Wireless Communications Expert Witness

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Electronics, Electronic, Engineering, Engineer, Algorithm, Patent, Patents, Standard Wireless Communications, Cellular, 3GPP, CDMA, WCDMA, HSPA, LTE, Digital, Technology, ATM, Multi Media, B CDMA, DARPA, Bandwidth, automatic teller machine


Unique combination of extensive experience as a system & algorithm designer, standards developer, inventor and patent evaluator in the wireless communications field

InterDigital Communications Corp, Melville, NY  1999-2009
Principal Engineer
Focused on developing essential intellectual property (IP) for evolving cellular radio standards
·    Managed research project with Polytechnic Institute of NYU, directing team of two professors and
five graduate students developing advanced algorithms for multi-cell multi-user MIMO, model-based
channel estimation, and signaling with limited feedback for MIMO
·    Led MIMO-related intellectual property (IP) development for 3GPP Long Term Evolution
(LTE)-Advanced cellular radio standard
.    Led physical layer team developing IP for LTE and algorithms
for the LTE user equipment (UE) modem
·    Reviewed LTE proposals and correctly assessed the air interfaces ultimately selected
·    Prepared and presented 15 Tdocs at 19 RAN1 meetings
·    Co-inventor of 20 LTE-related patent disclosures
.    Led algorithm development of wireless modems for 3GPP WCDMA Rel. 4 and the TD-SCDMA UE and
base station modems
o    Completed designs through link-level simulation
o    Completed WCDMA Rel. 4  design which was delivered to the customer
o    Prepared designs for proposals to CPIT and Motorola for TD-SCDMA base stations in China
.    Led physical layer algorithm and simulation team developing the WCDMA TDD UE modem for Nokia
·    Completed design through fixed-point verification
·    Edited Algorithm Description Document and Component Design Requirements Specifications
.    Led physical layer team developing the FDD UE modem
·    Developed overall modem architecture
·    Completed design through link-level simulation

Advanced Digital Technologies, Lake Success, NY  1994-1997
Vice President, Engineering – Directed all hardware and software engineering analysis, design and development activities.  Primary products were small base stations and handsets incorporating custom RF circuits, gate arrays, DSPs and microprocessors.
·    Led the design and development of a packet data network using B-CDMA.  This system was
completed in one year and successfully demonstrated in field trials by US Army Rangers.
·    Led the development of the Wireless ATM Multi-Media Network using B-CDMA, computer/telephony
integration and ATM technology for a DARPA Phase 2 SBIR

InterDigital Communications Corp., Great Neck, New York  1992-1994
Director, Wireless Programs - Supervised and conducted designs, analyses and simulations of B-CDMA wireless networks for cellular, PCS, wireless local loop, and mobile satellite applications
·    Led the systems development and live demonstration of the B-CDMA Cellular Overlay in Des
Moines.  This system consisted of a base station and several mobile stations transmitting digital
audio and video over an existing AMPS analog cellular system.
·    Prepared and presented IDCC’s common air interface standard proposal to the T1/TIA Joint
Technical Committee developing PCS standards.  Merged IDCC’s and Oki’s standards into a joint
Wideband CDMA standard (IS-665/JSTD-015). Also, participated in the standardization of the IS-95
CDMA air interface standard at TIA TR45.5.

Patent Experience

·    Inventor or co-inventor of 69 issued (35 individual) US patents
·    Patent evaluator
o    At InterDigital was a standing member of the Patent Review Committee, participated in
quarterly patents scrubs, and evaluated numerous patents being considered for acquisition
o    Gave a deposition for the patent infringement trials of Nokia and Samsung vs. InterDigital
o    As an independent consultant since April 2009, have performed detailed evaluations of patent
portfolios of 20 companies in the wireless communications field

Standards Experience

·    Attended nineteen 3GPP RAN1 meetings from August 2005 through September 2008 as a technical
specialist focusing on LTE
o    Prepared and presented 15 Tdocs
·    Attended six 3GPP RAN1 meetings from October 1999 through January 2001 as a technical
specialist focusing on WCDMA FDD
·    Attended T1P1 meetings for a subcommittee on wideband CDMA during 1995-1997
o    Co-author of the T1P1 Wideband CDMA Trial Use Standard IS-665/JSTD-015
·    Attended T1/TIA Joint Technical Committee meetings for PCS standardization during 1993-1994
o    Prepared and presented IDCC’s common air interface physical layer standard proposal, based
on Broadband-CDMA
·    Participated in the standardization of CDMA air interface standard IS-95 at TIA TR45.5 during
o    Led a technical ad hoc committee investigating wider bandwidth CDMA


MBA (Finance), C.W. Post, Long Island University, NY
Ph.D. candidate (Systems Engineering), Polytechnic Institute
M.S. (Systems Science), Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, NY
B.S.E.E., Manhattan College, NY