Expert Witnesses Services

for Government Agencies

Tap into a scaleable Expert Witness solution that gets you:

√    Dedicated government success manager so you get the most from CCC expert services

√    Personalized Expert Witness sourcing so you always have the right expert for your needs

√    Free premium services and tools so you can work effectively with your Expert

Top expertise to help win your case

Experts can be great. But we know it’s a challenge to find and manage them. CCC makes all that worry-free for government agencies.


With CCC you’ll have access to:





Expert Witness Sourcing and Recruiting

We quickly find the best Experts for your case, no matter the type of case. Multiple Experts needed, hard to find experts, complex cases or long-term team? We can do that also.
Frequently Asked Questions - How it Works
What type of Experts do you have?

We have every type of Technical Experts including:

We have every type of Medical Experts including:


Search All Expert Disciplines

What are your Core Competencies?

Expert witness referral and administration services for federal, state and county government agencies.

We support all your needs by finding, recruiting, qualifying, screening, training, and handle billing to save you time and get you up and running with a highly qualified expert to succeed in your case.

Expert Witness Professionals
√    Doctors
√    Nurses
√    Psychiatrists/Psychologists
√    Therapists/Medical Technicians
√    Medical Device Engineers

Qualify & Screen Experts
√    Testimonial History
√    Challenge (Daubert/Frye) history
√    Disciplinary History
√    Licensing & Certifications (including verification)
√    Educational Background (including verification)
√    Professional Background
√    Associations & Memberships

Administrative Support
√    Training
√    Schedule Coordination
√    Billing
√    Fast Response

Free Screening and Qualifying Experts

Your dedicated government agencies success manager will quickly deliver the highest qualified Experts to choose from that have been screened and background verified then schedule a free conference call with them for you to speak with them directly. All to provide you with the best Experts to win your case.
Frequently Asked Questions - How it Works
How long does it take?

Search our site for free of Expert Witness CVs, request an Expert and we'll do the hunting for you and respond in as little as 1 hour.

You pick the Expert and we will coordinate a free initial conference call between you and the Expert to discuss your case in as little as 1 hour, or within a day or so.

You can have an Expert Witness for your government agency's legal case in as fast as 1 day.

Our service is fast, we respond in as little as 1 hour Monday thru Friday 8:00 - 5:00 pm PT or the next business day for requests submitted outside business hours.

Contact us:


Full-Service Support for Government Agencies

Government Agencies have their own unique needs. Gain a partner agency that will work with you to deliver what you need for your case from administrative support, screening, background verification, training, billing, Expert activity management and a large network of highly qualified Experts in 30,000 skill sets.

Veteran Owned Small Business - Certified

We understand the needs of government agencies because we served.  For over 20 years, we have independently operated our small business leveraging what we learned during our time serving our great country.

Government Experience

We’ve worked with a range of government agencies on both the plaintiff and defense side with federal, state, county agencies and have the NAICS, PSC and UNPSC Codes ready to go so you can start working with the expert on your case quickly and easily.

√    20 Year Veteran Owned Small Business
√    Free Qualification and Screening of Experts
√    Free Full Service and Administrative Support

Frequently Asked Questions - How it Works
Which government department experience do you have?

Federal Agencies

  • Department of Transportation
  • Federal Public Defender Eastern District of Virginia
  • Office of Federal Public Defenders
  • U.S Department of Justice - Civil Division
  • United States Air Force
  • United States Attorney S.D.IA
  • United States Attorney's Office
  • United States Attorney's Office - TN
  • United States Attorney's Office, District Of Colorado
  • US Attorney's Office, Middle. District. of Alabama
  • US Department of Justice - DC
  • US Department of Justice - IN
  • US Department of Justice - MS
  • US Department of Justice AL
  • US Department of Justice -AL
  • US Department of Justice CA
  • US Department of Justice- NY
  • Virgin Islands Department of Justice

State Agencies

  • Alaska Attorney General's Office
  • Arizona State Attorney Generals Office
  • Beadle County State's Attorney Office – SD
  • California Department of Justice
  • Capital Crimes Division, Public Defender, State of New Mexico
  • Department of Public Defender - CA
  • Florida State Wide Public Adjusters
  • Georgia Public Defender
  • HI Public Defender
  • Illinois Secretary of State
  • Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy
  • Maryland Office of the Public Defender
  • Missouri State Public Defender
  • N.H. Public Defender
  • N.Y. State Defenders Association
  • New Mexico Public Defender
  • Office of Counsel of the NY State Office of Finance
  • Office of the Defender General VT
  • Office of the Public Defender for Baltimore City
  • Office of the State Public Defender-IA
  • Office of the State Public Defender-MT
  • Philadelphia Law Department
  • Public Defender Corporation - WV
  • Publc Defenders Office - VA
  • Rohnert Park State Contract Services
  • Saint Joseph Public Defender
  • State of Tennessee
  • Tennessee Insurance Division
  • The Department of Public Advocacy
  • The Illinois State Attorney General's Office

County Agencies

  • Alameda County Public Defender
  • Bucks County of Public Defenders Office
  • Cook County Public Defender
  • DuPage Public Defender's Office
  • Fresno County Public Defender
  • Fulton County PA Public Defender
  • Hamilton County Public Defender
  • L.A. County Public Defender
  • Luzerne County Public Defender
  • Orange County Public Defender
  • San Bernardino County Public Defender's
  • San Diego Public Defenders Office
  • Primary Public Defenders Office - San Diego
  • Solano County
  • Vermilion County Public Defender's office
  • Los Angeles County Public Defender's Office - Pamona
  • Department of the Alternate Public Defender
  • Deputy Public Defender, Merced County
  • Tulare County Public Defenders Office
  • Santa Clara County Public Defender's Office
  • Alexandria Public Defender
  • LA County Alt Public Defender
  • Douglas County Public Defender


Which codes have you used?


√    541690 Other Scientific & Tech Consult Svcs
√    541611 Admin Mgmt General Mgmt Consulting Svcs
√    561110 Office Administrative Services


√    R424 Support- Professional: Expert Witness
√    R418 Support- Professional: Legal
√    R615 Support – Admin: Background investigation


√    80121903 Expert Witness Service

What services and support do you offer?

Our service is quick, easy & free to locate, request, search, recruit & have an initial qualifying call with any expert in our database.

The Expert pays us a percentage of their regular hourly rate for the services we provide them:

  • Promotion of the Experts' Qualifications & Services
  • Include redacted CV & category listings on our website
  • Coordinate Initial Qualifying Conference Call between Attorney and Expert
  • Administration of the Consulting Agreement
  • Administration of the Invoicing & Billing