less than 1,000 to 50,000 persons.  Each municipality has its own water system including water source (surface or wells), treatment, pumping and distribution mains.  The county is rural, so that its water and sewer systems are similar to those in other rural areas of the country.

Responsible for comprehensive county-wide transportation studies under the auspices of the US Federal Highway Administration and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development

1971-79  Construction Engineer-Manager, Cardinal Industries, Inc., Columbus, Ohio
Multi-Unit Apartment and Motel Projects, Ohio and Pennsylvania
Responsible for design and construction of sixty (60) apartment and motel projects in Ohio and Pennsylvania, totaling 3000 housing units.County Sanitary Engineer, Ottawa County, Ohio

Water and Sanitary Sewer Systems, Lake Erie
Area County Sanitary Engineer for a county that has extensive water and sanitary sewer systems in unincorporated areas.  Responsibilities involved design, construction, operation and maintenance of
all of the county’s water and sanitary sewer systems, including the water system for a village
consisting of water mains and elevated storage tank, daily operation of five wastewater treatment
plants, and reporting to EPA.  Also performed oversight of design of a new water system for a
township on a peninsula extending into Lake Erie, and of design of a new sewerage system for
another township.

Regional Engineer, National Corrugated Steel Pipe Association, Des Plaines, Illinois

(now Dallas, Texas)
Drainage Standards, Multiple States
Regional engineer covering states of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia for National Corrugated Steel Pipe Association; assisted public agencies and consulting engineering firms in development of drainage standards and specifications.

Principal Civil Engineer, Bovay Engineers Inc., Houston, Texas

Water Distribution/Sewer and Irrigation, Tanajib, Saudi Arabia
Senior Project Engineer on design of water distribution, sanitary sewer and irrigation systems for an entire new city at Tanajib in Saudi Arabia.  The project included new water distribution lines, water distribution pumping station, sanitary sewer lines and lift stations, irrigation distribution lines and pumping station.

US 290 Extension, Houston, Texas
I-10 Interchange, El Paso, Texas
Hardy Toll Road, Houston, Texas
City of Houston – West Tidwell Road from Ella to North Shepherd
City of Houston – Cavalcade from Lockwood to Homestead
Harris County – Greens Road paving and drainage improvements

Coordinating Engineer, Binkley and Barfield, Inc., Houston, Texas

Urban Arterial System Upgrade, Texas
Coordinating Engineer on a $60 million project to improve 14 miles of major urban arterial to a seven-lane typical section.

Senior Civil Engineer, John Brown Engineers and Constructors, Houston, Texas

Roads and Water Management, Saudi Arabia
Managed engineering design of 14-mile access highway, earthmoving and compaction, drainage, water and sewer systems, and airport to FAA standards for a grass roots oilfield (75 wells) in Saudi Arabia for Aramco.

1993-2002  Senior Project Manager, Ratnala & Bahl, Inc., Engineers, Architects and Surveyors, Houston, Texas

Greater Houston Wastewater Program
Project Manager, Service Area Manager and Senior Plan Reviewer on $1.4 Billion Greater Houston Wastewater Program for City of Houston.  Coordinated and administered the efforts of numerous individual civil engineering consulting firms.  Projects included gravity sewers, lift stations, force mains, wastewater treatment plants, and wet weather storage and treatment facilities.

Sanitary Sewer Hydraulic Modeling and Inflow/Infiltration Correction
Hydraulic Modeling Task Director on an exclusive contract to perform Hydraulic Modeling and Inflow/Infiltration Corrections for City of Houston, Texas.  The task group consisted of  twenty-four persons, most of whom were engineers.

The Hydraulic Modeling task provided wastewater flows and hydraulic grade lines for all sanitary gravity sewers, lift stations and wastewater treatment plants in the city using SWMM and Small Line Analysis computer programs.  A related task involved flow analysis using data from wastewater flow meters, flow monitors and rain gauges.

The Inflow/Infiltration (I/I) Correction task involved smoke testing, dye water flood testing and TV inspection of sewer lines to identify and locate sources of stormwater inflow and infiltration into sanitary sewers.  The I/I task also included performing oversight of other engineering firms engaged in design of I/I improvements, and construction management/resident inspection of I/I correction improvement projects.

$10 Million Bridge Project for New George Bush Turnpike north of Dallas

Sanitary Gravity Sewers, Fort Worth, Texas
Senior Project Engineer on design of 8- to 30-inch sanitary gravity sewers involving open cut and tunneling (in rock) in an extremely adverse environment on a hillside in a river valley in City of Fort Worth, Texas.
Water System Improvement, Fort Worth, Texas
Senior Project Engineer on design of water system improvements for City of Fort Worth, Texas.  This
project constructed “loops” (connections) between ends of dead-end water lines to increase water pressure and eliminate stale water.

$10 Million Street and Storm Sewer Improvement, Houston, Texas
Major street and storm sewer improvement in the Houston central business district including street paving, dual 9-foot by 8-foot box storm sewer, water and sewer adjustments.

Roadway and Bridge Improvement, Harris County, Texas
Senior Project Manager on design of a roadway and bridge improvement project linking two parks across an aqueduct for Harris County, Texas.

Street Improvement, Fort Worth, Texas
Senior Project Manager on design of street improvement in Fort Worth, including street paving, storm sewers, sanitary sewers, and 8- to 16-inch water distribution lines.

Houston Hobby Airport Pavement/Runway Rehabilitation
Senior Project Manager on $10 million Houston Hobby Airport Pavement Rehabilitation project on Runways 4/22 and 12L/30R and Taxiways “E”, “J”, “K”, “L” and “M”.

Professional Affiliations

American Water Works Association (AWWA)
Water Environment Federation (WEF)
American Society of Civil Engineers (Vice President of the Houston Branch)
National Society of Professional Engineers
Institute of Transportation Engineers
Engineers Council of Houston (Past President)


Professional Service Award from the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)