Workers Compensation Investigator Domestic Criminal Cases Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Investigations, File Investigations, Workers Compensation, Criminal Cases, Video Surveillance, Undercover, Cases, Employment,

Expert No. 3691


California State University, Los Angeles
Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice, June 1995

Work Experience

Investigation, Northridge, CA           
Investigator, November 2004 – Present

  • Maintain multiple investigative files, primarily regarding with workers’ compensation, domestic and criminal cases.
  • Locate, interview relevant parties, and research information to obtain leads on subjects.
  • Conduct video surveillance and obtain personal information while undercover, and at times with additional investigators (private and public).
  • Review and analyze cases and provide recommendations.
  • Provide extensive and detailed reports to management regarding a subject’s level of activity; and provide verbal updates to clients.
  • Provide video snapshots and video streams to supervisors.
  • Brief and coordinate with other investigators.
  • Present video recorded evidence to attorneys and provide testimony to various Workers’
  • Compensation Appeals Boards.
  • Meet strenuous deadlines.

Horsemen Investigations, Huntington Beach, CA           
Supervisory/Investigator, October 2001 – October 2004

  • Managed multiple investigative files regarding worker’s compensation and domestic matters.
  • Conducted surveillance and obtained personal information on subjects.
  • Wrote daily, detailed reports regarding a subject’s level of activity.
  • Supervised five investigators; managed casework for each, ensured prompt deliverance of reports, and coordinated work schedules. Provided training on proper surveillance, report writing and company procedure.  
  • Presented recorded video as evidence and provided testimony to various Workers’ Compensation Appeals Boards.

Maye Investigations and Security, San Dimas, CA           
Investigator, May, 1997 – August, 2001

  • Assisted in Arising Out of Employment/Cause of Employment (AOE/COE) interviews.
  • Conducted surveillance on workers’ compensation cases; researched case information,   interviewed relevant parties to locate subjects and determine subject’s activities.
  • Testified at Workers’ Compensation Appeals Boards.
  • Reviewed and analyzed cases.
  • Provide detailed reports to management regarding a subject’s level of activity.
  • Briefed and coordinated with other investigators.

Bartell Investigations, Glendora, CA           
Investigator, May, 1996 – May, 1997

  •  Assisted in AOE/COE interviews.
  •  Wrote daily, detailed reports regarding a subject’s level of activity.
  •  Surveyed insurance fraud related cases. 
  •  Obtained a full-time position while undercover to collect information in a criminal case. 
  •  Assisted attorneys in obtaining interviews from witnesses of a crime scene.
  •  Presented video recorded evidence to attorneys and medical doctors.
  •  Worked with attorneys to prepare for trial and provided testimony to Workers’ Compensation Appeals Boards.

Associations and Awards

  • Investigator of the Year, Specialized Investigation, 2007
  • Dean’s List, 1994, 1995
  • Certificate of Merit, US Department of Agriculture, Forest Service


  • Department of Consumer Affairs


  • Fluent in Spanish
  • CPR Certified
  • Systems: Mac OS X, Windows 1995-XP
  • Software: Microsoft Office Suite, Movie Maker, iMovie
  • 45 WPM


Available upon request.