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Water Safety Life Saving Boating Canoeing Camp Aquatics Safety Director Expert Witness

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Baccalaureate, Graduate and Post-Graduate Work and Degrees
1961, BA, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA   
1962, MA, New York University, New York, NY    
1964, Teachers College, Columbia University     
1964, Hunter College, New York, NY                     
Cortland College, Cortland, NY
1972, PH.D, University Of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah (Magna Cum Laude)     

Academic Honors

"Thirteen Club", Frankford High School
Phi Epsilon Kappa, Temple University
The T. Schevczenko Memorial Scholarship for Graduate Study at New York University
Citation For Academic Excellence as Deans Scholar
Una Foundation Scholarship for Doctoral Study at the University of Utah
Magna Cum Laude Graduation with Distinction and Departmental Honors, Univ.  of Utah

Litigation and Consultation Experience

Extensive experience as consulting and testifying expert
Testified in 19 states for plaintiff and defendant

Certification, Professional Societies And Associations

Board Certified, New Jersey Department of Education
Elementary Teacher, Physical Education
Junior High School, Physical Education
Senior High School, Physical Education -1965
High School Athletic Director
Facility Administrator and Supervisor
Camping Education
Aquatics Director

Board Certified, New Jersey Department of Education -1968
Safety Education
Aquatics Education                                     
Swim Coach
Facility Administrator and Supervisor

Board Certified, New York State Board of Regents – 1961
Teacher, Administrator, Athletic Director
Camp Aquatics Director
Swim Coach
Elementary Physical Education
Junior High School
Senior High School
Aquatics Facility Administrator and Supervisor

Board Certified, Pennsylvania State Education Dept. – 1961
Teacher, Administrator, Coach
Elementary, Junior High and Senior High Schools
Camp Aquatics Director

Board Certified, New Jersey Board of Recreation Examiners,
Recreation Administrator  1975
Camp Administrator
Aquatics Safety
Board Certified, NJBRE –  New Jersey Board of Recreation Examiners,
Recreation Supervisor, Sports Facility Administrator      1974
Camp Administrator
Aquatics Safety

Board Certified, American Coaching Effectiveness Program,
Coaching Certification Instructor, ACEP 1990- Present
Camp Administration
Sports Safety and Liability
Aquatics Safety

Board Certified Forensic Examiner, 1994-Present         
Recreation Sports
Camp Administrator and Camp Aquatics Safety

Diplomate, American College Of Forensic Examiners, 1994-Present

American Society of Safety Engineers

American Society of Testing And Materials

Amateur Softball Association, Certified Olympic Development Coach

Westchester County Camp Risk Management Seminars,                      1993-1995
Camp Administrator; Sports Safety
Aquatics Safety Director

Orange County Camp Risk Management Seminar,                                 1996
Camp Administrator; Risk Management and Safety
Aquatics Safety Director

US Army Recreation, Fort Monmouth, NJ,
Camp Risk Management Seminars, Baseball/Softball                1992-1996
Camp Administrator
Aquatics Safety Director

New Jersey State Legislature – Coaches Liability Standards Advisory Committee, Volunteer Recreational Swimming Coach Immunity Legislation – PL, Member of Committee to Establish Rules for Liability Immunity,  1990-Present

Association For Supervision And Curriculum Development, 1994-2000

United States Soccer Federation – Certified Coach, 1973-Present
Safety and Legal Liability Seminar,   1994
Soccer Camp Administrator

Playground Safety Symposium, NJRPA, 1993, 1995

Youth Sports Safety Certification Committee Member: 1989-2000
Youth  Coach Safety Certification
Facility Administrator/Supervisor

Certified Tennis Teacher, Leighton and Barta School for Tennis Teachers, Cortland State University, 1966

Certified Instructor, USSF, 1989-Present

Montclair State College Coaching Academy:  Coaching Training (Certification) Program, Director of Education, 1990-2000
Sports Safety Certifier, Sports Coaches
Facility Administrator and Supervisor
Camp Administrator
Aquatics Instructor

American Red Cross – Life Saving, Water Safety, First Aid, Boating and Canoeing

New Jersey Recreation And Park Association:  Administrative Council Member Chairman, Educators Section, 1984           

Administration, Teaching, Leadership and Professional Experience

Montclair State University, Upper Montclair, New Jersey, 1966-Present
Adjunct Professor, 2000-Present
Tenured Faculty Professor, 1966-2000
Soccer, Track Coach, 1966-1972
Professor:  Department of Physical Education, Recreation, and Leisure Studies;
SILC Board; Coordinator Coaching Concentration, Baseball/Softball Coaches
Coordinator of Recreation Professions: Community, Commercial, Camping,
Amusement Industry, Special Events
Aquatics Safety Instructor
Facility Administrator and Supervisor
Camping Program Instructor
Supervisor of Student Teachers; Aquatics and Waterfront Safety
Aquatics Safety Consultant

Montclair State Coaching Academy:         
Director – Teach and Certify Safety Orientation to Coaches in New Jersey as required by State Law for liability immunity, 1990- Present
Facility Planning Committee – Panzer Gym and Pool Addition, 1968
Weight and Fitness Center Facility Planning Committee, 1996, 1997
Chairman, Department Facilities Committee
Condominium Pool Safety
Children’s Camp Administrator
Aquatics Safety Instructor

Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York:  1965
Assistant Professor, Freshman Coach
Intramural Recreation Director, Facility Coordinator and Supervisor,
Chairman, Department Facilities Safety Committee
Aquatics Safety Director

Eron Prep School, New York, 1961-1965
Chairman, Department of Physical Education
Director of Athletics, Playground Supervisor
Dean of Students, Safety and Security
Chairman, Athletic Facilities Committee
Coach of Baseball, Softball, Volleyball, First Aid Trainer

Hunter College, Bronx, New York, 1961
Assistant Athletic Trainer, Sports  Facility Coordinator
Rules Committee Liaison

Philadelphia School District, 1959-1960
Substitute Teacher of Physical Education, Health and Recreation
Recreation Director Evening Elementary School
Playground Supervisor
Soccer, Baseball Team, Frankford High School
Sandlot Baseball, Softball Coach
Facility Administrator, Supervisor
Aquatics Safety

Philadelphia Department Of Recreation, 1956-1961
Recreation Leader
Sports Program Director and League Administrator,
Coach, Aquatics Safety
Playground Supervisor, Coach, Umpire 
Facility Administrator, Supervisor              
Swim Coach

Safety Director, Baseball/Softball, MSU Coaching Academy, 1986- 2000

New Jersey Governors Council on Physical Fitness and Sports – Safety and Risk Management Consultant to Mr. Ben Schaffer, Director, 2000-Present

Camp Safety Director, Supervisor:

UFA Resort, Glen Spey, New York
Sports Commissioner
Baseball, Softball Coach, Referee, Umpire
Sports Safety Director
Indoor and Outdoor Sports Facilities Chairman
Facility Administrator/Supervisor
Aquatics and Waterfront Safety

Camp Rip Van Winkle, Saugerties, New York
Baseball, Softball Coach
Assistant Director, Safety and Risk Management
Sports Programs: Baseball/Softball Facilities
Aquatics Safety Director
Facility Administrator, Supervisor

Camp Toledo, High Falls, New York
Teen Program Coordinator, Playground Staff
Sports Coordinator: Soccer, Baseball, Softball, Gymnastics
Aquatics Director
Program Safety Coordinator
Facility Administrator, Supervisor
Aquatics and Waterfront Safety

Camp Zapol, Middletown, New York
Sports Director,
Sports Facilities, Gymnastics
Instructor, Coach
Aquatics Director

Aquatics and Waterfront Safety

Campus Day Camp, Montclair State College
Sports Facilities
Program Safety and Risk Management Director
Sports Program Coordinator
Aquatics Safety Director
Facility Safety Director

Learning Disabilities Camp
Sports Program Safety Director, Playground Supervisor
Staff Safety Orientation Coordinator
Sports Facility Safety Director
Aquatics Safety Director

Texas All Star Camp, Director, 1975-1994
Aquatics Safety Director
Staff Safety Orientation Coordinator
North Texas State University
Baylor University
Texas A&M
Mary Hardin University
University of Dallas
Rice University

Oklahoma All Star Camp, Director, 1975-1994
Aquatics Safety Director
Staff Safety Orientation Coordinator
Oklahoma Baptist University
Oklahoma Christian College
Oklahoma State University
University of Tulsa

All American Soccer, Sports Camp, Director/Owner, 1965-2000
Aquatics Safety Director

Pool Manager
UFA Resort, Condominium Pool Safety
Condominium Crest Ridge Swim Club
Camp Rip van Winkle
Zapols Resort

Camp, Sports, Facility Supervisor:
Philadelphia Department of Recreation

Samuel Recreation Center – Sports Commissioner; Coordinator of Camp Safety
Staff Safety Orientation Coordinator

Moss Playground -Commissioner; Playground Safety Supervisor
Staff Safety Orientation Coordinator
McDevitt Playground – Camp Commissioner. Playground, Softball, Baseball, Lacrosse, and Crafts,            Weight Training

Wissinoming Playground – Safety Supervisor, Coach
Facility Coordinator
Aquatics Safety Director
Sports Official: Baseball, Softball, Soccer,
School – Community Council – Manager, Coach Youth Sports

Montclair Recreation, Parks, and Cultural Affairs Soccer Sports Program Coordinator

Camp Owner, Director – All American Sports Camp, 1966-1998
Aquatics Safety Director

Camp Supervisor – Campus Day Camp Playground Program, 1968 – 1970, Personnel
Management,  Camp Coordinator –  Athletics, Sports, Recreation, Dance, Playground, 1960 – 1975
Event Coordinator
Aquatics and Waterfront Safety

Essex County Park Commission – Consultant to Mr. Ben Schaffer, Director Youth Camps and Senior Citizen Programs, 1975 – 1995

Major League Baseball: RBI Academy; Paper presented (Available upon request)

Symposia and Seminars Presented

Available upon request.

American Society For Testing And Materials: Astm Committee Member: F-08 On Sports Equipment And Facilities

Available upon request.

Inspected, Reviewed And Evaluated: Water Parks, Amusement Rides, Condominium Pools, Aquatic Facilities, etc

Available upon request.